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BJs Survey

Love to shop? Then Win $500 Gift Card from Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey from www.bjs.com/feedback and avail it on your next BJ’s wholesale club visit.

BJ’s Survey Details

PrizeChance to win $500
Number of Prizes1 Prize per entry period
Prize Limit1 Prize per household
LocationCT, FL, GA, ME, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, and VA
Entry Limit1 time per person per entry period
Winners NotifiedWithin 1 week of drawing date

Official bjs.com/feedback Survey Guide


BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is a questionnaire round like a win-win chapter for both customers and the companies. One side the company gets an extensive range of loyal feedback from the customers, and the customers earn great prizes to spend just a few minutes.

The BJ’s club store encourages the customers to share their buying experience, and it’s a golden chance to listen to their views in the BJ’s Customer experience Survey. As a welcoming gift, you’re going to attach with the awesome sweepstakes to receive a $500 Gift Card monthly.

The main purpose of the BJ’s customer feedback survey is to measure the quantity, quality of the products and services presented by the BJ’s Wholesale Club units’ employees. Customer’s expectations are the main inspirations of the BJ’s So, share your genuine feedback about your recent visit to the BJ’s stores. It’s a helping process for BJ’s to deliver better behavior to its customers.

About Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

BJ’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is created to encourage its customers as there is an option to rate, examine, and explore. Customers can share their true feelings with the survey. It also allows the company to figure out its lope holes.

This article is designed for searching for a perfect official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and their requirements. Just stay with us and follow the details to win the $500 Gift monthly Card from BJ’s Wholesale market.

Rewards of the Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

//Win $500 Gift Card from Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and explore the coupon at your next BJ’s Wholesale Outlet Visit.//

You have to complete the survey page, and there is a chance to win $500 Gift Card as an inspiration for the company. It’s a monthly sweepstake, and you will get just one chance from one receipt. So don’t be lazy, visit any of the BJ’s stores and be a winner.

Requirements of the Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • A strong and reliable internet connection
  • An android device or PC
  • A recent BJ’s wholesale store purchase receipt for the unique survey invitation.
  • A fundamental understanding of English or Spanish language 

Rules of the online Official BJ’s survey

  • Official BJ’s survey is only for legal inhabitants of 18 provinces of the USA. 
  • You can’t share your rewards with anyone. 
  • In one month only one entry is allowed for every customer.
  • The winner carries all types of taxes. 
  • The online entry method deserves a purchase must. 
  • There is no cashback or cash transformation option. 
  • The legal age to participate in this Official BJ’s survey is minimum 18 years.
  • By telephone or email, the winners are informed in 7th date of each month. 
  • There are a total of 12 awards in a month. 
  • Any associates, staff and employees of the company never participate in the Official BJ’s Survey.

How to Take BJ’s survey at www.bjs.com/feedback?

Don’t be a worry. The whole Survey process is very easy and simple so that everyone can take the chance of joining in the survey. The process is following

Step 1 – go to the official BJ’s Survey Site.

For starting the Official BJ’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, you have to visit the survey website www.bjs.com/feedback first.

KBBJ’s Survey Guide

Step 2 – Pick your desired language.

BJS survey desired language

There are two language options English and Spanish. From them, you can prefer your favourite one.

Step 3 – Write Down the Important Information.

  • After that, you have to ask if you have any receipt or not. 
  • And here you can share if you have no receipt.
  • Then you have to write down the visiting date, transaction amount, club, register number and other important info from the BJ’s current receipt. 
  • Then press the NEXT button.

Step 4 – Answer All the rating type survey related Question.

  • After starting the survey, you are asked some of BJ’s survey-related questions.
  • You must have to evaluate all questions honestly with your satisfaction level.  
  • The questionnaire is about the employee’s behaviour, product quality and compact service.

Step 5 – submit Your Details

  • At last, you have to enter essential details like Email-id, contact number, name, complete address, etc., to complete the BJ’s Sweepstakes.
  • Then you will achieve a chance to win $500 Gift Card from the survey.
  • So after submitting your feedback, you can get the monthly prize and utilize it on your next BJ’s visit.

