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Do you know the easy method to activate on your device? I will show you how to install MTV and activate it on your device with the help of the MTV.Com Activate website. I have included all the key information about the MTV activation that will help you activate the services on any device easily.

mtv activation

In this article, you will find all the relevant information about the activation process. You will require a browser, a TV device to activate the service on, internet connection and a smart device such as smartphone and computer.

If you have known MTV then you know the kind of entertainment it offers. But if you do not know about MTV, then it is the No.1 Music Channel in the world. The channel is only dedicated to provide music to the youth. If you like the songs that make you be young again and live your life a step ahead, then this may be the best website for you.

MTV offers you all the trending music albums, reality shows and the shows about gossip. If these are your cup of tea, then you can enjoy the services of MTV on many supported devices like your Smartphone, Android TV, Amazon’s Firestick device, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and the popular Samsung TV.

Below I have listed all the right steps about the activation.

How to Activate MTV on Your Device with MTV.Com/Activate?

enter activate code

If you are trying to activate the services of MTV for the first time or are not able to activate the services using Mtv.Comactivate, then please follow the steps below,

  • Start your smart device first.
  • Now please access the app store using your remote on your device.
  • Then type these words “MTV” on the search option and find the right application.
  • Click on it and start the download process.
  • The installation will be automatic once the download is over.
  • After both the download as well as installation is over, you will have to open that app.
  • Click to open that app and then register or login, then Mtv Sign In With Your Tv Provider details.
  • This will generate a code on your screen. Save it for later.
  • Now you must visit this URL:
  • This website will request the code. On this website, you will have to provide the code available to you.
  • Once the website verifies the code as correct, your activation will be complete.
  • Once the verification is complete, your device’s screen will refresh and the account activation process will start.
  • Within a few moments, you will have your account activated.
  • Now open your application and start watching the music videos.

How to Get MTV Activation Code which is expired?

If the MTV Activation Code that you generated expires after some time, then you must not panic and follow the steps. There is a quick way you can reset the code and get a new code.

  • First of all, you must ensure that your device is turned on and connected with Wi-FI.
  • Now please open the “setting” option.
  • Then go to the “Regenerate Code” option.
  • Click that option and it will start generating a new code for MTV device activation.
  • You must use this code on this activation link:
  • After inserting this code on the website, you will have to Mtv Sign In With Your Tv Provider details.
  • Your activation is complete!

Activate the MTV on Smart TV?

activate and watch mtv on smart tv

For activating the services of MTV you must use the following instructions of MTV.Com Activate on your Smart TV. The instructions are as below,

  • First start with the SmartTV that you have.
  • Now access the channel store it has or application store.
  • Using your remote and Search option, please find “MTV”.
  • After that click on the app or the Get or Install button.
  • App download will be over in some time and then the installation will be automatic.
  • After the MTV app gets installed to your SmartTV. Click to open it.
  • Once you’ve opened it, it will generate the code for activation.
  • Now it is time to visit this link:
  • Use the standard browsers from your PC or mobile phone for this.
  • Now put your password on the above website.
  • Add the code that you have here on this website and start the login process.
  • Please use your valid username and password for login.
  • Now check on the official MTV website and the TV screen both.
  • You will find the application will be updated.
  • Start streaming!

How Install and Activate MTV on My Roku device?

install and activate mtv on roku devices

Your Roku TV supports the MTV services. All you will require is to visit the activate website and keep following the instructions on your screen.

  • Turn your Roku device on first.
  • Now using the Roku’s remote Home button, please access the Roku Home or
  • Now choose the option Streaming Channel then use the drop-down menu.
  • Using your keyboard on your screen-keyboard and then write “MTV”.
  • Kindly add the “MTV” to your Roku device. Now please select the Add Channel.
  • Add the MTV channel to your device.
  • Let the installation complete and then use the remote to find the “Sign In” button on the app.
  • Now provide your account details. If you do not have those, create your new account.
  • Within a short time, you will get the activation code to your current TV screen.
  • Choose any standard browser of your device like Smartphone or your PC.
  • Open this site on that browser:
  • The website will ask you about the activation code.
  • Please type the code for activation in the box.
  • Now move ahead with the Continue button by clicking it.
  • Then you must provide the details of your login account credentials.
  • On your Roku screen, you will get a quick refresh and all the MTV content will be loaded.
  • Enjoy the content.

