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Grocery Outlet Survey

Hello, dear friends! Are you trying to access the official Survey.Groceryoutlet.Com website for Grocery Outlet Survey? If yes, then you really need to read this article.

The Grocery Store Outlet Survey is giving a wonderful chance to get a $250 Gift card per month for giving wonderful feedback.

grocery outlet $250 gift card survey

So, did you visit any of the Grocery Outlet stores recently? You can share your Grocery Outlet Customer Service experience and product experience on the website.

The Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online survey that is conducted by Grocery Outlet business to provide the customers the best opportunity to express their opinions about the merchandise, atmosphere, shopper service and many other key points. The Grocery Outlet will understand all the answers that you gave and will implement the changes in the existing business.

Some of you might have Grocery Outlet Complaints like the store layout, the quality of the items that you shopped, atmosphere, the Grocery Outlet Customer Service and other details. This survey is conducted online because of one reason i.e. your convenience. You can take this Grocery Outlet Customer Survey comfortably from anywhere you please.

At the end of the survey, you will get a Grocery Outlet Gift Card of $250 which you can use on your next visit to one of the outlets.

Grocery Store Outlet Survey Details

Company’s Name Grocery Outlet
Prize/Awards Grocery Store Outlet Gift Card
Is purchase required? No
Entries 1/receipt
Age limitation 18+ or above
Who is able to take it? Legal citizens of America and a few of its states
What is the survey’s language? Spanish or English

About Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction Survey

Grocery Outlet is a chain of supermarkets that offers grocery items at very affordable prices. In the United States, this is among the largest extreme-grocery value retailers that sells ever product at nearly 70% off than any other stores.

Grocery Outlet is spread across 260 different locations of the U.S.A. including Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, California, Nevada, etc.

grocery outlet customer survey

The motive behind conducting the Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction Survey is that the business wants to know about the customers and their real voice. If any customers face any inconvenience while shopping at the Grocery Outlet, then the company wants them to speak up and share their suggestions, opinions or Grocery Outlet Complaints so that the company can know about it.

The company will use that data gathered from the Groceryoutlet.Com Survey and use it to improve the business and make more customers happy.

Your genuine feedback about Grocery Outlet Customer Service will not only help the company grow but it would benefit you the next time you visit the store. If your feedback is genuine, you might see the changes in the store the next time you visit.

Grocery Store Outlet Survey Rewards or Prizes

grocery store outlet survey

The Grocery Outlet Survey and its rewards are decided by the management of the company. So, the rewards may change according to the decisions of the management. The latest survey rewards that you can get are as below,

  • Grocery Outlet Survey Gift Card $250
  • ARV total value – $9000

Grocery Outlet Customer Survey Eligibility and Rules

grocery outlet customer satisfaction survey

Before you participate in the Survey Grocery Outlet, you must comply with some of the rules and check if you are eligible to take the survey or not.

  • You must not be an immigrant or foreigner living outside the USA. So, legal citizenship or U.S.
  • 18 years of age is acceptable for taking the survey.
  • 1 entry per email is valid.
  • Do not cheat during the survey.
  • Cash alternative is not available for the Grocery Outlet Gift Cards
  • Redeem the coupon within the given time or else it may expire.
  • No employees are allowed to participate nor their immediate family members.
  • Substitute for the survey is not available.

Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • You need strong internet speed.
  • Mobile phone or computer system required.
  • New version of the browser is needed for the survey.
  • You got to know the English Language or Spanish.
  • Use only the latest receipt of the browser for the survey.

How to Take Grocery Outlet Survey at

First you need to check if you comply with all the requirements above and all the rules along with eligibility criteria. If all the points are checked, then you can start taking the survey.

  • Open the official Grocery Outlet Survey website: Survey.GroceryOutlet Com.

select language in groceryoutlet survey website

  • Then there will be a language to choose from. Choose either English or Spanish.

start grocery outlet customer satisfaction survey

  • Move ahead with the to provide the survey access code using the Survey Grocery Outlet receipt for sales.
  • Click the “begin survey” or “start” button on the display.
  • Now there is a wide range of questions on your display.
  • Remember the experience you had with the overall shopping and was it a good one or a bad one??
  • Whatever you feel, you have to write it all down according to the questions.
  • Please properly rate your overall satisfaction level related to all the products and customer service.
  • Attend all the questions of the survey and be as honest as possible.
  • Provide your name, then address, number, email and similar details.
  • Submit all the details and join the Grocery Outlet Sweepstakes.
  • Soon, you will get a message telling you about your contest entry.

Note: The Grocery Outlet Customer Survey is closed now and the company is not taking it anymore. If the company starts taking the survey online, then read this article. The survey can be on the same website or other.

About Grocery Outlet

about grocery outlet

Grocery outlet is an American discount retailer having many supermarkets locations that provides overstock and closeout products from name brand and private label suppliers. The stores are located in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Most of the stores are operated individually by the local married couples. You will find different products in different stores to cater the local taste and needs. The company was founded by the Read family on 11 June 1946. The official name of the store is Grocery Outlet bargain market. They mainly sell bakery, dairy, deli meats, frozen foods, general grocery items, meat products, snacks, drinks like wine and beer.


I really appreciate your time reading this article. I hope you have understood all the basic details about the Grocery Outlet Customer Survey and how to take it online on its official website. Next time you visit the online store, you must confirm when the Grocery Store Outlet Survey will start and which will be the website to take it on.

Currently the company has stopped taking the surveys online but you cannot know for sure how long it would take for the company to start it again.


Is the Home.Groceryoutlet.Com link for Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Survey?

There is only one Grocery Store Outlet Survey which was conducted on the website before. Please check if the Survey.Grocery Outlet website is working or not. The Home.Groceryoutlet.Com link is for login to the Grocery Bargain Market.

Is the survey access code available?

The Survey Groceryoutlet Com Home website is not accessible so when the website is not working, there is no use of the code. Please ask the store when the website is going to be operational.

What kind of questions will I be asked in the Grocery Store Outlet Survey?

First of all, when you open the Grocery Store Outlet Survey website, then once you’ve entered the required details on the website, you will get to answer all the basic questions related to the recent visit you had with the store.

Can I take the survey questions on www groceryoutlet com?

But if you want to provide your feedback, Visit Groceryoutlet Com and on the Contact Us page. After that, on the contact us Home Groceryoutlet Com page, please enter the needed details and click on the Submit button.

Where should I register my Grocery Outlet Complaints?

If the customers have complaints, then they should visit the website.  This is not the survey link like Survey.Groceryoutlet.Com/Home Survey where you can easily let the company know about the genuine experiences that you had with the store visit.

When to redeem the Survey.Groceryoutlet.Com coupon code?

You must read the Grocery Outlet Coupon Policy first on the official website for the survey. If there is no policy on the website, please ask the company official

How is the Grocery Outlet Customer Service?

The customer service is good at Grocery Outlet but if you are not sure you liked it, you can let the store know so they can improve some of the aspects of the store.