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Hello friends! Today, you will learn about how to activate Voot on your device using the https://www.voot.com/activate link. I will show you the simple steps for activating Voot on different devices like your Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV and others.

For activating the Voot TV streaming on your device, you must be aware about https www voot com activate website. To understand more about Voot, please complete reading my article.

Voot is a video streaming on-demand service that offers viewers various entertainment shows. Voot is an Indian streaming service that works on various devices including your smartphones and desktop.

To activate Voot, you will need a Voot Activation TV code. You can use this code on the www.voot.com/activate website and then activate the services within seconds. If you do not know about the code, please keep reading as I explain to you how to get the code and the best method of activation.

How to Activate Voot on Smart TV using www.voot.com/activate

enter www.voot.com activate code

The activation process is simple to follow. Please do as per the following Voot.Com Activate steps in order to complete the process of activation.

  • Start your current smart device first.
  • Then you must install the Voot application on it.
  • If it is installed, please open it.
  • After opening it, you will automatically show an activation code on your TV Screen.
  • Now please open the official activation link at www.voot.com/activate
  • You can use your mobile phone or personal computer to open this link.
  • Now if you have your account, then you can Login to it.
  • If you have no existing account, please create one.
  • After that please put the activation code that you have in the blank.
  • Now click on the Activate button.

How to Activate Voot on My TV

Any TV device must have the application store and internet connection. So please use the following steps for activating Voot on your device or your set-top boxes,

  • Make sure that you have your TV turned on.
  • First you must access your Play Store or Application Store or Channel store.
  • Begin searching for the “Voot App”. Please select the right application.
  • Now click it to install it.
  • Create or Sign Up for a new account.
  • If you have the account you must start the sign in 427
  • Please copy, save or write the code that appears.
  • Now please open the Voot activation link using your browser.
  • Open this link at www.voot.com/activate
  • Now on this link, there will be an empty box asking for providing the code.
  • Please type the exact code that you have here.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will have your account activated.

About Voot Streaming Service

Voot is a popular streaming service that the Indian people love for watching the Indian entertainment content. This streaming service comes loaded with many great features and quite amazing content that are loved by the people. If you are in India, you may have heard about this on-demand service. Basically, this is an OTT platform that offers content in many languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, etc.

Viacom18 is the official owner of this service. Viacom18 launched this streaming service in March 2016. Since then the application has made quite an impact on its viewers. This service is available on all the platforms that you can think of including the basic smartphones such as Android and Apple devices. If you are a KaiOS user of the JioPhone, then also you can enjoy this service easily. The devices that are applicable with this platform include Chromecast, Smartphones, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and others.

All the users are given above 40,000 hours of online video content. This includes all the MTV, Colors, and Nickelodeon as well. If you are looking to enjoy premium content, then you can go ahead and pick Voot Select or Voot Originals. There are Voot streaming services are available in India, the USA and the UK.

Benefits or Features Offered by Voot

If you choose Voot, you must know about the features it offers,

  • You get to watch 40,000 hours of content.
  • You can change the video quality and format according to your TV and internet.
  • Voot application comes with Chromecast support.
  • If you are a premium subscriber, then you can watch the content without ads.
  • The Voot app is available in many languages. If you speak English, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi or Telugu then you will enjoy the content in your regional or mother language.
  • There are above 1500 films available for you to watch.

Where to Locate the Voot Activation Code?

The people who are doing the activation process for the first time or not familiar with the process may find it hard to locate the Voot Activation Code without any external help. There is no way to skip the activation process and therefore you must use the activation code to start your services. Without having your code, you will not be able to access any content on your Television device.

In case you have lost or forgotten your code for activation, you can find it again by entering the details like your account name and your password to the Voot website or application.

Where Should I Enter the Voot TV Activation Code?

If you cannot find the place to enter the code, please use the following steps,

  • For putting in the activation code, you must access your Voot App.
  • Now find the setting button or three lines that are available on the top corner. Search it on the left side.
  • Clicking that option, you will be able to see the same activation code that the Voot system sent you on your email that you used for the registration.
  • Open any standard updated browser.
  • Now copy and paste this link on it at www.voot.com/activate
  • On this link, you must input your code for activation.
  • Let the screen refresh till it loads the features and shows of Voot.

Activate the Voot App on my Android TV

activate voot app on android tv

If you are using the Android’s Smart TV, then these following steps are going to help you out with the activation of Voot and help you stream it on your Smart TV with voot.com activate website.

