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If you do not know how to Enter Amazon Code, you will find the right steps of using Amazon account code on the code website.

After activation, you can listen to Amazon Prime Music to help the users to access amazing music. This is the music they are free to listen to anytime, anywhere. Amazon Prime Music is one of the most beloved services that stays on-demand. The important thing is the music offered by the app is completely ad-free. For using the services of Amazon Prime Music, first you need to create your Amazon account. Your amazon account should have a valid Prime Music subscription. Then you need to open the website and start creating your account completely free. After you have entered your www amazon com code for activation, you can use the services of Amazon Prime Music. You should enter this activation code correctly.

Where to Enter Amazon Code?

enter amazon registration code

First you have to visit website on your browser. You can use a PC or Smartphone. Sign in to the Amazon Account after doing that. Now after doing that you need to type the code. Carefully type this code with the right digits. Now you will need to submit that registration code in the available blank space. After the www amazon com code verification steps are done, you will get registered to your new Amazon Account.

How to Register My Amazon Device?

Amazon is one of the best companies out there for online retailing. Amazon is the biggest in the world in terms of retailing. The vision and purpose of Amazon is to provide the customer-centric services and make it easy for users to buy anything from the platform and use the services. The purpose of Amazon was to sell books and therefore it was established. But today, there is absolutely no product left that Amazon does not sell. It sells a wide range of products such as consumer goods, household goods, digital media, electronic goods and much more.

register my amazon device

Amazon also is one of the best producers of high-technology electronic gadgets. Examples of such devices are Tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV and the popular Kindle e-Book reader. The company also offers other different devices such as streaming media adapters. All the users can visit the website and register their devices. Right after you open the code website, you will understand what to do.

Register Amazon Device using

We have listed a very simple registering your Amazon device. These steps to register your device on code are useful. So if you don’t have an existing Amazon Account, read and implement these steps.

  • Turn on your device (PC, Smartphone, etc.)
  • Then open the browser (Google, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Now open the link by pasting it in your browser URL section.
  • After you enter and open www amazon com code, you will have a Sign In window just like below.
  • Now put all the details in the blank of given on the Amazon com us code.
  • Then please type your relevant password on code.
  • Only users should enter their passwords. Here, the button “Notification” will appear on your screen if users enter the wrong password on code.
  • If you do not know your password, you must click Forgot your password? Then on the window, you will be able to change your password or retype it correctly.
  • On the www amazon code page, you need to click Sign-In.
  • Now this is if you have your current Amazon Account to use on code site. But if you do not have your Amazon Account, you must Get your account after visiting the link –
  • Now you will have to enter certain details on your window. Now start filling in your Name and then type your currently active Email-ID. This email will be linked to your Amazon Profile.
  • You need to enter your password here as well.
  • Now after filling in details click on – Get Amazon Account
  • After these steps on code, your new account will be created.
  • Next step is to mark it using Amazon. Then you must click on the option – Register Your Gadget on a window appearing on your screen.
  • Then on the, you will need to enter your device’s code in the Enter Amazon Code option. Click Continue and go forward.
  • Then to complete your steps of www amazon com code registration, you will have to follow the code steps appearing on your device’s screen.
  • The users must remember that all the steps shown in this point are not the same for all the devices. Amazon account code steps may be different on different devices. So you would need to open the Amazon Enter Code that appears on your device.

How to Activate Amazon Prime Music using Echo Dot on Smartphone

It may not be easy to access Amazon Prime Music by following simple code steps. Without accessing and implementing the right steps, you will not be able to listen songs. You need to follow each step we showed here. And you need to ensure that your smartphone is associated with Amazon Echo via reverberation dab application.

  • First you must sign in to the official Amazon Echo Dot Application.
  • Go to the “Settings” option. First make sure that you are logged into Amazon Account. After that accessing the Amazon Echo Dot Application becomes easier..
  • Then you will find the option – Link New Service. It will have a +a sign.
  • For linking the services press on the +a sign.
  • Then you will have a list of available code options on your display.
  • Now you must select the option – Amazon Prime Music out of the removed listing.
  • Now you can activate Amazon Prime Music after tapping on it.
  • On the next screen, you will have code. This is the activation code.
  • Pick any one of your favorite browsers to visit
  • Through the official Sign In option, you can now sign in to Amazon. By clicking the option – Create a Brand New Account, you can create your new account of Amazon.
  • After you completed the process of login, go click a window that says – Register Device will appear on your device’s display.
  • Now here you must type www amazon com code that is your Activation code for Echo Dot Prime Music. After that you must go for the Continue button.
  • Okay, everything will be set now. You can now play songs using Echo Dot from Amazon Prime Music.


You may go through some code technical difficulties during the https amazon com us code music steps. It may happen that you may not get your Amazon account code and therefore you may not be able to Enter Amazon Code. But these are all technical problems related to You can easily fix these problems if they are related to your internet and device setting.

It is possible for you to Register Amazon device that you have on code. Now if you wish to play Echo Dot, you need to Activate Prime Music first. For any difficulties you face, you can contact Amazon Support.

Official Amazon com us Code Website:
Official Code Website:


What are the list of prerequisites of accessing the website – code?

For the www amazon com code website, you must meet below requirements

  • Internet connection for the website is must.
  • Then you must have a device to open your browser (Personal Computer or Smartphone)
  • Then you should check if the device website is working on not. Re-try if the website is not working now.

What is the code length?

Using the website https //, you need to Enter Amazon Code of 5 to 6 digits. If you cannot find the then wait and re-try the entire process.

What is the best browser to open the website?

You can open Amazon Enter Code using any browser that you find best. Any browser with the latest updates will help you enter www amazon com code.