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Mycfavisit Survey

Chick-Fil-A is a very famous fast-food restaurant retail chain, you know that, right? But do you know that the restaurant conducts a Chick Fil A Survey? It is also known as Mycfavisit Survey that is officially available on survey website.

This is an online survey that you can participate in and win some amazing rewards today. The restaurant conducts this survey because it wants to improve its current services and that is why it needs to know what service it should improve.

chick fil a survey

If you have recently visited this restaurant or are planning to visit, then this guide is going to help you a lot when taking the survey.

With the help of Mycfavisit Survey, the company wants to know if the customers are really happy with the food they eat or the services provided by the restaurants or not? So, if you want to say something to the company about the services or suggest something about improvement, this is the best chance to take the survey

When you give your feedback or opinion to the restaurant, it helps the management decide what is the best for the customers. Maybe the company is lacking in food, service and other aspects, so it can learn and improve.

When you complete this Chick Fil A Survey, you will get an offer code which you can use to get a “Free SandWich” at one of the restaurants.

It is so simple! Give your opinion and get a free sandwich.

About Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

about chick-fil-a restaurant

Chick-Fil-A is a famous and among the largest fast-food item provider from America. It’s speciality is in serving chicken sandwiches. Truett Cathy decided to start the first ever restaurant store in Hapeville, Georgia. This restaurant chain serves breakfast, lunch and also dinner. So, you can visit and grab something for your stomach.

You will find many restaurants in America that serve all kinds of delicious food items but if you are hungry for some famous Chick Fil A chicken sandwich then you can visit any nearest store around you. Chick Fil A stores are not that hard to find because they are mostly everywhere. You could easily locate them around your airports, college campus, and shopping malls around you.

There is a wide range of other items that you can eat at the restaurant including the below,

  • Breakfast items like chicken biscuits, burritos, hash browns, muffins, bagels, yogurt parfait, etc.
  • Entrées items such as chicken sandwiches, a variety of other deluxe sandwiches, nuggets, strips and wraps.
  • Sides items which include healthy salads.
  • Kid’s Meals like nuggets, chicken strips, grilled nuggets, etc.
  • Treats including lemonade, coffee, cookies, milkshakes, chocolate fudge brownies, and ice-cream.
  • Drinks like iced tea, a variety of diet lemonade, coca cola, Dr. Pepper, and other items like juices and milk.

You will also get some delicious sausages which you can use to enhance the taste of your delicious meal.

What Take the Chik-Fil-A Customer Survey?

Chick Fil A cares about its customers and it is curious to know about how the customers are perceiving its brand including its food items and other restaurant services. Mostly when customers visit, they eat and go and sometimes try to suggest or complain. But that does not make a big impact on many other company stores. So, the company started taking Chick Fil A Customer Survey online.

The survey is a Chick Fil A Survey that asks very basic questions about your recent visit to one of the outlets. These questions will mostly be about the food quality, the food timing, the behavior of staff members, the food temperature and overall satisfaction eating at the restaurant’s outlet.

Chick Fil A does not only collect many answers but it understands what is the main issue and takes positive action on improving or redefining the changes or upgrades about food, menu, services or overall environment of the stores.

At the end of the survey on, the customers will win some exciting rewards.

Mycfavisit Survey Rewards

mycfavisit survey rewards

Mycfavisit offers the customers an opportunity to communicate their problems or suggestions in the form of genuine feedback. The survey rewards encourage them to participate and get something in return. It also motivates the customers to participate and win a free chicken sandwich.

Once you have completed the survey, you will get a redemption code and that you have to write down somewhere safe. It will help you get your free reward when you visit any one of the restaurants.

You could also win some free meat-sandwiches or other items which are decided by the management.

Below are some of the benefits that you can get at Chick-Fil-A stores,

  • Free Food such as Chick Fil A Survey Free Sandwich or free meat sandwich
  • Extra points
  • Get a special discount on different foods & services
  • MyCFAVisit free credit
  • Winning the Sweepstake Prizes
  • Get points for Sweepstakes

Mycfavisit Customer Feedback Survey Details –

Company Name Chick-Fil-A
Survey Name Customer Experience Survey
Official Link
Who can take the survey? U.S.A.
How to take it? Online
Entry Limitation No Limit
Age limitation  18 years and above
Language  English and/or Spanish
Purpose of the Survey To improve the products and services

Mycfavisit Customer Survey Requirements

mycfavisit customer survey requirements

You must fulfill some basic requirements before participating in the survey,

  • Your age must not be below 18. You must be above that age.
  • You must know either Spanish or English; any one of the languages for reading the questions of the survey.
  • Use the valid URL for the Mycfavisit Survey only
  • Your visit to the store is a must.
  • You need good Wi-Fi or the internet.
  • Please use the smartphone or your computer.
  • Must have at least 5 minutes for taking this survey.