  • Start your Android TV first.
  • Now please use remote access to the home screen.
  • Open the “Voot App” in your application store.
  • Now from the search result, find the “Voot App”.
  • Start the process of installation on your Android TV.
  • Once the installation of Voot is complete, you must launch it.
  • Click on any show, it will give you the code for activation.
  • Now using that code you must visit the activation website at www.voot.com/activate.
  • You can use any standard browser on any of your devices like smartphone or computer.
  • Now please provide the code of activation on your device. Please enter the numbers one by one in the asked format.
  • Now once you have added the code, please go to the “Proceed” option and click it.
  • Now within a short time, you will have the Voot app ready to stream all your favorite shows onto your Android TV.

How to Install and Activate Voot on Samsung Smart TV?

install and activate voot on samsung smart tv

The must use the following steps in order to successfully activate the services of Voot application on your Samsung’s Smart TV.

  • Turn your Samsung TV on.
  • Now use the Home button to locate the store for application.
  • Now you must type “Voot” using the keyboard available on your screen.
  • Click that app and it will commence the installation process.
  • Within a fraction of second, you will have the Voot app installed on your device.
  • Open that app and it will give you the code on your screen for later activation. Please save that code by copying or writing it somewhere.
  • Now after copying that code, you must visit the www.voot.com/activate code activation.
  • Now you must click on the activation button and start the process to activate.
  • Within a short time, you will get the application installed on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Activate Voot on Apple TV

activate voot on apple tv

For activating Voot App on your Apple device, you must use the following steps in the right sequence.

  • First check if the TV is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Now use the remote of the TV to open the home screen.
  • Then on the application store, please use the search button and find out the “Voot” app.
  • Once you’ve successfully installed it on the Apple TV.
  • When you open it, it will show a code for activation.
  • Use your mobile or PC’s browser and then open this link at www.voot.com/activate
  • Now to proceed ahead, please submit your mobile phone number or your email when asked.
  • After entering the code, you must click on the Activate.
  • The entire process is going to take less than a few minutes.
  • After that the screen of Samsung Smart TV will refresh and Voot will be activated.

How Install and Activate Voot App on Amazon Fire TV?

First, you to kick-start the process of activation of Voot services on the FireTV, you must follow the listed steps,

  • Turn your Amazon’s SmartTV on.
  • Using the remote, you must now open the home screen.
  • Now you must click the Search option.
  • Please search “Voot” using the keyboard on your screen.
  • If the voice search is enabled, please use that option as well.
  • Click the application Voot that shows up on your TV screen.
  • Now click the “Get” option for installing the Voot app on your Amazon FireTV.
  • Once after the app is installed on your device. Please open it.
  • You will then get the Activation code showing up on your screen.
  • Please save that code by copying or writing it somewhere.
  • Then open this link at www.voot.com/activate
  • You can use any standard browser on your smartphone or your personal computer to open it.
  • Then keep following the steps in order and put your email address.

How to Activate Voot App on Smartphone?

You can easily activate the Voot application on your Smartphone device. You will just need a few steps in order to install the Voot Application. The application works on popular devices like Android and its rival Apple. Voot will take a few minutes to activate and then you can start watching the shows on your screen.

  • Open the Voot.com website and perform sign in.
  • Now using the home page, please click on the setting option or the three lines that you see.
  • Following page will ask you about clicking on “Activate Your Account”.
  • Here on this page, you must provide your username and your password.
  • Then verify if you have entered the correct information and click “Activate”.
  • After that you must start using the Voot.

Activate Voot app on Windows PC or Apple’s Mac PC?

The activation steps for Windows PC and Mac are simple. But you must know about them before activation. The reason to know the steps is to avoid any errors or missteps that might occur while the Voot app is activated.

  • First visit the official Voot.com website and then click the Sign In.
  • On the website’s home page, you will see the setting button or three lines. Please click that option and it will load a “Activate Now” option on your screen.
  • After that you must use your Vote ID and your password to “Activate”.
  • After clicking the activate button, you will have the services activated on your screen.

How to Watch Voot on Google Chromecast?

Voot App allows you to watch all the Indian TV shows and Indian movies online. But if you are considering a Voot application on your TV, you must follow the steps. I have only listed the easiest steps for Google Chromecast. Please start the process.

  • Open the official Google Chromecast website.
  • Now you must purchase a Google Chromecast.
  • After that you must connect the available Chromecast with your TV.
  • Now please download the Voot application using your smart device like tablet or smartphone.
  • Please open the Voot app and choose the option “Chromecast”.
  • Now your TV will be able to stream the content offered by Voot.

How to Fix “Voot not working” Error?

