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Hello guys! Are you looking for a complete step-by-step guide for activating the Epic Games on your device? If yes, then read this article and try to follow the instructions that I have provided here. I assure you that you will have no trouble activating Epic Games on Epicgames.Com/Activate.

The information I have included in this article is updated. In this article, you will find all the latest steps and guidelines that are updated and new. Before you start you must learn about the following points,

  • Epic Games is a platform for games. On this platform you will enjoy games and have fun with the gaming community.
  • The Epic Game Activation will require you to have the activation code.
  • You will get so many opportunities to enjoy Epic Games every year with every new launch. Epic Games is quite popular in terms of providing the Shadow, Infinity Blade, Fortnite, etc. More games come every single year and you can enjoy.

What is Epic Games and What Kind of Games Can I Play on It?

what is epic games

Epic Games provides the gamers an opportunity to join a more engaging online gamer community providing all the best games to play and enjoy together. There are above 350 millions accounts already registered to Fortnite games on Epic Games. Epic Games also is engaged in developing the Unreal Engine. This engine powers all the world’s top games today and it is accepted by all the industries like film industry and television industry. Besides these two industries, the manufacturing industry, automotive industry and simulation industry and architecture all accept his engine.

If you are looking for Free Games, then Epic Games will offer you free games every single week. These games are fun and entertaining and you can download them and play for free. There is also a community that offers free to play games.

Epic Games is a trusted company and has been appreciated by all kinds of gamers around the world.

You can play Epic Games using the Xbox, Discord and similar platforms. There are many popular titles available on this game such as Fortnite, Shadow Complex, and others.

How to Activate Epic Games?

Method 1: Activation Epic Games with Launcher

For activating the Epic Games, there are two proven methods. These methods are given as below.

Kindly use the following methods and instructions to ensure that the Epic Games is activated using the Epicgames.Com/Activate website link.

You must activate the Launcher for activating the Epic Games on the launcher. To activate the Epic Games using the Launcher, you must install the Game Launcher first on your personal computer. Now you must launch the most epic games with the help of the launcher.

Kindly use steps provided below in order to activate

  • Open your official browser. Now go into the Epic Game Launcher.
  • Now choose the very first option. Then download the game launcher to your personal computer.
  • Now start installing and launching to your PC.
  • Now you will get the sign in option.
  • If you are having an Epic Games account, please login to any of them.
  • There will be an activation code of Epic Games.
  • Provide the Epic Game code in the Epic Game Launcher.
  • Now please click the Enter button.
  • In case you succeed, then you will be able to play the exciting games on epic launcher.

Method 2: Activation of Epic Games using Epicgames.Com/Activate

For activating Epic Games with the help of Epicgames.Com/Activate, please use the following steps.

  • Use your browser like Chrome, Opera or Firefox
  • After that please enter the URL in the search bar using this link: Epicgames.Com/Activate

enter epicgames.com/activate code

  • After that you must pick your mobile phone.
  • Use your credentials to login to your account on the Epic Games Application.
  • The application will provide you with the activation code of 6 digits.
  • Save that code for later use.
  • After that please put your code on the device and then start the Epic Games activation.
  • Please click on the “Enter” option.
  • If you are successful, you can easily watch the games with successful activation.
  • Enjoy!

How Can I Redeem My Epic Games Code?

redeem epic games code

You have two proven ways for redeeming your code. The Epic Games’ Launcher and Online Epic Games Store website. Both I have explained below.

Epic Game Launcher

  • Open your Launcher first.
  • Now please login to your Epic Games online Account.
  • Click on the Redeem Code on the left corner.
  • Here you must enter the code.
  • Now click on Redeem.
  • Once you’ve clicked it, please find the “Back To Home” button and click it.
  • Follow the instructions.