Mycfavisit Survey Rules

  • You must spare at least 5 minutes out of your day.
  • Your Chick Fil A receipt must be new, not older.
  • You cannot request a prize or coupon transfer.
  • Prize is decided by the company and its management only.
  • One receipt will get you only get you one survey
  • You must not use an older receipt because it may be invalid.
  • After getting your coupon code at the end of the survey, you need to use it before 30 days.
  • You need to provide your active email so the company would send you email in it only. The code will be sent in about 24 hours.
  • Only provide honest answers.
  • The coupon is for one person only.
  • Provide your active contact details.
  • Any company employee, associate, sponsor, subsidiary or parent company employees cannot participate in the survey.
  • No immediate members of the family can take part in Chick Fil A Customer Survey.

How to take the Chick-Fil-A Survey at

Taking the survey mycfavisit com site is not that difficult but if you know how to take it and what are the things you need during the survey, then the survey would take less time than usual. So, therefore please use the below steps to take the survey online,

  • First, please have your Chick Fil A receipt with you.
  • Now open the official website for survey at

chick fil a customer satisfaction survey

  • On this website, you will need to put your serial number first. Check your receipt and add that number in the blanks.
  • On the Customer Experience Survey page, you will have to choose the survey’s language. Choose the appropriate language.
  • Then begin the survey by clicking the “Start” button.
  • The sooner you click the Start button, your survey will start.
  • There will be a list of questions needs answers.
  • Please read them carefully and begin answering them.
  • Remember your visit and provide the accurate answers for all the questions.
  • At the end, when asked, please give your feedback about the customer services and complete the survey.
  • Check your email after 24 hours, you will get a coupon redemption code.

Note: You can only take the survey after going to one of the stores and getting a latest Mycfavisit receipt. Do not skip this survey if you have gone to one of the Chick-Fil-A stores a few days back.

Chick-Fil-A Survey Contact Details

Mostly, you will not have technical issues or any personal issues with the survey if you follow the guidelines and rules. But if you are still concerned about the survey or any related information, you should request the company representatives online about your questions or suggestions.

You can visit the Contact page, and find all the company contact details. And you can use the below details as well for connecting with the company.

  • Office Contact Details: 1.404.765.8038
  • Customer care representative contact: 1.866.232.2040

If you want to send mail to the address, then read the below details,

  • Chick-Fil-A Cares,
  • P O Box – 725489
  • Atlanta, Georgia (GA) – 31139 9923


Just keep following all the instructions and steps that I have listed above and you will have no trouble completing the Chick-Fil-A Survey on the official survey website. Please make sure that you have complied with all the survey’s rules and requirements while taking the survey.

Use the My Cfa Visit survey coupon before 30 days otherwise you cannot use it as it will expire. If you need more guidance or some more information about the survey, please ask me using the below comment box. I am here for your help.


What is the Chick-fil-a Receipt Serial Number?

If you visited the Chick-Fil-A restaurant and purchased some food, you will be given a receipt. On this receipt, a long code will be printed on it. That is your Chick-fil-a Receipt Serial Number. You need to add this number on the Chick Fil Survey website.

What are the Chick Fil A Survey Validation Codes?

Your Chick Fil A Validation Code is your Chick Fil A Feedback Survey number. This Chick Fil A Serial Number is printed on your receipt.

How will I receive the Chick Fil A Feedback Survey code?

You will receive the code on your email so please provide only active email.

How long is the Serial Number On Chick Fil A Receipt?

The Chick Fil A Receipt Code will be around 22-digits long.

Is Mycfavisit.Com Free Sandwich Survey valid in 2024?

Yes, the company is still conducting the Chick-Fil-A Free Sandwich Survey in 2024.

Can I take the Chick Fil A online survey without possessing a receipt?

For taking the survey of Chick-Fil-A, you will need a Chick Fil A Free Sandwich Survey Code. And this Chick Fil A Survey Code is printed only on the receipt of the food you purchase. Without providing that code, you will not be able to move to the next page of the Survey For Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwich.

Are the Chick-fil-a Survey Questions too difficult or too personal?

The company wants true details if the customers are happy with the products it offers or not. So, it will only include the Chick Fil A Survey Questions that are related to the products and services that it provides. The My Chick-fil-a Visit Survey is not about taking your personal details. The survey questions are also very simple. You need to rate the food and overall experience. You need to specifically answer the questions that are relevant to your visit, that is all.

I took this Chick Fil A Receipt Survey two days ago, still did not receive the code. What should I do?

If you did not receive the code, then without thinking too much about it, you can directly use the contact number of the customer care – 1.866.232.2040. Tell the representative on the phone about the issue of code not being delivered. He will guide you or help you receive the code early.