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The whataburger survey is an online survey conducted by WhatABurger, a Texas-based, fast-food chain restaurant. If you are a fan of high-quality fast food, WhatABurger invites you to take part in this online survey. This would win you a whataburgervisit com survey reward. In return for your feedback on previous experiences at any of their restaurants, you will receive a free WhatABurger on the purchase of any medium fry or medium drinks.

The WhatABurger customer survey can be found at www.WhatABurgervisit.com. In keeping customer satisfaction as a priority, the data gathered from the study will be used to improve and meet customer’s expectations.

Purpose of WhatABurger Survey

As a company that has served the customers’ interest for almost seven decades, WhatABurger works tirelessly to ensure that the customers’ expectations and satisfaction are met. Hence, the initiative of the whataburger visit survey is designed to measure customer satisfaction and further improve on it.
WhatABurger has thrived because of its loyal customer base and their frequent visits. To provide the best eating out experience, customers are encouraged to participate in whataburger visit survey.

The survey will help gauge the overall customer’s thoughts on WhatABurger. By providing a platform for customers to voice their opinion, customers are free to list both positive and negative reviews. These surveys will be the basis on which the food, service, atmosphere, etc. will be worked upon.
The whataburger survey will also assist in evaluating the various branches under the company. This step taken worked for the company to understand the expectations of their loyal customers and even understand the company’s current limitations.

Customers are encouraged to give honest remarks—no need to tone it down. If a particular experience were less than pleasant, WhatABurger would take the necessary steps to improve on it. Both negative and positive remarks at whataburgervisit.com are equally appreciated. The end goal is to provide a pleasant customer experience both in food, service, and atmosphere.

Guiding you through the WhatABurger online survey

The survey is specially designed for customer’s ease and convenience. It is a simple survey that does not take much time, and it is online whereby customers can fill it any time of the day as per their convenience.

To partake in this online survey, a few criteria must be met i.e.

  • As the company is based solely in the United States of America, the participant must also be a legal resident of the United States of America and legal age (i.e. above 18 years/ not a minor)
  • You must also be a previous customer of WhatABurger with a genuine purchase receipt. The survey would not be possible if you have lost the revenue owing to the survey code behind it. 
  • As an online survey, the participants must have a stable internet connection and a Pc, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.
  • The online survey will be conducted in either English or Spanish. Hence, participants must understand the basics of either language.

If all these criteria apply, you have been deemed eligible for the whataburgersurvey; you may then proceed toward the online survey.  A few things that must be noted are:

  • The code present behind the receipt is valid for 30 days.
  • The reward gifts are not applicable for any type of discount than those mentioned.
  • A single code applies to a single person for a one time use only.
  • The reward is limited to participant restaurants. 
  • Only the original receipt will be accepted at the time of applying for the reward.
  • The coupon is valid only for three days after getting the reward code.

How to Take WhatABurger online survey at WhatABurgervisit.com

Follow the steps mentioned below to fill out the whataburger visit survey :

  • With a web browser on any electronic gadget, visit the www.WhatABurgervisit.com You will be directed to the customer feedback page
Take WhatABurger online survey at WhatABurgervisit
  • You will then be required to enter the valid code and restaurant location as required
  • After this, you may then select your preferred language from either Spanish or English.
  • Enter the survey code located at the bottom of your bill receipt.
survey code
  • The survey will then begin, and you will have to answer questions on your most recent experience.
  • Answer all the questions honestly, and provide your contact information.
  • You will then get a code in your email and use it to redeem your gift.\
  • Redeem your reward before the limited time passes.

So why wait? Go right ahead and fill out the whataburger visit survey to avail of your free reward burger. The process is simple, and the reward is sweet. No need for any fuss because the process is straight forward. 

In the present world, where businesses survive only through customer support, WhatABurger online survey attempts to cater and give back to the comfort of their customers. Be a part of the initiative to improve WhatABurger and join in the circle of satisfied customers while enjoying your free reward gift!

About Whataburger

WhatABurger is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the United States of America. Offering a variety of mouth-watering food items, it is a definite must-visit for fast food lovers. But for those unfamiliar with WhatABurger, it is a Texas-based food chain that began in 1950. With San Antoni as its headquarters, it was founded by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton.  To know more about the company, you may visit WhatABurger.com. In seventy years, it has expanded all across the country with more than 800 branches.

Famous for its delectable menu ranging from biscuit sandwiches, burgers, rolls, pancakes, desserts, drinks, etc. WhatABurger offers a breakfast/ lunch/ dinner varied menu, and each one is as good as the other. If you are a fan of their food and a regular at WhatABurger, you can take the WhatABurger.com survey to get a survey reward and enjoy a free burger on your next visit to the restaurant.

Industry Restaurant
Genre Fast food
Founded August 8, 1950; 69 years ago
Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.
Founder Harmon Dobson, Paul Burton
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Number of locations 824 as of April 2018
Area served Texas, Southeastern and Southwestern United States
Key people Ed Nelson
Products Hamburgers • Chicken sandwiches • Fish sandwiches
Revenue $2 Billion+
Owner Family-owned by Tom, Lynne
Number of employees 40,000 as of June 2019
Website whataburger.com

Whataburger Customer Survey Privacy Policy

Whataburger Official Website

Whataburger Phone Numbers:

  • +1 210 476 6000(Whataburger Head Office)
  • +1 800 628 7437
  • +1 210 496 4000(San Antonio)
  • +1 972 756 0096(Irving)

Whataburger Fax Numbers:

  • +1 210 496 4001(San Antonio)
  • +1 972 756 2960(Irving)

Mailing Address

  • PO Box 791990
  • San Antonio, TX 78279

Official Twitter Account – Whataburger® (@Whataburger)

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