Epic Games Store

  • Open your browser first. Any browser from Firefox, Opera and Chrome will work.
  • Now please access the link at Epicgames.Com/Activate
  • Now you must start logging into your account. (If you have not created, please create your brand new Epic Games Account).
  • Find the option to put your email address.
  • Now click on the Redeem Code.
  • Here you must enter the code and then click the option “Redeem”
  • Now you will get the email showing a “successful” message.
  • Within a short time, the game will show up in the official Epic Games Launcher Library.

How to Enable Epic Games CD-Key?

The below easy steps are going to guide you to get your brand new game in the Epic Game Launcher. Please ensure that you follow the steps

  • Open the official website of Epicgames.com.
  • After that please login to your Epic Games Account.
  • In case you have no account, please create a brand new account.
  • Now please provide the product’s key and then click on the option “Redeem”.
  • Then please download the Epic Games Launcher. Now please install it.
  • After that please open the official download page.
  • Now please login to it. Click on the profile name and then choose the lower-left corner.
  • Select the “Redeem Code” option using the menu.
  • Now on the following screen, you must provide the CD Key for redeeming the coupon.
  • Within seconds your game will be active.
  • To find your game, please search the Epic Games Library.
  • After that please visit the Epic Library for downloading and playing the game.

Reasons for Epic Games Activate Account “Not working” issue

The main causes of the issues related to sign in may be related to your Epic Games Activate account or they may be related to your personal configuration of the device. Please find these points below,

  • Issues related to Servers not working.
  • Login problem and accessing the platform
  • Inaccurate details of credentials of the account.
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal or internet speed.

How to Activate the Deactivated Account?

Is your account deactivated due to some reason? If yes, then here are the steps to activate it,

Resetting your Account Login details.

You must first change the password of your account and as soon as it has been changed, you can login with a new password. Make sure you remember your username and your email address.

Logging in using the associated accounts

In case you have opened your account by linking your accounts of social media such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, then you must follow these steps for activating your Epic Games account.

For activating the account with the help of your linked social media accounts, please use the following steps.

  • Click on the Connection option and Login to your existing Epic Games Account.
  • Now you will find all the relevant connected account details.
  • Let’s say you do not have the account connected with your account, then in that case, you must connect at least one of your social media accounts, most popularly, your Facebook account.

How to Unblock the Blocked Epic Account?

Normally, any account gets blocked because the user has violated some terms or policies or the rules of the game. Therefore the system automatically detects the user and bans him from using the Epic Games. Usually, illegal or inauthentic activities lead to account suspension and the more you try to fix this issue, you will increase the chances of account blocking for a longer period.

The quick solution for such a problem is to contact the support team. The team is going to help you easily activate your account. For more details, you must ensure that such a thing does not happen to you.


Epic Games is a popular online platform and many think that it is the best place to hangout and play games. By using the above instructions and method, you can easily activate your Epic Games Account via Epicgames.Com/Activate link. I have explained all the basic steps that you must know about the Epic Games activation. You must not have any problem or question now about the Epicgames.Com/Activate process. But in case you are facing this issue, then you have to use the comment box below and reach out to me. I will try to suggest something to you something.


Why can’t I access the official Epicgames Com Activate website?

Try to resolve the issue by revisiting the  www epic games activate website and make sure that you have an updated browser and new operating system on your device. You must have a six digit code.

Where should I put the code?

The activation code that you have must be put on the www epicgames com activate website. This is the official Epic Game Activate website where you will be asked to provide the code. This code you have to enter in the blank.

Is there any cost of activation on www epicgames active?

The Epicgames Activate process is free and so is the account. You can go today and start the process of activation soon.

Is it safe to visit the Epicgames/Activate website URL?

Many people are concerned about their privacy but the Epic Games.Activate website is safer and secure.

How to Redeem the Coupons of Epic Games?

Go to the Epic Games Launcher and on the top corner on the left side, please provide your name and click on Redeem.

Is there any way to confirm the Epic Games?

You must install the UPlay application if the verification is not successful. After that you can confirm the game’s authenticity.

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