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TalktoFoodLion – Food Lion Customer Survey

The is the official website that is maintained by the American Grocery Store “Food Lion”. So, have you recently visited the Food Lion store for shopping? If yes, then please read this article and I will explain to you how to participate in Talktofoodlion survey to win a $500 Gift card and also participate in groceries sweepstakes. The Talk To Food Lion Survey is very simple. You need to share your view, opinion or experience of your recent visit to the Food Lion stores.

Food Lion corporation is offering you a great chance to take the Talktofoodlion survey by visiting the website.

This survey helps the company know more about itself and learn about the customers. The customers can share the information about the store’s customer service, products and services, staff’s behavior towards them, the cleanliness of the store, the overall management of the store and environment. To know these details, the store conducts this survey and asks the customers to provide their honest feedback about the overall experience and satisfaction they had with the store. Then, the company offers them rewards worth $500 and a golden chance to enter the www talktofoodlion com sweepstakes.

About Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey

food lion customer satisfaction survey

Food Lion Survey is a method that helps the company know more about the quality of the services and products that it provides by getting feedback on them from the customers. Many customers visit the store and many buy grocery items and other products but it is hard to keep track of every single happy face. So, the company has started taking the Talk To Food Lion Survey that allows the customers to win a $500 Gift Card by just answering some simple survey questions. Can you believe it?

The company gives you a chance to just share your opinion about the most recent experience you had and in return you get so many benefits. The company will pay attention to your feedback and share your concerns with the right authority. If you have given honest feedback that is faced by many other customers or you have faced some issues personally yourself, then the company will consider changing the services and update them for you in the future.

The customers can stay loyal and develop a mutual partnership or relationships with the company.

TalkToFoodLion Survey Details

Survey Name TalkToFoodLion
Survey URL
Prize  Sweepstakes entry and Gift Card of Food Lion worth $500
Entry Limitation Per 1 Person, there are 5 entries
Total Sweepstakes Winners allowed 10
Prize Limitation Each person or household gets 1 prize
Which states are open for the survey? Georgia, District Of Columbia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia
  • The Food Lion survey will include some basic questions about your past visit and you will have to answer them one by one.
  • The survey takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Just share the honest answers, feedback, reviews, etc.

To know more about the rules and your criteria for eligibility, please

Rules and Regulation of Participate in Talk To Food Lion Guest Feedback Survey

talk to food lion guest feedback survey

  • Age limit of 18 years
  • The company has limited the entry of the participants to 5.
  • If you live in these states then you can participate in the survey – Georgia, District Of Columbia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia
  • All the Food Lion Employees are not able to take part in the survey, even none of the family members can take part.
  • One price per person.
  • Any individual can only take part for a maximum of 13 times, no more than that.
  •  Winners are supposed to pay the taxes imposed on the winning amount.

Methods to Participate in Food Lion Survey at

You can take part in the survey via two different methods: one is online and second is via email.

How to Take Talk to Food Lion Survey Online at

To take part in the Talk to Food Lion online on survey, you have to follow the below listed steps:

  • When you make a purchase from the Food Lion store you enter into the www talktofoodlion com sweepstakes duration. The survey Invitation will be printed on the receipt.
  • You will have only 5 days to enter into the sweepstakes survey.

I have listed the stepwise procedure below, kindly do as directed.

select language and click on next in food lion survey page

  • You will see some instructions along with the language selection option. Choose the language you prefer. (Please click on >> to proceed)

participate in talk to food lion survey

  • On your receipt, there will be a 16 digit PIN number printed, type that in the box asked.
  • Then tap on the Button – “Option”
  • Now, choose the date and time of the day you went shopping at Food Lion Location.
  • After entering  the details, your survey will begin now, the questions will be related to the services offered to you at the store.
  • Try to remember your last visit and be honest how you felt and how was your overall experience at the store.
  • Once all the questions get completed, you have to type in your personal details to contact you, such as your email id and contact number, etc.
  • Finally, tap on the submit button, on your talktofoodlion customer survey.

Steps to Take Food Lion Survey Via Email

If by any chance you could not complete your online survey, missed the time deadline or do not know how to do it online, then there is a simple mail method that you can follow.

You can simply send the mail to the address provided and you will be considered for the sweepstake. Follow the steps:

  • Take a 3X5 Index card
  • On this card, write your name, Birth date, and Contact details
  • And send a mail on the address – Food Lion Customer Survey Sweepstakes. P O BOx 456 Newark, New York, 14513.

TalktoFoodLion Survey Rewards

As the customers are priority for the food Lion, they want to listen to the customer. With the help of the survey, you can personally share your genuine thoughts and tell them what more you are looking for and what are your next level expectations. And in return for your thoughts and suggestions, you get rewarded by a $500 Gift card, and guess what, you don’t even need to make a purchase. Isn’t that a great opportunity?

Food Lion Survey – Selection of winners

  • 10 Winners are selected randomly, in each entry period, usually there are three drawings in a month.
  • Winners get notification via call or email in 2 working days after the selection.
  • So, make sure you have provided the correct details.

What are the types of questions in the Food Lion Survey?

There are various questions that keep on changing over the time, but few questions are common in all the surveys like as listed below:

  • Rate the behavior of  the employees towards you.
  • How satisfied are you with the product quality?
  • Did you encounter any difficulty during the shopping?
  • Any suggestion for making your experience even better
  • Would you share your experience with your friends and family?

Food Lion Customer Service Details

If you face any trouble while answering the survey questions or anything, and you are in need of assistance, you may utilize the below contact details.


So, in this article we have seen every detail on Talk To Food Lion Survey, the requirements, methods to participate, some of the basic questions that can be asked in the survey, and also the contact details to use in case of emergency.

I hope you liked all the details, and it will be very beneficial for you in participating in the survey. Do let us know if you become the winner and what you will do with that gift card.

I will be waiting to hear from the winner and also participants can share what they would do if they get selected. See you!


Is the Talktofoodlion Survey still on? Can I still participate in it?

Yes, the Talktofoodlion Survey is still conducted by the company. You can take it on its official link

What time would it take for me to complete the Talk To Food Lion Survey?

You will need at least a good 10 minutes to complete the survey online.

What is the highest reward I can get besides groceries sweepstakes?

After completing the survey on, you can enter in the sweepstakes and get a golden opportunity of a Food Lion Gift Card worth $500.

Can anyone participate in the groceries sweepstakes?

Yes, but make sure you meet the rules and requirements of the survey. After taking the survey only you can participate in the Food Lion Sweepstakes.

What are the Talktofoodlion Survey Sweepstakes rules?

If you are not aware about the Rules of Talk To Lion Survey, then please click this link – Click Here

What is the official website for Food Lion?

You must open this link

What is the Talktofoodlion Sweepstakes entry limit?

The maximum amount of entry to the survey is 13 per person and the price they won cannot be transferred to anyone else.

I am facing issues with the survey website, how to contact the support team?

You can reach out to the support team using this support email: [email protected].

Which states are prohibited to participate outside the law?

Void outside of DE, DC, GA, KY, MD, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV and wherever else prohibited by law.

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