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Netflix is a very popular streaming service among all-age people. Today, Netflix is among the top streaming service and production company that offers a wide range of content for your entertainment. It offers films, movies, television series, episodes and much more.


How to Sign up for New Netflix Account?

If you want to create your new account on then please use the following steps,

click on sign in option in netflix website

  • Now please find the “Sign In” option

click on sign up now in netflix sign in page

  • Then locate the “Sign Up Now” option.

enter email and click on get started to sign up for netflix account

  • Now you must provide your active email address.
  • Please verify the email and then click on “Get Started”.
  • You will have your account ready within a minute.

How do I sign up to Netflix using the Code ?

sign up to netflix via tv8 code

  • Open your browser and open this link on it –
  • Use your login details (email) to open the account.
  • Now pick a profile that you would use to download the movies or TV shows. If there is a family, they could have their own account.
  • Now you will receive the pin of 4 numbers.
  • Then provide your code which was sent to your current registered mobile number or your email.
  • Please provide the “Enter Code”.
  • Click on the Activate button to sign into the account.
  • Then the movie and TV series.

How to Activate and Watch Netflix on Apple TV Via

activate and watch netflix on apple tv

You can activate the Netflix services on your Apple TV which at least form the 2nd Generation. Below I have listed down the steps to connect to your Netflix Account for watching the shows and movies of Netflix on your Apple TV.

For 2nd Generation Apple TV:

  • First turn on your Apple TV and then open the Home Screen.
  • Then prefer Netflix from the available dropdown option.
  • Access your account using the details for login.
  • Go to the Sign Up option if you wish to register your streaming account.
  • Now go back to Apple TV and type the email address and your valid password.
  • Please connect your to your Netflix using the

For 4th, 5th, 6th Generation Apple TV 4k:

  • Start your TV and then access the Home button.
  • Now open your App Store and find the app of Netflix.
  • Download that app as well as install it.
  • Connect and open your account using the login information.
  • Create your account in case you haven’t done it already. code to Activate Netflix on My TV?

  • Access your home screen and then press the option “Internet@TV” using your remote.
  • Now please select the option Netflix from the available menu and then go for Sign in.
  • Click “Are you a Netflix member?” option in case you are unable to see the Sign In option.
  • There is a code on your screen.
  • So please access the link and enter the available code.
  • You will have the Netflix services activated on your screen.

How to Activate Netflix on Smart TV?

  • First of all, start your Smart TV, then find “Google PlayStore”.
  • Install the Netflix application after you have clicked it.
  • Now start the installed application and then connect to your account using login.
  • For accessing your account, you must open the website.
  • Now you can start browsing the list of movies and Television shows to find the one you like and would enjoy.

How to find more details about my Netflix Account?

  • Open the URL to find details of your account.
  • Use the billing information to find the details of the Netflix account.
  • Utilize the “Find Account” option
  • Add the First and Last name and also information of credit card and debit card

Activate Netflix on Nintendo Wii U using

activate netflix on nintendo wii u

  • Nintendo Wii U is valid across the USA and some more countries only.
  • On your Wii U device, you must open the Nintendo Shop.
  • Then browse the Netflix application on it.
  • You need to use the Wii U device buttons in order to use Netflix using the touchscreen facility.
  • Now access the official HomePage of your device.
  • Then login using your ID and your Password code ( Code)
  • Now please click the Continue button.
  • Finally, your Nintendo Wii U device is ready to stream some entertaining content.

How to Activate Netflix on Your Current Roku Device

activate netflix on roku device

Please keep following the suggested steps to activate the services of Netflix on your Roku.

  • Open your Roku device and access the Home Screen.
  • Now find the Netflix app on it.
  • Install it and proceed to login. (If there is an option like Is it true you are a Netflix Employee? – Then click Yes)
  • Check your display, it will have code on it.
  • Visit the link button and enter your activation code.
  • Based on your selections, the Netflix application will be activated on your device.
  • You can change the setting and your selections later on by opening the Netflix/My Account.