Vital Links of the Official BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

36 thoughts on “www.bjs.com/feedback survey – BJs Survey – Free $500 Gift Card”

  1. Pek Jack says:

    Thanks for your valuable blog, finally i have done BJ’s Survey and have received $500 Gift Card. Highly recommended this blog

  2. Allen harrell says:

    Very easy for me to find what I am looking for. Love the idea of not using the cut out discount but just getting the discount because of covid-19. Love the self service checkout because that’s what I use about 97% of the time. Really appreciate the customer service people because they all is so very willing to help me find whatever I am looking for.

  3. Telainda Watkins says:

    Love it fist time shopping their!

  4. Linda L. Black says:

    I am so totally disappointed in the digital Coupon process I am a senior citizen and have a flip phone I just renewed my membership and if I would have know you where going to change the saving I would have not renewed my membership

  5. John Parko says:

    Tried to enter and survey would not let me enter any information. What is wrong with your site?

  6. Deb Washington says:

    My husband and I were in the Bangor store yesterday and purchased some items from the deli. The older man working there had an attitude and practically threw our meat at us. I didn’t say anything to him but felt like throwing it right back!! There was also a young man working, who was very nice.

    When we checked out, we encountered a very rude clerk. He wouldn’t even say a word, when my husband say thank you to him. He was very rude. We are nice to everyone and feel even though these are trying times, people still need to be nice. Especially working with the public.

    We have no desire to shop there again.

  7. Jenn tran says:

    I can have everything I want .my kids love to go there

  8. Mike Farrell says:

    Purchased a box of 50 disposable face masks from Voorhees NJ store. Used the first one for appox. 2 hours before a glued strap end broke. Removed a second and while placing it on another strap end broke. Very disappointed in the workmanship and quality control of this product. I would also like to recommend that you place an email area on your webs

  9. MaryAnne Cook says:

    I love BJ’s! Even being only a family of one I can always find what I am looking for. Isles are very clearly marked, employees are ALWAYS helpful, very clean & pleasant atmosphere to shop at. Really like the Wesley Farms Brand, tastes as good if not better than the name brand, I think. The only thing I can complain about at this time, is my mom shops 3-4 times a week at BJ’s. She is elderly & does not have a cell phone so she cannot take advantage of the savings. You do have a lot of elderly people shopping in your stores so I hope you will reconsider some type of savings plan for them. Thank You!

  10. Jose A Veras says:

    As a Bjs member I’m very satisfy with my club treatment
    all employee’s are wonderfully nice and always ready to help if necessary , my God bless Bj’s club

  11. Randy Lenna says:

    BJ’s should be applauded for going clipless coupons, to reduce touchpoints and help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. HOWEVER! Implementation is deplorable! First, I use a flip-phone with no apps. So I signed onto the computer to clip coupons-same for app users. Thinking while in the store I check item ingredients, labels etc. and decide to buy — as well as buy more than 25% of items I didn’t plan while in the store. I’d be pissed not having clipped a coupon for 25% or more, so I decided to clip all the coupons. This time that was 362 clips for a potential saving of $919.25 and a half an hour later. A better implementation, for a paid Member, during this period, BJs should automatically assign to each paid membership card clipless coupons. In fact forever, as it will certainly speed-up checkout time and paper handeling. I for one will not continue to shop at BJ’s this way — There are other clubs.

  12. Charles J. Consiglio says:

    As usual, shopping was easy and convenient, leading to quick self-checkout. There was no waiting at multiple self-help registers, and clerks available to assist.

  13. Tom Martin says:

    Rib Eye steaks were advertised but of course they were not in stock so there were none available and no one had any idea when they would be. If your going to advertise to draw me into the store you should have the bait in stock.

  14. Barbara Ealey says:

    enjoy going there all the time went I need Lot of thing. like toilet paper, paper towel.

  15. Jennifer Hinde says:

    Although there wasn’t any TP there was a lot of everything else. My husband and I got separated with 2 carts and the cashier was very kind and waited for him to join me. Tammy did a great job trying to help load things in the cart and worked quickly. She was pleasant and greeted me in a very kind way. VERY PLEASED with the customer service I received.

  16. Joy M Bessette says:

    We love BJ’s and especially the cashier Jim in the West Lebanon NH store. We have shopped BJ’s for a lot of years but we will wait in line to have Jim for our cashier. He is fast , friendly, and just a great guy !
    Cashier # 251144
    Thank you

  17. Carmela Pinnola says:

    I am thankful to the workers at BJs being their for us during these times. I have to say that the store is looking cleaner and more organized even though they have changed things around and I spend more time looking for things, but that is in all stores. The only thing that is aggravating to me is that a lot of the coupon Items are not in stock. I have also noticed that the prices have gone up tremendously so sometimes it is not worth purchasing in bulk anymore.

