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Customer Feedback Survey

Wecare Rite Aid Survey – Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hello, friends! Do you know that you can participate in the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey and win up to $1,000? If you do not know how to take the Wecare Rite Aid Survey then please read this article.

The WeCare Rite Aid survey is an online survey conducted by the Rite Aid drugstore. It is among the largest chains of drugstores in the entire USA. It is mostly famous for providing best in the class solutions for healthcare and wellness.

rite aid guest feedback survey

The Rite Aid store conducts this survey to understand the customer’s satisfaction. The customers also have a great chance to tell the drugstore how they felt during their visit to the pharmacy. The information obtained from the survey questions will be very useful to the company for improving its services and meeting the expectations of the customers.

There are many customers who visit the store on a daily basis and the stores cannot keep a track of all of them. Therefore the online survey is the best option for all the customers that helps them reach many people.

The customers can participate in the online survey at Wecare.Riteaid.Com Win $1000 in a lucky draw. The customers need to answer some basic questions about what they liked about the products or service and what they did not like. Not all the customers can be happy or satisfied all the time. So if you miss the chance of winning $1000 at Wecare Riteaid survey then you can also get lucky and win $100 in a lucky draw.

Wecare.Riteaid.Com Survey Details

Name of Survey Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey
Prize of the Survey First Prize – $1000 for Lucky Winner
Second Possible Prize – $100 for Lucky Winners
URL of the survey https://wecare.riteaid.com/
Method of taking the survey Online and through-mail
Validity of the survey Only 14 days
Survey’s Limit of entry 1 person will get 1 receipt 1 prize
Age Restrictions  The age of participants is permitted to be 18 years

Eligibility for Rite Aid Survey Stakes

You will find the eligibility criteria in this section to participate in the Rite aid customer satisfaction survey on its official website – www.wecare.riteaid.com It will be very helpful for checking that you are eligible to take part in it or not.

  • If you are a resident of the US or District of Columbia only then you can participate.
  • The survey is only for those who are 18 or above in age.
  • A Rite Aid receipt having a valid survey invitation code.
  • One receipt – one entry is allowed
  • In the online method – you can only participate for 3 times while in the mailing method you can participate unlimited times.
  • Survey should be taken within the 14 days you got your receipt.
  • One survey per house is allowed.
  • Purchase is only required when you are planning to participate via online method
  • You cannot exchange it in the cash
  • No prize transfer requests are welcome.
  • Family members of the rite Aid employees and employees themselves cannot participate in the Rite Aid Survey.
  • It will be counted as null and void if prohibited by the State or federal law.

Wecare Rite Aid Survey Requirements

  • 18 years is an acceptable survey age.
  • Valid receipt of Rite Aid store receipt. The receipt must include the invitation.
  • You must know either English or Spanish
  • Must have with you computer or similar device like mobile or laptop
  • Super-speed internet connection

How to Take Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To participate in the survey, you must follow the below listed steps,

rite aid customer satisfaction survey

  • Now check your Rite Aid Receipt, it will have a code of 16 digits printed on it. It will not be hard to miss.
  • Please select the button “Receipt Code”.
  • Now click on the Right Arrow.
  • Now on your screen, you will have a list of questions that are relevant to your visit to the Rite Aid store. All these questions will depend on your overall experience and satisfaction.
  • Try answering all of them.
  • All the questions are important so do not skip any one.
  • Complete the survey and once it is complete, you will be asked to enter into the lucky draw.
  • When you are asked to provide your personal contact details, please enter them to participate in the following competition.
  • Click the Close icon, if you do not want to go with the competition.
  • Your answers will be submitted to the Wecare Riteaid survey website.

How to Participate in Rite Aid Survey Sweepstakes via Mail Method (without making any purchase)

If you have not made any purchase also then you can enter into the Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey. You need to follow some small rules here and by using simple steps you can participate in sweepstakes.

Check the below steps:

  • Take the card of size 3.5 X 5 or maximum 4.25 X 6  no bigger than this.
  • Write down the details on this card – your name, US valid address, Email (active) and current working contact number, etc.
  • Now, send this postcard to the below address:

RiteAid – “Voice of customer” Sweepstakes

P.O. Box-16440, Rochester, NY 14616 United States.


  • No photocopies of the post card will be entertained.
  • Rules must be followed and the participants must keep in mind the eligibility criteria.
  • Different post cards should be sent individually.

Wecare Rite Aid Survey Winner Selection?

The Winner Selection is a process where the Rite Aid company selects the customers by a lucky number after the Wecare Rite Aid survey is over. The draw of the winner is completely based on luck and random selection.

Every single month, 1 lucky winner takes home Grand Prize, 10 lucky winners take home First Prize and their selection will be random.

If you do not know much about drawing, then you must read the rules mentioned on the website. You will also find the details about drawing dates. If you understand the rules, you will know about the random drawing dates in more detail.

What is Rite Aid Drugstore?

Rite Aid is a Drugstore Company that provides all the products and services catering to your pharmacy needs. This corporation promotes a healthy and happy life.

what is rite aid drugstore

At the time the drugstore was founded in Scranton in 1962, it was known as “Thrift D Discount Center”. The founder’s name was Alex Grass who started this store as a health & beauty store. But later in 1968, the “Rite Aid Corporation” became the main name of the store.

This is a USA-based company that is the largest and according to the Fortune 500 list, the company ranked 148th in the list in terms of total revenue.

The company mostly provides products and services related to pharmacy and there are more than 50,000 employees who work with the company. Currently the company is present at 2,288. The total revenue of FY2021 was $24.04 billion.