How to install Netflix on Microsoft Windows Via URL?

For activating the Netflix on your current version of Windows 10, then please refer to the suggested steps,

  • Open the Store on your windows and then browse “Netflix” to scan code.
  • Please click the Netflix App to download it.
  • Head back to the start-menu and find the app.
  • It will be installed so open and enjoy the app on Microsoft Windows!

Set Up Netflix TV on Android Device

netflix on android device

For installing Netflix on your mobile Android device, you need to have at least 5.0 Lollipop version of Android version. But you should use the current version with the latest features. So step by step follow the methods to activate the Netflix and then click on

  • Open the PlayStore on your device. Then you must search and then install Netflix.
  • Find the home screen on your screen and begin installation.
  • Now please launch the Netflix which you installed.
  • Because the app is already installed, you will have to type the Netflix email and then your secure password.
  • After the process is complete, your device is now able to play and enjoy the content that you have used during login.
  • Begin to watch Netflix!

Set Up Netflix on Chromecast Device

Please use the steps of the activation process on your device using

  • Open the link for assistance –
  • Then go to the activation link – on your device to begin the activation steps.
  • To begin using the app, please begin to register.
  • Out of the list available on your screen, you have to choose Cost Icon from the menu.
  • Please pick the Chromecast then you would be able to watch Netflix on a wider screen.
  • You’ve got the option of watching the shows, movies, or any other entertaining content.
  • On your device, the app is now installed.
  • Now you have to begin streaming your content and see them.

How to Activate Netflix on Microsoft Xbox 360

activate netflix on xbox 360

Use the below instructions in sequence in order to activate Netflix using “”

  • Open the Xbox360 dashboard and then search for the “Netflix app”.
  • Download it and let the installation complete.
  • Locate the app and sign into the Netflix account.
  • Select the Netflix app using the menu.
  • Now use your email associated with Netflix and add your password to login.
  • Your Xbox 360 will be set up when you sign in.
  • You can now stream the Netflix the content
  • Enjoy Netflix now on your Xbox 360.

How to Use Netflix on my Amazon’s Kindle or Amazon’s FireTV?

Use the below stated steps for getting

  • Turn on your current Amazon device, and access the home screen.
  • Now, in the search section, find Netflix
  • From the search results, open Netflix with its original logo.
  • You may see options like: Download, or it will be Install or get an app, Pick any one.
  • Open the application as it gets downloaded.
  • Now, you have to use your registered email Id and password for sign up.
  • After a successful sign up process, you will be able to stream Netflix on your amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire TV.

How to Activate Netflix on PlayStation3?

Use the below steps to activate and install Netflix on the PlayStation 3 using the website url –

This section is specially for the Playstation users, you will get the details and instructions for activating the Netflix on playstation 3.

PlayStation must be connected to a high speed internet.

How to Download Netflix on PlayStation:

  • Turn on your playstation.
  • Open the home, then go to the Television / video service option.
  • You must have your Playstation 3 account ready in order to download the Netflix app.
  • Now from the option available on playstore, pick Netflix.
  • Press Download from the available menu.

Activate Netflix on PlayStation

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • You have to do the registration here using your  email Id and password.
  • Now, as the Netflix is available on your PS 3 devices too
  • Open the application in your PS3 device
  • On the homepage you have to make a selection of TV/ Video services.
  • Choose Netflix
  • Now, using the same login details ( Id and password used on the app) login again into your PS3 device.
  • You may now enjoy the content of Netflix on your Playstation 3 if the credentials you entered are true.

How to Download Netflix App on Xbox?

  • Netflix content on Xbox can be best enjoyed in those areas where both are available.
  • Open the home screen of Xbox
  • In the search bar – search for the Netflix
  • Tap on install button and kindly wait till it reached to 100%
  • Now open your Netflix account and complete the Sign in procedure.
  • Access your Netflix account using the details of login.
  • On the Xbox, open the Netflix app, use the valid ID and valid password that you used for signing up.
  • And finally tap on Sign in from the options available.