How to Activate MTV services on Apple TV or iOS Device?

install and activate mtv on apple tv

All the compatible Apple Devices or iOS devices will support the activation of MTV using the link. Please use the following steps to ensure a smooth activation process,

  • Start the Apple TV device.
  • Use the remote to access the home screen.
  • Then locate the App Store and click it.
  • Now use the screen-keyboard.
  • After that please choose the search bar and then type your “MTV”.
  • There will be a list with relevant suggestions.
  • Only choose the MTV application.
  • Now begin installation.
  • Let the MTV app install.
  • Start the app and sign in to your MTV account.
  • As soon as you sign in, you will be asked to provide the activation code.
  • Use your Smart Device like tablet, computer or your smartphone to access this URL:
  • On this URL, you must put your activation code.
  • Then choose the “Continue” button.
  • After that prefer the correct TV provider using the menu available.
  • After that you must login to your account with TV provider details.
  • Start streaming content on MTV.

How to Install and Activate MTV on Amazon Firestick?

install and activate mtv on amazon fire tv

Your firestick will support the MTV activation via the Firestick steps. Then you can stream all the MTV content on your Amazon Firestick TV without any trouble. Please use the following steps,

  • First you must start the Firestick device.
  • Now access the home screen using a remote.
  • Find the search option and find “MTV app” from the list of suggestions.
  • Now install that application on your Amazon Fire stick.
  • Once it is installed perfectly, please open the MTV app.
  • Now you will receive the code for activation on your screen.
  • Please save that code.
  • Pick any other device like Smartphone or Laptop/PC. Keep the TV screen on.
  • Now open the browser on that device.
  • Open or paste this link at
  • On this website, please put the code that you have for activation.
  • Now using the menu, click Continue on the website.
  • After that you must provide the account information of your TV provider’s name.
  • Once you have completed the login steps, your screen will load all the MTV content.
  • Now start watching the content.

How to Activate MTV on my Android TV?

You can follow the below MTV Activation steps using the website. Please pay attention to the following instructions,

  1. First thing to do is turn on your Android TV.
  2. Now access your remote and open the search icon from the home screen.
  3. Use the screen-keyboard to type “MTV”
  4. Now a list of apps will be suggested, only choose the correct MTV.
  5. Click to install the MTV app and then launch it.
  6. Now sign in to your MTV Account.
  7. It will generate an activation code.
  8. Use any browser and open this link at
  9. This website will ask to provide activation code.
  10. Use the TV provider’s login details.
  11. Start enjoying the music videos and reality shows of MTV.

Activate MTV on my Samsung Smart TV?

You will need to follow the below steps for MTV activation steps and instructions. The MTV services will be activated in no time using the on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Start your Samsung’s Smart TV device.
  • Now using remote, please access the App store.
  • Locate “MTV” and then install it.
  • After installing the MTV app to your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Open the installed application.
  • Click on the “Sign In” option.
  • A code will show up on your screen for activation.
  • Please save that code.
  • Now use any device with a browser to open this URL – []
  • Now put the TV provider login credentials.
  • Enjoy the MTV service.

Install and Activate MTV on Xbox One using

The Xbox One device supports MTV services and for that you have to follow all the right steps,

  • Start your Xbox Console by switching on.
  • Now use your remote control to access the application store.
  • Use the screen-keyboard to search for “MTV”.
  • It will be available under the Xbox Channel option.
  • Now choose the right MTV app.
  • Let the installation begin.
  • Once it is complete, please open the app.
  • Within a short time, you will get the activation code on your screen.
  • Please choose any device and open this link:
  • In the available box, please put your activation code.
  • After that click the “Continue” option.
  • Now you have to use the TV provider’s login details.
  • Enjoy the services of MTV now!

Activate MTV on Website Browser with

To enjoy the services of MTV, please use the following steps. Please follow the process,

  • Open the MTV app on your device that you want to activate.
  • After that choose the TV provider details.
  • A code for activation will show up on your screen.
  • Save that code.
  • On your Smartphone / Computer, open the browser with link – []
  • Please enter the saved code here on this device.
  • After that please hit on “Activate”.
  • Now, the next thing to do is use your TV provider’s details and login.
  • Start the streaming services of MTV on your device.

Enjoy now!

