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In this article, we shall study about Also we shall see how you can activate cbs sports to the Roku device that you have. CBS sports is an amazing platform for those who love to watch college football games. It  gives you a more exciting and thrilling experience that you can not get on your mobile device or from an official website. If you are a football lover then CBS Sports Network is a must for you, it broadcasts live games. The great part of CBS Sports Network is that you can watch it on any device you have such as FireTV from Amazon, Apple device, Android TV device, Youtube TV, Hulu TV, and Pluto TV.

CBS Sports channel on Roku device

As you connect to the link with your Roku device and activate it, you can have immediate access to the following sports channel.

  • CBS Sports
  • Sportsline
  • 247Sports
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • Maxpreps
  • SportsLine

If you want to access all the CBS Sports channels, you have to download the CBS App on your Roku device or any other streaming device, and then you can watch all the best sports programs.

CBS Sports HQ Compatible Devices

Find the list of all devices on which you can watch and enjoy the CBS sports HQ.

  • Desktop or a PC using the link
  • Roku device
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone and iPads
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android Device (TV, Phone and tablets)
  • Chromecast.

How to Activate CBS Sports using

Once you have installed the CBS Sports application on your Roku channel, you must follow the steps listed below in order to activate the cbs Sports using the url –

  • Download and installed CBS Sports app on your Roku Device (which I believe you have already done)
  • Visit the

click on login in cbssports website

  • Now, tap on the Log in button on this website.

login to cbssports website

  • Fill out the necessary details, also you will see an activation code, copy that code somewhere safely.

enter roku code

  • Now visit from your tablet or mobile phone.
  • You will see an option saying “Activate your Roku” type the code you copied earlier here in this section.
  • Now go to the Next button and click it.
  • Here you will see the option to type your CBS sports username along with your password.
  • The code you entered will be verified and once the details gets confirmed you will see a message on the screen – “Successfully activated your Roku”

Advantages of Activating CBS Sports on Roku Device

  • You can have many benefits of activating CBS sports on your Roku Channel, fine them below:
  • Customers love the option of streaming and watching live depending on their convenience.
  • CBS Sport HQ that gives access to all CBS channels is now Completely free.
  • The channel is up for 24*7, and also provides the reactions of games, commentary, interviews, Breaking sports related updates and advice from the authority and many more.
  • If you don’t have time to watch the complete match, you can watch only highlights.
  • There is a CBS Sports Podcast available that you can listen to on the way to get the updates.
  • You can watch pre coverage and post coverage shots of major sport events only on CBS Sports
  • You  can watch daily Fantasy Football today shows and also receive the expert opinions on betting.
  • You have access to on-demand highlights, on demand podcasts of your favorite team or league  with the CBS Sport HQ.
  • Live news related to sports are available throughout the day (24*7) with the CBS Sports HQ.

How to Install CBS Sports on Roku

To install the CBS Sports APP to your Roku device, you must do as per the following steps. Assuming your Roku device is all setup, please start following the steps.

  • Start your current Roku device.
  • Then on your Roku, you should install the CBS Sports App.
  • Please use your remote device to access the application store
  • Go to the Search option, find the app and install it.
  • Now type these words “CBS Sports”. After typing these words.
  • Now please find the channel with the correct logo.
  • Using your remote, please click the “Add Channel” option.
  • It will begin the official downloading process of CBS Sports. Now you must add it to your Roku channel store with other applications.
  • Once the CBS app is installed perfectly to your Roku device, you must start the activation process.

Note: If the installation is incomplete, it will create issues while opening it. So, please make sure about this that the application is installed completely before opening and watching it

How to Watch CBS Sports on your Roku Device?

For installing the CBS Sports on your Roku device, you would need to do as per the instructions. These below instructions that I have listed will help you easily watch CBS Sports on your Roku.

  • Start your Roku device.
  • Now using your Roku’s remote controller, please access the home menu.
  • From the menu, please look for the “Streaming Channels” option. This option will be played on the left-side sidebar.
  • Using the virtual keyboard on your display, please search for “CBS Sports”.
  • Now go to the “Add Channel” option to install the CBS Sports application freely.
  • Now use your remote controller to click OK once the CBS Sports App’s installation process is complete.
  • Please press on the Home button one more time.
  • Now find the CBS Sports app and then click to open it.

Streaming CBS Sports on Roku without the Cable TV provider

  • The customers who want to watch CBS Sports on Roku without paying anything are perfectly capable of doing it.
  • It is possible when you access the and then start watching the CBS Sports channel to your TV. You can start watching it without using your cable connection.
  • If you are wondering if CBS Sports is available to watch using an antenna, then no it is not available.
  • You must have the Roku activation code before you start exploring the shows.
  • The device you use must go through the verification process of the CBS Sports Roku Code using the official portal link: .

How to Install and Activate CBS Sports on Android TV

activate cbs sports on tv

If you are using Android TV, and want to know how you can activate the CBS Sports on your Android TV, please refer to the steps mentioned in this section. The steps here will be same for Samsung TV, MI TV, LG TV, or any other smart TV using Android system.