How Can I watch Netflix on my Google TV?

Step by step implement the below steps in order to activate the Netflix on your

  • Google TV has a great UI that helps the students to access various multimedia content by using a number of streaming devices. This service works on the Netflix Com Vizio Activation Code too.
  • Google TV is a software and not a physical gadget that you can install on a number of devices.
  • You can easily connect your Netflix with your device if it has Google TV. If the device has been manufactured during 2012-2014.

You can set up Netflix by ensuring that you have access to the home screen and you have followed all the steps in the right order so that you can activate Netflix using link.

  • All the users of Sony Google TV need to press the button “Home” using their remote, then you can select the “All Apps” option.
  • By pressing the remote button you can access the Netflix application.
  • Select the app once after finding it.
  • Now click the Sign In option.
  • You must have your account and working internet connection.
  • Type your user name and your secure password.
  • You need to click on “All Apps” if you have HiSense Google TV.
  • Then please choose Netflix. There will be an option “Member Sign In”.
  • Now you can get Netflix on your Television.

Netflix – Online Video Streaming Platform

  • Netflix is a popular streaming service which can be activated using the link.
  • After the activation of the services on, you can enjoy premium content such as movies and TV shows.
  • Every movie of every genre is available on this platform. Finding the right movie to watch on this video streaming service is quite simple.
  • Netflix services are available on multiple devices to watch such as your Mobile phone, your Desktop computer, laptop, game console, TVs, streaming media players, BluRay players, set-top boxes, etc.
  • Netflix does not offer free trials now. To try out the services, you must choose any plan that you like as all plans are affordable by the common customers.
  • If you do not like the services or the plans, then you can cancel the services at any time you want.
  • The basic plan starts around $9.99 every month in the USA. On the other hand, the Premium Plan costs around $19.99 per month.
  • When you take up the plan with a higher price, then you also get great quality content like HD, FULL HD And 4K ULTRA HD.
  • With high price plan you can select up to 4 different devices and enjoy unlimited video content such as movies, Television Shows and mobile games.


So, hope you have found all the details that you were looking for in my article about activation steps.. Read all the steps carefully in order to successfully activate and enjoy the services of the Netflix. But if in case you are still facing troubles related to the steps or code, then please try to comment below. I will answer as soon as possible.


I didn’t receive any Netflix Comtv 8 code on my device.

Many users worry when they do not get the Netflix Comtv 8 code. Try to repeat the entire process and you can find the Netflix Comtv 8 code. But if you are unable to find the code on your device then you must contact the number 1.844.505.2993.

How to enter the “Netflix.Com Tv 8 code”?

First you must open the Netflix app and Select Sign in. Sign in to the account using your Netflix email and your password. Search the link on your browser.

Now on the website you have to enter the code which you noted down from your device and start watching the shows.

How to redeem my gift www netflix com code?

  • To redeem your gift code, you must first open this website –
  • Then on this website, you must enter the Code you have or PIN.
  • After that you must click the Redeem button.

Is the Netflix.Com Tv 8 Code the same as a gift code?

No. The Netflix Comtv8 code is different from the Gift Code. The Netflix Tv8 code is your activation code which you require to activate the Netflix services. When you open your device and follow the activation steps, you will require the Netflix Com Tv code which you need to enter on the official activation link using your second device’s browser.

On the other hand the  may be your gift code which helps you redeem gifts and benefits offered by Netflix. So, both the Gift Code and Activation code both are different from each other.

I was wondering if provides privacy security.

The official activation website offers the users privacy security while activating the services. You only need to provide your working email address to watch the content and confirm your interest and identity. The email address you provided will only be useful in sending promotional messages and offers but only by Netflix and not any third party so your information is quite safe with the company during and after the activation process.

How can I stream the Netflix services from my Phone to the TV?

First of all you must open the Netflix mobile app on your device and find the option “Cast”.

After selecting the option, please choose your SmartTV or other device to stream Netflix on your TV. Please have a strong Wi-FI network or internet to complete the procedure.

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