How to Install and Activate Mtv Services on PlayStation 4 using

You can easily enjoy the MTV Channel on your PlayStation 4 using the activation link. Follow the instructions,

  • Assuming that you have turned on your PlayStation 4, please access the home screen.
  • Use the Search option and type the “MTV” in the appropriate box.
  • Install the application now.
  • Open the application once installed.
  • Now I will get the activation code.
  • Save that code available on your screen.
  • Use browser of mobile or PC to open this link:
  • Now you must use the activation code here on this website.
  • Click the Activate button.
  • Sign in now with the details of your TV provider to begin streaming.
  • Now enjoy the content!

How to Watch MTV Shows and Music without Cable Subscriptions?

The above methods that I have listed will require you to have an active cable connection and valid TV provider. You will require an active internet connection and compatible device to start the MTV without cable TV service provider. There are many streaming media platforms that would include all the MTV channels with the right membership options. I have listed some of these options for streaming MTV without cable,

YouTube TV – Video-On-Demand

With YouTube TV, you can stream a wide range of streaming platforms all over the world. It can support MTV and many other channels such as Disney, Freeform, Travel Channel, AMC, TruTV, Travel Channel and all the other channels such as $64.99 every month. This is the ideal membership plan that will give you access to many channels.

The features that will include in YouTube will be like,

  • Get Cloud DVR Storage support
  • 3 device support
  • Compatibility with Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, Samsung Smart TV, iOS devices, LG SmartTV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PS4, Xbox One etc.

Fubo TV

FuboTV is a popular device that allows you to stream various shows with an affordable subscription plan in the United States. This streaming service is from the United States. The current subscription plan that you can get would be $64.99 every month. This subscription will provide you exclusive access to above 90 channels.

These channels will include Comedy Central, MSNBC, SYFY, Bravo, ESPN, History, Food Network, WeTV, VH1, TLC, BET, A&E, etc. Below features you will get from FuboTV.

  • DVR Cloud Storage support of 250 hours.
  • Watching your favorite shows
  • Access to exclusive channels


Sling TV is the official television network providing a great streaming service. It also includes MTV as a channel in the package. There are 30 different channels that you get for paying an affordable subscription. The features of the Sling TV are as below,

  • DVR Cloud Storage 50 hours of nonstop recording of content
  • 1 stream and no simultaneous streams or device support
  • Support for various devices
  • Exclusive channel support such as TBS, Travel Channel. MSNBC, A&E and others.


Many people like Philo streaming services. This network gives you all the access to the best channels with the lowest subscription plan that is available compared to all the previous three networks. There are 60 channels available on this platform and access to great storage options as well. Many people choose Philo because of its features,

  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage
  • Channel support such as HGTV, Travel Channel, LifeTime, Food Network, A&E, Discovery and many others.
  • 3 device support.

Popular Shows to Watch on MTV Channel?

  • Awk Ward
  • Jersey Shore Family Vacation
  • Wild N Out
  • Video music Awards
  • Finding Carter
  • Teen Wolf
  • The Hills: New Beginnings
  • Teen Mom
  • The Challenge

How to Watch MTV Channel on Mobile?

If you are planning to watch the MTV channel on your mobile device, then you must use the following steps in the right order. Please refer the following steps,

  • First you must choose a compatible device that will install the MTV Channel on it.
  • Now you must connect that device with the network.
  • Now please visit the application store of that device.
  • After that, start typing the channel’s name.
  • Once the result appears on your screen, choose the right application.
  • Use the popular browser on your PC or mobile to access this site:
  • Please login when you are asked. But make sure that you have a correct account with proper username and password.
  • After login, you can enjoy all the shows and movies on your MTV.

Platforms to Watch MTV without Cable or Any Subscription Package?

If you want to know how to watch MTV without cable or any subscription, please find the below platforms,

  • Chromecast
  • Sling TV
  • Roku
  • FuboTV
  • Philo
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Apple TV

All of the above platforms either have included MTV in their package or you can stream it online using their services. But if you are a premium subscription user, then you just have to check if the subscription that you have chosen includes MTV. Also there are other devices that include the MTV Channel and all its services. Just find the most applicable option for yourself.

How can I avoid or fix problems related to MTV Streaming?

There are some points that you need to remember to avoid any problems that you might face at the time of MTV Streaming.