  • Open the Google’s play store
  • Now search the CBS Sports in the search menu
  • Once you have found the correct app, download and install the same on your Android TV.
  • Open the app, as it gets downloaded.
  • An activation code is going to appear on your display. Now copy or  write this code somewhere safe.
  • Now, open the official website – from any other device such as laptop or smartphone.
  • There you need to enter the code you got on your TV. Type it carefully.
  • Select the details of your cable Tv service provider and finish this entire process.

How to Activate and Watch CBS Sports to Apple TV

install and activate cbs sports on apple tv

If you are using an Apple TV, then follow the  below steps to activate the CBS Sports application on your Apple TV. The procedure for iPads will also be the same as the Apple TV.

  • Access the official Apple’s application store.
  • Using the search options, please find CBS sports
  • Once you locate the correct app, tap on it to install it on your Apple TV.
  • As it gets downloaded, open the app.
  • You will see the activation code upon opening the app.
  • Copy or write this code somewhere safe.
  • Now, open the official website
  • You will be asked to type in the activation code here.
  • Type the code you got from your Apple Tv app safely.
  • Then choose your TV provider.
  • And complete the further procedure, and enjoy your favorite sports streaming on CBS sports on your Apple TV.

How to Install and Activate CBS Sports to Amazon FireStick

Use the below mentioned steps to activate the CBS Sports to your Amazon’s device Firestick.

  • Turn on the Amazon Fire TV.
  • Find the CBS sports app
  • Download and install CBS sports.
  • Now go to the CBS sports channel
  • You will find the activation code there, write that or copy that code safely.
  • Visit the url –
  • Here, you have to provide the code you got form the Amazon firestick.
  • Make a selection of your TV provider
  • Nice all the details get verified, you can watch all your favorite sports shows and listen to the podcasts, and see the highlights and much more on the CBS sports app.


After reading this article, I am sure you have got all the details about and which is the best way you can activate the services of CBS Sports on your Roku device. During activation, you might have to deal with some of the technical issues. But you can always try to repeat the steps in the right sequence. The activation process only includes a few steps but you must carefully do the activation as per the steps.

So, do you have any questions about If yes, then I am here to provide you all the guidance. Please share the errors or troubles that you are having or want to know more about using the comment box. I will provide the best solution to my ability.


Where should I find my cbssports com roku activation code?

Your Cbssports roku code is available on your television. To acquiring this code, you must first install the CBS Sports application on your Roku device and then once the installation is complete, you must open it. If this application is already in your TV application, please click to open it. Once it is open, it will automatically show the code.

I am trying to enter the code on but it does not work. Help me please.

It may happen that your code may expire if you had the screen open for too long. This issue is just like the issue of session timed-out. Here, there is nothing to worry about. Repeat the same process to get your new code.

Why am I not unable to receive the code?

The code is available to you once you install and open the application of CBSSports. So, please try to install it first. If you are trying to access the code on the installed app and still you cannot get it, then the issue is technical. To resolve this issue you would have to re-boot your Roku device. Also you can reboot your WiFi router. Doing it will re-establish the connection and restart the system. Now you can use the cbs com tv roku activation steps to enable the services.

Is the Cbs com tv Roku app absolutely free?

You can download the CBS Sports application without paying any cost for free. This includes the CBS Broadcast games such as pre-games and post-games. You would get 24 hours sports highlights and live news updates directly from CBS Sports HQ.

What is the cost of CBS sports subscription plan on Roku?

The subscription fees are very affordable by all and any user can easily pay the cost for a month. If you are someone who likes watching all the episodes of sports and love CBS, then you must not wait any minute and choose an applicable plan. The cost of the plan starts from $6 ($5.99 (every month and another plan is for $10 every month. If you choose a $10 plan then you would get access to all the CBS content that are free from commercials. For this much amount $6 and $10, you would get all the CBS All Access Content.

Which method is the ideal for acquiring CBS Sports Network?

CBS Sports Network has been actively pleasing its viewers through its sports-related content. The viewers enjoy all the CBS Sports content online on the official website This channel also broadcasts the famous NFL and other professional sports.

Is there any affordable CBS All Access subscription plan for a year?

Yes, you can choose a plan for $59.99 for the entire year that would include limited commercials but you can enjoy the ad-supported version for the year.

Is there any reason for “CBS All Access” freezing on my Roku device?

The reason for the freeze or buffering of the application on your Roku may be due to the technical reason. Please use your remote and open the Setting option. Now please select your System. Then you must click the Update option. After that, kindly go ahead and click on the Check Now option. Let the system find out if there is any update for the application or not. If there is a new update, please install it. It might fix the issue with the application.

What is the reason for the roku website not working?

Cbssports roku website works any time you access but often due to maintenance or may be the issues related to your device or company server, you would be having this issue. Do not panic and try to access the cbs com roku website later on.