Customer Feedback Survey you are looking for the best guide to help you out with the Plex TV activation process, then this is it! Today I will explain to you the step by step process of how you can successfully activate the Plex TV using the official Plex Activate link.

After completing the article, you can easily activate the Plex TV Network services on various devices such as Android Television, Apple TV, Smart TV and similar devices.

How to Create Your Plex Account?

  • Turn on your PC and on your browser please type this link –
  • On this link, please click on the Login.
  • Then you must find the Signup option.

sign up on plex tv

  • Now you must provide your active email, password in the blanks.
  • You can also use the Facebook ID, Apple ID or Gmail to register.
  • From the below, accept the terms and conditions
  • Please verify your email and confirm your details.
  • After that your Plex Account is set up!

How to Activate & Login to Your Plex TV Account?

  • Access your browser on your mobile or your PC.
  • Then please open the link on your browser.

sign in to plex tv account

  • To login, you must click on the Sign in option available.
  • After login, you are going to open your account’s dashboard. Here you must enter the activation code.
  • After entering the correct code, your configuration and login to the Plex TV will be complete.

Where Should You Enter Plex TV Code?

  • Once you open the browser using your desktop or your smartphone, you must visit the and start verifying the details of your Plex account.
  • Now you have to enter the 4 character code in the blank and apply.
  • Once you have entered the code completely, then the network services will be activated.
  • It will refresh first and then you will find your account will be linked to the services.

How to Connect with Your Plex Account Using Code?

  • First turn on your Smart TV and select the Sign in option.
  • When you have the 4 digit of code appearing on your display, then you must connect your network to your Plex account.
  • Now open the link using your browser.
  • Once the link is open, please input your code.
  • Then you must click – Submit button.
  • Let the app refresh and restart itself in a few moments.
  • Then within short your account would be associated to Plex TV.

How to Activate or Connect a Tool on Your Plex TV Streaming Program?

Kindly do the following and start the procedure for Plex TV program on your device,

Install Plex TV Program

  • Here you must complete an application on your current computer that you need to watch Plex TV.
  • Now you need to browse the application on the Store.
  • Then begin installation of the Plex Television.
  • Let the installation complete.

Open Plex TV Hyperlink Code

  • You must ensure that you have installed the Plex TV successfully on your device.
  • Then please click on the Login button.
  • Now you must enter all the details of the Plex TV Account for signing in.
  • A code will be on your display once you complete the login.
  • You will need this code for the future.

Please Visit the Plex Television Activation Page

  • Open the or visit the other link both are the same.
  • Now you will have the Plex TV login page on your screen.
  • On this activation page, you must insert all the login details.


  • At last, you must put the activation code where required.
  • You will have to put the code in the appropriate blank of your screen.
  • Then complete the process.
  • You can start streaming content of Plex TV on your device.

List of Plex TV Compatible Devices

Most of the devices are compatible with the Plex TV app. I have listed below devices that are compatible for watching Plex TV programs.

  • XBOX
  • Android TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • PlayStation devices
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • SmartTVs
  • Roku devices
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Oculus VR
  • Windows
  • Caavo
  • Sonos

How to Activate Plex TV on Smart TV using

Plex TV Link Activation

The below steps will help you to connect Big-Display devices like your Apple TV, Smart TV and Android TV on your device.

You are very much aware that you cannot just enter the password on these devices because of security concerns. Adding a password every time you want to connect to your account can be a little stressful. So Plex TV offers you a 4 character login option which helps you connect to your account easily just like YouTube TV.

Now turning on your TV, you will have to sign in to the account. As soon as you sign in to your account, you will get a 4 character login code on your TV screen.

This code is useful for you to sign in. Now follow the below steps,

  • Use the browser of your Mobile or PC to open this link –
  • To login, add the details of your Plex Account.
  • After successful login, you will need to enter the 4 character code on your device display.
  • Then press the Submit button.
  • After completing the above steps, your TV will now have the plex app which will help you to connect to your current Plex account that you have.
  • This entire process is going to take less than a few minutes.

Setting up Plex Media Server on Your PC using

click on plex media server

  • First of all, please visit the Plex.TV website and then click on “SignUp”.
  • Download the Plex Media server software now.
  • Open the link and find the option
  • Now you have to select the correct operating system or OS that is specific to your computer system..
  • Now you have to download the “Plex Media Server” on your PC.
  • With the Plex Media Server on your current PC system you can store various multimedia files such as movies, images, videos, music videos and others.
  • This also works on the NAS or Network-Attached.

How to Install Plex App on Other Devices

  • First you must proceed to download the app using PlayStore or App store of the respective device.
  • Then you must join the Plex app services by using your account.
  • Choose the best way to sign in using options like Facebook Google, email address, or use Apple login details.
  • If you want to sign in using your Smart TV device then you will need a 4 digit number. So, you do not have to keep remembering complex and long passwords and different IDs to login to the services every time.
  • You will just have to type the code that is available to you on your Smart TV. After a quick refresh, you will have options to choose.

What are the features offered by Plex?

