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Discovery.com/activate – If you do not know how to activate the Discovery GO App on your device, then please read this article to learn about it with step by step method. You can download this application free of cost on different platforms and activate it using the Go.Discovery.com/activate link. The Discovery GO app is provided by Discovery Communications, LLC.

discovery go channel

  • The Discovery Go application runs different programs on HGTV, Animal TV, TLC and Cooking Channel, etc.
  • You can download the Discovery Go app using the Google Play Store available on your Android Smart TV or using the Channel Store or App store.
  • Discovery Go Channel enables the users to access the Discovery Live video transfer and further the users are able to find the video content on-demand. Because of this reason, you must use the Discovery Station to binge watch all your favorite Discovery Shows and episodes.

Let us look at some of the benefits offered by the Discovery GO Activate while connecting with your current television device.

  • First you can enjoy the Live TV.
  • You can find a lot of content and filter them by using their Genre.
  • Catching up with some of the lost episodes and upcoming episodes can become very easy to watch on any of your devices.
  • You can easily create a library/inventory of the shows that you like and add the episodes in the list to watch.
  • Adding and updating the list of your movies and catching up on them all later when you have time.
  • CC or Subtitles are available for all the episodes that you watch.

What is Discovery GO and How to Activate it?

what is discovery go

  • The Discovery channel regularly adds and updates the app with new shows and episodes for the users.
  • But to watch all kinds of content, you must login to the Discovery Go app.
  • Let’s say you wish to activate the Discovery Go application on the Roku device and Firestick.
  • To watch and enjoy the shows you must download the App to your current device.
  • The DiscoveryGO app works with all kinds of devices that have been launched by the company in the 5 years of period.
  • You must turn on the device that you have and start the “Discovery Go” app in their respective application or channel store and add it to your channels.
  • After adding that app, you must start that application on your current TV device.
  • Search “Discovery GO” in your search option and find that app.
  • Now you must open this website – Discovery.com link.
  • You must now login to the service using your TV Provider’s credentials for login such as username and password.
  • After this process, you can easily start watching the shows on your device.

How to Sign up to Go.discovery.com?

Please follow the below steps in order to register or sign up to DiscoveryGO,

  • Open the respective apps store on your current device.
  • Then search for the “Discovery Go” application and click it.
  • After that please install it and download it on your current device.
  • While activating the services using the go.discovery.com/activate link, there are chances that you may get some issues.
  • For the first time, when you open the app, you will have to sign in to the app available on your home screen.
  • If you do have a Discovery Go account, then you may have the login details already with you.
  • But if you do not have your account opened yet, then you must complete the process of Sign up and register.
  • Using your current phone number, you can easily sign up to the services.
  • You must insert your number in the blank and the application will generate an OTP.
  • After getting the OTP you must complete the process of signing up by completing the following steps.
  • You can use your existing Gmail details or details of Apple Account or Facebook Account to sign up.
  • Step by step complete the registration process and click on GO.
  • To activate the the services of Discovery please visit the link – Go.Discovery.com/Activate

Activate Discovery Go Online Via Go.Discovery.com/Activate

For activating the Discovery Go TV,  please use the suggested steps,

  • When you have the activation code on your installed application, you need to write it down or remember it.
  • Then using your browser on Phone or PC, you must click the link – Go.Discovery.com/Activate.
  • On the above website, you must enter the Activation Code.
  • Please now select the appropriate TV provider.
  • Follow the guidelines to start enjoying the channel.

How to Activate the Discovery Go App on SmartTV?

Please implement the below steps in order to enable the Discovery Go services on your current Smart TV,

  • Open your current Smart TV. Then access its respective channel store or AppStore.
  • Now type “Discovery GO” and find this app from the list.
  • After you have found it, you must launch the installed “Discovery Channel” to access the Activation code of Discovery Go.
  • Please open the Discovery.Com/Activate on your current PC or mobile device.,
  • Now you must input your Discovery Go Activation code that is available on your current device’s display.
  • After that you must click the Activate option.

Activate Discovery Go on XBOX Device?

  • Find the official “Discovery Go” application on your Xbox using the store.
  • Launch after you’ve installed it to your device.
  • Now you’ve got the activation code to your screen.
  • Then please open the Go.discovery.com/activate on your desktop or mobile’s browser.
  • On the above website, please type that Discovery Go Activation Code.
  • Finally, complete all the processes by clicking on the Activate button.

