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  • Open the 10 play on smart TV
  • Receive the code to activate from the screen of your TV.
  • Go to the official website of 10 play at 10play.com.au/activate
  • Type in 10 play code to activate 10 play on your TV

When we are watching our favorite shows on our favorite devices, it gives more happiness and pleasure than anything in the world. Sometimes watching your favorite show on your old TV gives more entertainment than watching it on a brand new LED TV.

activate 10play on any device

But, if you want to upgrade yourself and want to try something new but are not sure what could be the best for you, then we are here to assist you. Let me tell you if you are looking at streaming devices, then 10 play is the best among all. You can stream the content available on 10 play to any of your devices.  I will help you via this article, how can you watch 10 play content on a bigger and larger screen. Further I will help you to know the correct and exact steps to get 10 play activated on your smart TV.

Let us first understand some brief intro about 10 play

What’s 10 play

what is 10play

10 play is a streaming service provider company. It  allows you to watch various programmes on demand. You can watch so many categories including TV shows, live TV and many others. The Netwerk 10 service makes sure that 10 play reaches everyone. You will find the 10 play services only in Australia. It is a completely free streaming service, meaning, you can watch the content on 10 play free of cost. As a user, you can get access to this service on various devices operated on Android, iOS, windows system, and devices like tablet, PC, Samsung Smart TV, and many more.

You may install 10 apps on your SmartTV. Let us see how you can easily install this app,

  • First begin installation of 10 play on AndroidTV
  • Installing 10 play on TV
  • Steps of installing 10 play on Android TV

Download 10 play apps on Android TV by Following Below Steps.

  • First you must access the PlayStore
  • Type Play and find the application from the menu.
  • Once you discover the 10 play app in your list of results, click the right one.
  • Now, choose the install option and kindly wait till it gets completely downloaded on your Android TV.

How to Install 10 Play on Samsung TV

install 10 play app on samsung tv

Let us go through the process to install a 10 play app on the Samsung TV.

  • From your Smashing TV’s Remote Control, please press SmartHub button
  • Now, go to apps section
  • Search 10 play app in the app section.
  • Tap show results  to find the correct app
  • Once you find the correct app – tap on get the app – 10 play app.

How to Activate 10 play on SmartTV?

enter code to activate 10 play on smart tv

Install the app successfully to your device, then activate it. Do as the below guidelines to activate the 10 play app.

  • Now please open your device and find the 10 play application to access it.
  • After getting the activation code / key to your current device, you must start the app.
  • Now, from any other device, open the browser – visit 10play.com.au/activate
  • Sign in with your login credentials
  • Now, type in the activation code on 10play.com.au/activate on the browser you just opened. (You may use your smartphone or laptop/PC)
  • Once you enter the activation code correctly, your 10 play app will be activated, and a message will be displayed on the screen.

How to Get 10 Play on SmartTV by using of Chromecast

Let us check the step by step process of how you can get 10 play via Chromecast on your Smart TV:

  • Open Chromecast on your smart TV.
  • You must have installed the 10 play on your smartphone too.
  • The main step left is now your Smartphone and your TV must have the same internet or WiFi connection.
  • Access this app on your TV.
  • Launch 10 play app by searching for an icon.
  • Select the Chromecast from your mobile
  • Once you have connected them both, you can watch the content from your smartphone via the 10 play app on your Chromecast Smart TV.

Step to Get 10 Play on Any External Devices

On the devices where 10 play apps are not directly compatible, you may still get them on many other devices. Find the list of external devices on which you can easily install the 10 play application.

  • Telstra TV
  • Roku TV
  • Firestick
  • Apple TV

How to Install the 10 Play App on External Device

  • On your smart TV, open the external device
  • Now, by accessing the app store or play store, search for the app
  • Once found, install it on your device.
  • Finally, complete the activation steps as mentioned in the article above and enjoy watching 10 play content on any of the above devices.


So, we have seen how the 10 play app allows you to watch, stream your favorite TV shows and other content. Leave comment if you need any additional help.


What should I do for 10play Activate on my TV?

  • First you must install the 10play app on your device.
  • Click on Video and it will open an 10play com au activate activation code.
  • Open the official link 10play.com.au/activate using your smartphone or your computer device.
  • Now you have the code which you must enter on your TV. Press the Activate button then.

Now your 10play Activate steps are complete.

Why should I sign up and sign to the App instead of Direct play?

You must sign into the official sign in page with your 10 play login details. If you already are an active member, you can use 10play sign in. Otherwise you need to go for a new account. Use your active email address and begin watching the content online after Ten play activate

Can I only watch 10 Play on my SmartTV after entering the 10play Activate code?

Now you can watch the channel for all kinds of smartphone devices along with PC. Please activate the services after the 10play.com.au activate steps and then 10 play sign in.

Is 10play com au activate step compulsory?

You can watch all the content free on the 10play app but still you have to visit 10play.com.au/activate website for activation.

How to get 10 Play on smart TV?

You can get the app via installing it first on the device. Then you must visit the 10play.com au/activate website. Copy or save the code of how to get 10 play on tv. Now open the how to get 10 play on tv activation website and then enter the 10 play activate code. That is it, please enter that 10play com au activate code to watch all the content on 10 Play / Ten play.

How do I get 10 play on my smart Tv without code?

You cannot access the app and services without tenplay.com.au/activate code. First you must do the activation.

How do I activate 10 play on my tv? Ten play not working on smart tv?

If you want to know how to activate 10 play on tv, then you need to follow each step of activation shown in this article. If ten play Samsung TV is not working, then make sure you are not paying Live Video as the version of app is not supported on older Samsung TV.

Steps How do I get 10 play on my TV?

Use VPN if you are not able to download the app in the Firestick. Now open the app according to your region. Now you activate the Amazon Australia Account and even watch all the shows with the steps of 10 play activate.