  • Check the Wi-Fi speed before starting the device.
  • Check the compatibility of the device.
  • Slow Wi-Fi or the internet will lead to bad experiences. Reset your router if the network is slow
  • Reboot/restart your current device.

Can I enjoy the MTV services without having any TV Service Provider?

For most of the parts, the MTV Channel will require a TV Service Provider for activation. But most of the people who want to enjoy MTV are looking for an option that allows them to watch Free TV without any subscription or TV provider. If you do not wish any of the above or you find that the activation of MTV does not work, then you are not alone in this.

Some streaming devices also support restricted MTV content and all the exclusive shows and episodes. You can also watch some of the restricted content of MTV applications without ever needing a service TV provider. There are some shows that will be available but others will be locked on your device. These locked shows will only be accessible with a valid subscription. If you do not have any such subscription available, then you must get one.

If you are willing to watch the MTV shows, then you can choose a device that includes the MTV channel in its basic package. If it is already included, then you would not have to pay extra for it. Because of this, you will not require any TV service provider. There is Amazon Prime Video Subscription that includes MTV so you would not have purchased a different package or device.


MTV is one of the popular music channels that offers entertainment for teenagers and adults. Most of the shows and music videos include the trending songs and reality shows that are mostly watched by the audience that loves these shows. This channel offers free casual entertainment that any one can appreciate and enjoy. If you are not in the category of adult or teenager, then also you will find the MTV services good and entertaining. To enjoy all the shows and content, please make sure that you visit the website and start the activation process.

If you have successfully activated the services already, start enjoying and if you have not activated, then you must immediately get one suitable plan for yourself. To those who are still having trouble accessing the website or facing any other technical issue related to the URL, then please reach out to me.


The Mtv Sign In With Tv Provider Not Working.

This is not a particular problem but it is quite a common problem that many people face during the activation. The issue related to the link or the steps not working are common. If you are facing with the same Mtv Sign In With Tv Provider Not Working issue, then please use the following points and help yourself,

  • Check if the Wi-Fi speed is accurate and consistent or not.
  • Update your existing browser.
  • Use the latest version of the operating system or do not use the too old system.
  • Check the device’s configuration and compatibility.
  • If everything looks good, please proceed ahead.
  • Choose the appropriate plan and ensure that you have the plan active on your device.
  • Try to Mtv Sign In With Your Tv Provider
  • Fix the Mtv App Not Working issue. If app is not installed perfectly, uninstall it first and then install it.

How can I find if there is an active MTV subscription?

The MTV active subscription can be found by checking out the confirmation page that appears when you have successfully completed your activation process. So, if you click on the play button or open the application of MTV on your screen, if it loads all the content online, then you have the active subscription. You can find out more about this on your registered email or your application’s setting menu.

I lost my password and username, what should I do?

There is no straight method for resetting your password or your username in case you lose. But you can contact your TV service provider and ask him to help you out.

My TV provider isn’t listed on MTV, what should I do?

If you cannot find your TV provider listed, the short answer is you cannot start streaming the content on your device. But you must wait as MTV is trying its best to be available with many service providers.

Is MTV free? If not, what is the cost?

MTV services are free. You can enjoy the services within your TV Service Provider’s account.

How many digits of activation code will I get?

The code will have 7 digits.

Can I activate MTV using Truetv.Com Activate for TruTV?

Your TruTV device should support the activation. If TruTV has included the MTV in the subscription package, then you will have no trouble accessing it on that device. If it does not and you need to activate it, when you must visit this website

How to Activate and Watch MTV on Amazon Prime Video for free?

If you have a valid Amazon Prime Video Subscription, then you can watch MTV on that device. The subscription must include MTV.

Why does MTV not work on my device?

You must have successfully installed the MTV Application on your device. If it is not properly installed, you might see issues. Check the WiFi connection of your device before installation. Update the TV device with the new updates that are rolled by the company. The speed for streaming must be good. In case you are using any third party applications for increasing your performance or something like that, please disable them for some time or just uninstall them. Reinstall the application of MTV.

What should I do when my activation code is not working?

Try to get MTV on different devices if you can. If your current device is not supporting MTV, then it would be better to go with Philo or Sling TV.

Why does the activation code not work on my device?

Check the code before entering. You must not enter the code which is expired. If it expired, then generate another one. If you do not know how to get a new code, please visit the official settings menu of the application and then try to install it. Follow the next instructions.

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