  • It is a very trusted streaming service that people choose to watch. People can enjoy both paid videos and free videos and multimedia content using the link –
  • It is America’s best service.
  • Plex already has 80 streaming stations that you can enjoy. There are 100 online stations and above 20,0000 movies with TV like services.
  • If you are a sports lover, then you will find sports channels. There are also some great news channels and local shoes that you can enjoy.
  • You can access nearly 20,000 on-demand pictures including some other screens of other popular networks.
  • This helps the users using different devices to limit the movies and shows to ultimately enjoy the streaming TV channels, watch music and enjoy other great content.
  • With the Plex platform, you can manage media two ways. First, you can use the Plex Media Server or the latest Playback Plex Software after you have replaced the Plex Media Player.
  • The reason you should use the above services is because you don’t have to maintain additional storage for the collection of media files that you have and rely on different private servers.
  • With the Plex App, you can easily browse through the library and find all the media files on your device.
  • With the Plex, the users can find every single file in the first place.
  • But it is not required that all the users save the files on the storage because all the media are already streaming.
  • This service is ideal for the people who want to enjoy good entertainment.

What is the Cost of Plex Services?

  • Plex account is free to create and use.
  • By creating your new account, you will enjoy some basic streaming services and very basic storage capacity. You can also easily cast the content that you have on different devices and in different formats such as HD, Full HD and 4k.
  • But if you want to take up the advanced plan, then you must choose a Plex Pass account which offers you more features. It starts with three popular subscription plans such as Monthly plan of $4.99, Annual plan of $39.99 and another annual plan of $119.99.
  • Your Plex Pass account will include all the best features offered by your free account and others.
  • If you have subscribed to Plex Pass. then you can enjoy photos, Premium music and other functions such as auto-tagging. There are other features such as Live TV that use an antenna and a turner. There is a great feature called automated lyrics that you can use. Other features include synching and offline mobile.

Plex Vs Kodi: What is The Difference Between Them?

  • If you want a straight answer, then yes Kodi and Plex both are similar to each other. But to find the difference you have to look for the points.
  • If you closely compare then Plex is an earlier version of the Home Theater app that is based on the XBMC app. XBMC is an earlier version of Kodi.
  • But both Kodi and Plex are different because they do not share a code.
  • Plex is not completely an open source service. All the developers are able to contribute to the overall development of this code.
  • There are some restricted parts of Plex that the public cannot access.
  • If you do not wish to make changes to the Plex code, then it is okay, don’t do it.
  • Kodi, if compared is completely open source that has no limitations or restrictions.
  • Plex is compatible with multiple platforms whereas Kodi is compatible only with a few platforms. Kodi has launched apps that are compatible with the Amazon provided on Fire TV, Android TV or iOS devices.
  • Kodi does not need the same configurations of the server like Plex.


I am glad you all could finish the article till the end. When you have a clear idea about the Plex TV you will not have any trouble with Plex Activate Steps on the official website After reading this article, I am sure you will face very little issues related to the Sign in. account creation or activation. If you are still facing technical issues related to the website or activation, please type the comment below and start the conversation.


I cannot find the official Plex Link for activation?

The official Plex Activate link is If you are trying to open any older link, then you must stop using that old link and use the above link.

How can I get Plex Sign In?

To get your Plex Sign In details, you must first register to the Plex services and get your Plex account. After creating your sign in details and your account, you can use them to login to your account on the link. But first you must create your account then you can benefit from the services.

What is the Plex Sign Up process ?

If you do not know about the Plex Sign Up steps, then do the following.

  • Open this Plex link for sign up –
  • Now choose any of the three options such as Continue with Google/Facebook/Apple.
  • After clicking the option, you will have to follow the stepwise procedure.
  • Within a minute, you will have your Plex Account ready for you.
  • Now you can access the services by visiting Plex Tv Web website link:

How can I get my Plex Code?

  • The Plex Code will be 4 characters long. For Plex Link Device, this code will be useful.
  • Use your mobile phone or your computer to open the using any browser.
  • Make sure your sign in process is complete.
  • Then when required, you must submit the 4 character code and submit it.

What is the procedure for Plex Log In on the Plex Server?

First you must open open the browser. Then open a new tab. IN your browser’s address bar, please type this address https://server.local.ip.address:32400 /web. Now your browser will help you connect to the Plex Web app online.

How to change the Plex Log In password?

Forgetting passwords is a very common issue that almost every user faces during Plex Log In. To recover your Plex Tv Login password, please find the Forgot link in your email inbox. It’ll be available in your sign in form. If you have the same email address that you used to create your Plex account, then you will face no trouble resetting the Account password. Follow steps and reset your password.

I am getting issues with Plex Samsung TV. How to troubleshoot problems with Plex Samsung Tv?

Many users face problems with the setup and it takes them nearly one hour or more to find out the solution. The major issue of Plex Samsung Tv is that the application of Plex installed on your Television device would open and close. This will result in you not able to connect to your account and use the services. Second problem is the connection issue of the app with the Plex Media Server. You must fix these issues. Sometimes the application would crash and would not open, so that time you can re-install the application and start the login to access your account.

I am unable to open this link for sign up.

Please use this link, It will help you to sign up easily. The above link is not a valid link.

Why am I asked for a Plex.Tv/Pin?

Your Plex Pin is requested to you by your server. That means the 4 digit PIN provides the extra security to your Plex account. You can also set up “Automatically Sign In” option so you would not be required to input the code every time you sign in.

What is Plex and what should I know about it?

Plex is hands down the best media server app you can use. Plex completes the missing piece that is lacking in most other streaming services. If you like to immerse yourself in the digital age, then you must now worry about the services offered by Plex. Plex allows you to enjoy every single media on your computer and even load that media  on your external drive converting it to a media server. Among all the other features and benefits one is that it is 100% free to use.