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MyWSU Login

Today in our article, we shall discuss My WSU, it is an online portal accessible by the students and candidates. On  My WSU Edu, you might find various options such as checking the admission status, getting financial help, to register for online class, to avail scholarship, sports events and many other events and can also check benefits of MyWSU. 

If you have joined the WS university recently, and are not aware of how to use  MyWSU Login portal, do not worry as we are going to share every detail you need in order to login into My WSU portal.

My WSU login is very effective for students of Washington State University and also the members of staff.

This  portal can also be used by the guardian or friends but they will require the permission to access the MyWSU login. Any device that can be connected to the internet, can be used for My.wsu login as it is a web based portal. Guardians and friends are given access for the purpose of checking scores and to pay fees of the students. You will see different interfaces based on your designation. As a Faculty member, you will have a different interface than that of the student’s login.

After logging into My WSU login as a student you can perform many tasks such as enrolling yourself for some events, canceling the same, checking your grades, make schedules courses, look for the available classes, and major benefits is you will be notified for any upcoming events, apart from this there are more benefits, explore yourself.

After logging into My WSU login as a faculty member, you also have many things in your portal such as access to your W2 W4 employment option, Pay stubs details, payroll breakup, retirement fnd management, managing your current earnings for future goals by depositing it in various savings accounts. And many more.

Shall we move through the MyWSU portal, allow us to explain the requirements of MyWSU login and what is the procedure of login. But before we move forward let us gain some knowledge about Washington State University.

About WSU (Washington State University)

Washington State University is a public research university located at Pullman. It is found in the list of oldest universities of West America as it was built during 1890. The university offers the My WSU portal for smooth operations.

about washington state university

This University is the second largest education provider institute as it can enroll approximately 30,000+ enrollments in a year. With the great number of enrollments every year, the funds generated are also high, and that may be the reason the university has invested 345 Million Dollar for R and D at the Foundation  of National Science.

The campus is situated on the hill and deep green colored conifers, huge empty spaces around gives the feeling of a heaven on earth.

Benefits of MyWSU Portal

You can enjoy many benefits with the help of MyWSU login: 

  • Eligibility to check the admission status 
  • Class registering 
  • Financial aid and support 
  • Scholarship facility 
  • Get to know your scores and where you stand among your peers.

As you now have some brief knowledge about Washington State University and the benefits it provides to the students, let us begin to understand the MyWSU portal and its official website For logging into the above said portal, you need to have some credentials, check them below.

MyWSU Login Requirements

  • Official web url of MyWSU portal
  • A valid username and password of My WSU 
  • Reliable internet connection 
  • Any device from a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

MyWSU Login at – Step by Step Guide

Kindly follow the guidelines stated herewith in order to get logged in successfully.

  • Visit the official My WSU login website at
  • Now the above My WSU page will open on your screen.
  • Enter your username of MyWSU Login
  • Now please provide your MyWSU portal – password, as per the image boxes (see the image below)

login into mywsu portal

  • The final step left is clicking on the Sign In option account of MyWSU edu.

How to Reset MyWSU Login Password

Do not take tension if you have no idea about the password of your MyWSU edu login. We are going to help you here with the WSU login portal as all you need to do is follow these MyWSU login portal steps.

click on need help sign in

  • Now please go for the option – need help signing in.
  • When the My WSU sign in password reset image opens on your screen, follow the next steps.

click on forgot password option

  • Click the forgot password option out of the options available.

reset mywsu login password

  • Now at last option, you need to provide the My WSU – email or username whichever you like.
  • You will then be asked about the resetting method of your MyWSU – password. 
  • Click either SMS, Voice call or Email option to receive the instructions for the My.WSU password. 

How to Setup New My WSU Email Account

open my wsu account

  • Now you must go through the steps by first providing your My WSU login – email, Skype ID or your phone.
  • After adding those, please click on the Next on the portal MyWSU.
  • Use your MyWSU login ID and then password.
  • After that you must click on the MyWSU portal mail icon.
  • Select Time-Zone.
  • After doing these steps, your My WSU Edu 365 office account for MyWSU email email will be ready.

My WSU Login Help

We are providing you herewith the contact details of MyWSU login, if you face any My WSU issue while logging into the portal you may use the below information to sort it out immediately.

Now you have learned the steps of My WSU login and also have a good idea about the password reset procedure of MyWSU. And we have also explained to you about the MyWSU email account creation steps. Despite, all of the above, if you still have trouble, then please use the below MyWSU login portal contact info to resolve all the WSU account problems.


We greatly appreciate your attention on our portal article. We are positive that all the steps we displayed have been greatly helpful in your My WSU portal troubles and opportunities. You can find the contact information very useful if you want to fix any such My WSU login technical or non-technical problems. Please comment for any assistance related to the article or My WSU sign in steps. We will try to highlight your matter and resolve the Portal WSU Edu related comments.


How to bookmark My WSU portal?

You can surely bookmark the official URL of MyWSU portal so that you can open the link easily for My WSU login.

Can students change or customize the overall view of the MyWSU portal?

Yes, when you initially do WSU portal login, the default theme or layout will appear, but you may change it by going to the Layout and content option in the upper right corner.

What is the MyWSU email for Helpdesk?

Now please use [email protected] email for helpdesk support related to MyWSU login portal.