The company is available in a total 31 states of the US and also the District of Columbia,

We Care Rite Aid Help and Support Desk

You may run into a few trouble related to the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey. These errors might cause you performance issues or will not allow you to take the survey online. At that time if the problem is simple, you can resolve it but if it is technical, you need help. Below I have listed some of the contact points that would help you out at the time of such technical issues.


Social Media Links:

Rite Aid Official Twitter


Thank you my dear friends for paying attention to the entire article. I am sure you have got all the details about the We Care Rite Aid survey and the Wecare.Riteaid.Com Survey website. You can take this survey 24/7 because the survey is online. You can take this survey from any comfortable place you like and there will not be any problem with it. But while taking the Wecare Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must check your device and the internet connection.

I wish you all to win the Rite Aid Survey at Wecare.Riteaid.Com and take home the Grand Prize of $1000. If not first, you can still get a reputable First Prize win of $100.

If you are lucky then you will surely get your prize and you can do this every single month. Who can predict that you might just get lucky!

If you are confused about the survey or willing to ask me some more details, then please communicate with me via comment box. I will reply below and join the “discussion”.


Why is it showing “The receipt code you’ve entered has already been used.”?

This above message may be showing on your Wecare Rite Aid Com screen because you may have already used the code to answer the Wecare Riteaid Com Survey Questions or participated earlier with the same receipt code. You cannot enter the same code one more time after it’s been used up.

What are the benefits of Wecare.Riteaid.Com Login?

No, there isn’t thing like Wecare.Riteaid.Com Login active right now that will work for login. If you want to login to the official website for checking rewards and logging into your Rite Aid Account, then you must use your Rite Aid account login details.

The benefits of your Rite Aid Account are listed below,

  • You can earn different points for shopping and prescriptions
  • You can redeem our points for Bonus Cash.
  • Managing your prescriptions will be easier.
  • You can save more with the digital coupons, Bonus Cash promotions and personalized offers.
  • The checkout with the Rite Aid account will be faster than before.

There are services offered by Rite Aid that include Refilling your prescriptions, shopping by departments and using the Rite Aid mobile app for online transactions.

Can I use my mobile device to go to www riteaid com storesurvey enter code?

You can surely take the Wecare Rite Aid Survey on your mobile phone and enter the code. But before providing the receipt code on the website you need to check if you are connected with the internet. The official website for the survey is Wecare Riteaid.Com, so please use that link only.

Is there any Rite Aid App to download on my iPhone?

To download the Rite Aid App on your current iPhone device, you must open this link – App Store.

What are my chances to participate in the survey at Wecare.Riteaid.Com Win $1000?

It is not about the chances, you can participate in the online We Care Rite Aid survey and may get lucky to take the survey at Wecare.Riteaid.Com Chance To Win the $1000 prize. The Rite Aid store is unbiased and unprejudiced. It randomly picks the winner and there are many parameters it considers. If you get lucky with the draw by the company, then the Wecare Riteaid Com Chance To Win $1000 will increase.

Has anyone become lucky to go to the Wecare Riteaid Com Win $1000?

The company may announce the lucky winners on their email and also may publish a list of winners from time to time. You can check that list or ask the company about it. You can see that list online with all the winners’ names.

Is the www wecare riteaid com safe for access? Is it secure for my privacy?

Your privacy is safer with the Wecare Riteaid website. Rite Aid drugstore chain as much as any other company in the market cares for your privacy and security. The survey is not about getting the personal data or bank account data from you. The purpose of this Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is to find out what are the problems or suggestions that the customers have

I am a tourist. I landed in America a couple of days ago. Am I eligible for winning Rxsurvey Riteaid Com Win $1000?

If you are not a citizen of the United States and came here for a visit, you will not be able to participate in the survey. The survey needs you to have valid American residential proof. After you have completed the Wecare.Riteaid.Com Survey, the Rite Aid representative may call you and ask you for your personal details to confirm the win. So, to claim the Wecare Rite Aid survey prize, you must have your authentic details with you.

In short words, do not Take the Rite Aid Survey to Win $1,000 if you are not from the USA.

How to change the Wecare Rite Aid survey language to Spanish?

  • First open the official survey link – Click Here
  • Then find an option that says – “English”.
  • Click it and select “Español”
  • It will turn the survey welcome page into Spanish (Español) language.

Why does this message show up on my screen – “The receipt code is only valid for 14 days after your purchase.”?

After you have made the purchase, the Rite Aid Receipts will be valid only for 14 days. So, try taking the survey sooner if possible before the Rite Aid Receipt expires. Many people try to enter the code from the expired Rite Aid Receipts and face the same issue.

Try taking it during the first week since you made the purchase.

Can I participate in the Rite Aid Sweepstakes? I am 19 years old.

You are above the legal age 18 and therefore you can easily participate in the survey. Make sure you have a valid Rite Aid survey receipt to be used on Rxsurvey Rite Aid Com.

How to take the Rite Aid Pharmacysurvey?

To take the Wecare RiteAid Pharmacy Survey, you must open this link – Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey.

What is the Rite Aid Store Survey? What is the official link for it?

The Rite Aid Store Survey is a non-pharmacy survey which can take online by clicking this link – Rite Aid Store Survey

What is the purpose behind the We Care Rite Aid survey?

With the help of Wecare Rite Aid survey, the Rite Aid Drugstore wants to know more about the customers’ shopping experience. If there are any problems that the customers are facing, the company can know about them and if there is any room for improvement.

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