  18. Jerdel Hardy says:

    I love BJ’s!!! Their prices are affordable, they’re coupon books are amazing and they except manufacturers coupons, also. The membership is affordable. The perks are great also, such as Gas prices, I just received the coupon book and notice they have a bedroom set that I think I’m going to purchase and the Awards really help me with purchasing bulk items for my grandchildren. I can almost always find whatever they advertise in their coupon book. The customer service is Amazing. I love the parking spaces close to the door for Moms or Expecting Moms. It’s just an overall great experience from start to finish when I shop at BJ’s.

  19. Jerry Deese says:

    Use to enjoy shopping because I knew where things were stocked. However every thing in the store has been moved to other locations. Takes longer to find what I need.
    usually only one manned check out is open. Sometimes will have to wait for self check out. Thats my rant for the day.

  20. Carolyn A Dennis says:

    Overall, I love shopping at BJ’s. When I utilized the grocery delivery in the Spring, orders where accurate and timely.

    For a continuous improvement idea, I would like to see members not having the need to use the in-store coupons, instead just run specials and give the price to all members. I do not like to have to take the time to clip coupons just to find out the items are out of stock anyways. This is my pet peeve with any ‘membership’ retailer.
    I have tried saving the ‘clipless coupons’ to the app on my phone and it never allows the upload and returns an error ‘check back later’. This is too time consuming in my opinion.
    Thank you

  21. Jean Alwin says:

    love shopping at BJ’s. Everyone there is helpful and your deli hits home more than often for my sandwich lover husband

  22. Patricia R Armitage says:

    I have always had a great experience while shopping at BJ’s. I love that there prices are great and that I can also use my coupons for extra savings. It is also nice to know the prices for what I am shopping for. Extra saving is always my goal and I get it here.

  23. David Fox says:

    Love BJ’s for great deals. I always buy my tires, fuel and propane. Best prices around.

  24. Therese Berger says:

    Like shopping at BJ’s. very clean store and everyone is very helpful.
    The isle is wide enough to move around. Like this discount on fuel.

  25. Ruth L Wolrich says:

    I love BJ’s prices on vitamins, protein shakes and gas. I also wish there was no clipping coupons, just give the discount when you purchase the items. Also, I am diabetic and most of the items I look for ex. Swiss Miss hot chocolate, only is available in regular, not sugar free. Please stock more sugar free choices. Thank you so much!!

  26. JOHN H HARRIS says:

    Bj’s is a great place to shop

  27. Laura Iannuzzi says:

    I love BJ’s, location (close to home), major saving’s (coupons, gas, etc.) customer service &everyone that I have encountered who works their are always courteous & helpful.

  28. joan beetler says:

    mary ellen at bj,s avon, ohio was very helpful,kind and considerate

  29. tammy mays says:

    bjs is a very good store to shop every one is friendly and helpful ,

  30. theodor hinrichs says:

    What a scam BJ running here ?

    1. admin says:

      There is no any scam, its bj’s survey, by taking bjs survey you will get free $500 gift card.

  31. Jessica Szczerba says:

    Cashier in Isle 1 is supposed to help the elderly. I was told to put every thing on the belt. I said I put all the UPC codes up if he could just use the wand to read them. He said NO everything goes on belt. I guess I was loading to slowly for a 76 year old woman so he came around and finished off from basket. He also forgot to put the Bounty paper towels in my basket. As I was walking out he yelled for me to come back. When I pushed this heavy basket back to him he said the paper towels were forgotten. “”””Why couldn’t he have brought it to me instead of me coming all the way back pushing a heavy basket.
    I love BJs products and prices but the service is terrible.

  32. bob says:

    hi i think bjs is the best store on earth

  33. Gilda Sahera says:

    Went to buy 25lbs jasmine rice just try it since I had a coupon but there’s none. All they have was 8lb ones. The young lady cashier tried to help out and asked another associate but it was not the same savings. My son and I really appreciated the young lady for her good and nice customer service. Keep safe.5⭐

  34. Thomas Kopp says:

    I having at at BJs for many years and it is wonderful. I wish you would expand all your stores to be able to enable us to save more and the employees are always so very helpful.

  35. Margaret morfis says:

    I like bjs the prices are great m

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