To resolve the Voot “not working” error, you must use the following steps. All the points mentioned below are going to resolve the errors that you are facing related to Voot not working error.

  • Clear the website cache.
  • Restart your smartphone, pc or TV.
  • Refresh the official Voot website if it does not work.
  • Update your browser or restart it.
  • Update your existing Windows or Mac system if you are using an older one.
  • Check if the mobile phone has an updated OS and if it is not, please update it.
  • If there is a server error, then please wait a while till the error gets fixed.
  • Visit the website after some time.
  • If you are using antivirus or ad-blocker on your browser, then try to turn them off and check if the website or services loads on screen or not.
  • Do not use VPN while activation. The Voot app is supported in only three countries viz. India, the UK and the USA. If you are trying to activate the services of Voot being in any other country please do not.

Note: in case you are unable to fix the issues and the problem still continues, you must seek support from the Voot support team by reaching out to them via email. Please use this email: [email protected]


The Voot com activate steps are easier to execute on any device that you have. The condition is that the device should be smart and should support the Voot application. Many people who first consider the installation should be able to find it difficult to activate the services using the www.voot.com/activate link. But most of the users who have ideas will require no assistance. But the process of activation changes for some of the devices. Not all the devices support the same installation process. Therefore, you should read this article.

I have included the Voot installation and activation steps on popular devices. If you are looking for activation steps on any other device that I forgot to mention or include, then you are free to inform me using the comment box. Let me know if the www.voot.com/activate is working and if you are having issues, please let me know as well.


What kinds of shows or series can I watch after https www voot com activate process?

The www voot com activate process will help you activate the Voot services on your device. If you are a fan of all the latest Indian web series, Roadies, Splitsvilla and other reality shows like that, you will enjoy the Voot application. The other shows that you can enjoy are Apaharan 2, Asur, Code M, Nagin, Parniti, etc. Some of the graphics series are very good that you will enjoy.

What is the reason I am not able to access the https //www.voot.com/activate website?

There could be many reasons for the website to not work on your device. The main reason for the website error could be related to the browser of the device and Wi-Fi internet connection. The application is simple to install on many devices considering they are not too old.

Kindly check the website after some time or update the browser. If you are using any generic browser, then you must change it to standard browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge or even safari. If nothing works please write an email on [email protected].

Does Voot com activate take too much time?

The https www voot com activate tv login does not take more than a few minutes. The time it would take for activation will be less than 3-4 minutes if you keep following the steps in this article. If you are trying to activate for the first time on your own, then you are going to get delayed.

Can I activate the services of Voot on my Roku device?

Yes, you need to follow the same steps that you followed for the rest of the devices. First install the application and then click to open it. It will show the https //www.voot.com/activate code that you will have to put on the website. You must not have the older versions of Roku as it might not support the application and activation on http www voot com activate.

Can I watch the episodes before they are streamed?

The Voot application will allow you to stream episodes a day before the live streaming. There are many plans available that you can choose for Voot. The premium shows will require your premium subscription and activation at https //www.voot.com/activate tv.

Which are the best packages that I can choose for Voot?

You can choose the yearly package and monthly package. Both these packages will give you advantages of watching Splitvilla before 24hours, best blockbuster movies and streaming without ads. After choosing the right The Voot will be 99 INR for a month and for a year it will be around 499 INR. Please choose the right plan that suits you. After choosing the plan the next step for you is to activate it by going to the https //www.voot.com/activate code tv website.

What will I require for registering to Voot?

There are a number of ways you can register to the Voot application for Free and non-stop entertainment. First you can use your mobile phone. You can also use Facebook to register, or Google, Apple or email. Please make sure you provide the working email for the website because Voot will send you all the details about your subscription plan and about the https voot com activate process on your registered account.

How to activate voot on smart tv using https //www.voot.com/activate code tv login?

You will just need to follow the steps that are mentioned in this article. Once you have the code for activating the services, please visit https//www.voot.com/activate link to proceed for activation.

What is the official website for voot com activate tv login?

The official TV login link of Voot is www.voot.com/tvlogin.

Does Voot activation and voot com activate code cost me anything?

The Voot services are completely free of cost.

Where to put the www.voot.com/activate code tv?

Go to the https //www.voot.com/activate my account activation link and then there will be a blank where you should put the activation code. Please make sure that the code you have put is correct.

I activated my device already on www.voot.com/activate website and still it is asking me for activation.

If the activation was successful then you may have received a message for activation on your TV. This message must be displayed right after you have activated the services on www.voot.com/activate. If this message does not show, it means the activation is incomplete.

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