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You must have heard about the mind-blowing offer presented by the Old Navy Customer Experience Survey. You can get up to 10% off on your future visit to the Old Navy store as soon as you are declared the winner of this Customer Feedback survey.

Only inform them about your last visit of experience on the survey link survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback and become the fortunate winner of this survey!

Old Navy® Customer Feedback Survey Guide

Prizes 10% Off + Free S/H
Language English, French or Spanish
Offer Per Valid Receipt 1
Coupon Valid For 14 Days

Win a 10% discount on your next Old Navy purchase. Just join the Old Navy Survey and complete it to get this discount coupon. 

This Old Navy Feedback Survey’s ultimate purpose is to collect your sincere feedback on your latest visit experience. For beneficial services and products in the future, this feedback is precious to the company.

Comprehensive information regarding the completion of this Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey is given here. So, read the article’s information and get acquainted with the Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey.

Look at this Old Navy Survey article and scroll down the Old Navy Feedback terms and conditions and required steps to complete it. When you accomplish the experience survey, in the end, you will obtain a 10% Discount Coupon Code.

Know more about the Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

The Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey offers an excellent platform to their consumers to get all kinds of feedback about their entire service and products. They want to give priority to the opinions of their customers and take them seriously. 

It is the best way to assure their regular and new customers and provide them a chance to tell about their previous shopping experience with the management team.

The company mainly focused on their customer’s satisfaction, and that’s why this is the process of gathering customers’ feedback at the link @ survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback. Complete the survey within 10 to 12 minutes and submit your answers to win the award.

Win Rewards at Old Navy Survey

| Get 10% Discount Coupon Code|

You will get the award of 10% discount on the next visit at the Old Navy store after you finish the Old Navy Survey successfully.

Rules & Requirements of Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

Look into the rules & requirements to participate in the feedback survey. Without satisfying those rules & regulations, you cannot start the Old Navy Customer Survey.

  • Require an electronic device including a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tab by which you can access the survey link and take the survey
  • A decent web connection with that device is necessary  
  • The recent purchase receipt of the Old Navy store will be required; otherwise, you wouldn’t be eligible to take part
  • 18 years or more than the aged participants are restricted for the survey.
  • Don’t valid for the citizens of another country without the U.S.A.
  • If you have a basic understanding of languages like English, Spanish, or French, you can easily take the survey.
  • Don’t try to attempt twice by one purchase receipt as you can take only one survey per one receipt.
  • Any other alternative in exchange for your reward is not allowed. 
  • You need to accept the reward. No choice to transfer the award to someone else

Complete Survey steps to complete the Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

To win the reward of Old Navy Customer Survey, you need to complete the survey steps successfully, which are mentioned below:

oldnavy feedback survey
  • Step 2: You will see an official web page of the Old Navy Customer Survey. Here you will see their acknowledgment towards their customers.
  • Step 3: Start the survey, scroll the page, and put the necessary info from your last purchase receipt.
  • Step 4: Enter the details of Store Number, Date of Purchase, Time of Day, Transaction ID from your receipt.
Transaction ID
  • Step 5: Check once and click on next to continue the process.
  • Step 6: Now you can see the survey questionnaire regarding the store and its management
  • Step 7: Just put your answers according to your experience and try to be loyal with your answers
  • Step 8: Now rate your overall shopping experience of Old Navy
  • Step 9: After submitting your honest reviews, obtain the chance to enter the Old Navy sweepstakes process 
  • Step 10: Save the redemption code, and if you are the winner, you can redeem your offer on the next visit

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  1. Wowed.
    Having been a retail manager for 20 years, owning up to 20 million dollars worth of high end merchandising/service/ and leadership initiatives, corona-sequestered for almost 3 months, and a semi regular shopper of Gap, Banana, and Old Navy affiliates; I have never seen a group, or store quite like this.

    Sadly relevant, I not been out of my small town for almost three months, high risk self and family. Truly, apprehensive to see what the new normal would look like. Small town, big problems, with congruency.
    Only with eyes, amazing eyes throughout; not intrusive just asking if I needed assistance. No faces just dedicated eyes with strong voices. All masks, nothing but eyes, beautiful eyes. Mine obviously focused where trained. Pristine environment, crystal folding and sizing of all goods, no dust, no traces of “shopped.” Price checkers reading accurate, to again pristine balanced signage, above sized, and level merchandised garments. So much staff on a random Monday, all of which doing “something.”
    Something and everything.
    Every individual tasking, from steaming, cleaning/cashiering, fulfilling orders in the middle of the store(which would have been a mortal sin where I have come from in recent years), interacting with co-workers and guests, balancing overall productivity and assisting guests in a non obtrusive way.
    Damn, they made it look easy, it is not. Damn the store looked amazing Damn did the product feel and look good. Damn did those forms look great.
    This was an amazing effort behind all of your beautiful eyes.
    If this was a “visit day” make it an everyday reality said visitor.
    Thank you for a look into our shopping past team Central Park Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was my pleasure to purchase.

  2. I just used my new credit card from Old Navy for the first time at the store in El Paso. I had a 20% coupon I had been holding on to since it came with my card for my first purchase.
    I was told I could not use it,…the explanation was vague and I was not happy … I did get 10% off my total purchase of 80.00 some off dollars.
    Can you tell me why I get a coupon that I CANNOT use…??? I love this store hence why I git a credit card but now I’m not that thrilled…