How to Get and Install Discovery Channel on Amazon Firestick?

how to get discovery go on firestick

  • Make sure your Firestick is connected to your TV via HDMI cable.
  • Turn off your Firestick now and search the Discovery GO application through your Home Screen.
  • Select that application and then click “Get” for downloading.
  • Now when you launch that app, you will get a code to use for activation.
  • Open the website go.discovery.com/activate on any device with the latest browser.
  • There will be a blank available where you have to input that activation number.
  • Check your Firestick device, it will have this activation code on it.
  • You can select the network of your Cable TV provider.
  • Then complete the process by clicking the “Activate” button.
  • Now begin streaming the content you wish to enjoy.

Activate Discovery GO on Your Samsung Smart TV?

  • You can also install the Discovery Life Go by using the Https Go Discovery Com Activate link for Discovery Go.
  • You can use different methods for streaming the Discovery Go App on your SmartTV.
  • You can learn more about how to start this application on your device and even find details by going to the app store.
  • Please find the “Discovery GO” on your Smart TV and then install it.
  • Then launch it to find the code.
  • Please open the discovery.com/activate link using any other device than your TV. It could be your mobile phone or laptop or PC with a browser.
  • Now on the above website, you will have a blank that will ask you about entering the code. After inputting the number, you must click the Activate button.

How to Activate Discovery Go on Android TV using Go.discovery.com/activate?

activate discovery go android tv

Activate your Discovery Go application on your current Android TV.

  • Access the online store for application.
  • Then find the “Discovery GO” using the search option.
  • Now. you must install it to your device.
  • After the above step, you must launch the Discovery Go app and you will find a code on your device.
  • Once you get the code, please open the page Discovery.com/activate using a different device.
  • After that you must put that number in the blank.
  • Complete your activation by clicking the “Activate” button.

How to Watch Discovery Go without Cable Connection

To watch the Discovery GO without having a cable, you can activate Discovery Go on the below devices,

  • SlingTV
  • YoutubeTV
  • On Roku, PHILO TV

If you want to choose a plan, the cheapest one starts with $20 every month if chosen with Philo TV. Another plan on HULU TV starts with $49.99 every month.

You can contact the team for customer support if you need more details on the Go.Discovery.com/Activate. You can also visit the Roku.com/link if you are seeking any additional help related to Roku. You can also visit the Discovery.com/Activate URL if you want

List of Compatible Devices for Go.Discovery.com/activate

Before checking the compatibility of the devices, you must know that the first step you would take is to sign up with the Discovery GO Account using the devices. So, here you have a list f different devices that are compatible with the Discovery GO,

  • Sony TV
  • Fire TV
  • Samsung SmartTV
  • Vizio SmartTV
  • Mac, iOS and Apple Devices
  • Roku devices
  • XBOX devices
  • Windows
  • Android devices
  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation
  • Chromecast


I am glad you have completed reading my article. Hope the details you looked for in this article by implementing steps. By now, you’ve got to be aware about the steps of Discovery.com/activate. In case you want to know more about the process, features or other additional information about Discovery Go Activate, please let me know using the comment section.

FAQ related to Discovery.Com/Activate

Can I watch the Discovery Channel completely Free?

If you already have subscribed to the TV or Cable then with that subscription, you can enjoy the Discovery services without paying additional costs. But to watch many other shows offered by the Discovery channel, you have to subscribe and pay .

Can I play the Discovery Go channel if I am living in countries other than the USA?

No, the services are limited to the USA country only. You are not able to enjoy the shows if you are outside the territories of the USA. There is an app launched by the network and it is also accessible only within the US.

What is the reason I am not able to activate the channel using Go Discovery Com Activate?

Many people face this issue of Go.Discovery.Com Activate steps. There are basic reasons behind these errors or problems. The first ever issue that is common is the non-availability. When the services of the Discovery Go are not available in your country, how can you expect that you can activate the channel with Go.Discovery.Com/Activate steps? Many people try using the VPN but it would be wise not to. Another reason would be poor internet connection, so check that problem as well. If for nothing, there may be some issue with your new version of the browser. You can clean the history and cache and try reloading the website to fix this issue with the browser.

The Https Go Discovery Com Activate website crashes when I enter the code.

Check the code that you entered. By entering the right code, the services will be activated within a few moments. If the Go.Discovery.Com/Link is not working then the Discovery Network would inform you all about it on the website itself. But if your browser still crashes, please try another browser and fix this issue related to Go.Discovery.Com/Activate.

I am using a Roku device, can I watch the Discovery channel?

Yes. Not only you can watch but you can also install and activate the channel using the link Www.Discovery.Com/Activate. Once you open this link, you can start following the steps in the right order to complete the activation.

Is the Go.Discovery/Activate safe site for activation?

Yes the website is completely safe for the process of activation. I’ll ask for your email address and nothing more.

Why do I get this message “Discovery+ is not available…location…”

The message is not any error but it is telling you that the services of Discovery+ are not 1available in your area right now. But in future you can check if the services are available.