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GCU Student Portal – Grand Canyon University Student Portal Login

If you are looking for information about GCU Portal and how to access it using your GCU Student Portal login credentials, then you have found the perfect guide for you. By connecting to the Grand Canyon university student portal, you can access all the details about the online classes. You can use this portal for registration, checking on electronic libraries. As a student, you can explore the entire portal to find the system, services and tools that you need to complete your courses.

The GCU Portal is an online hub or platform that can be connected from anywhere. You can access multiple resources provided by the Grand Canyon University that help you complete your education without facing any issues. There is one great feature called LoudCloud Classroom which you can use to access online education. Other common features include checking the counselor information, checking on the GCU Email service and more!

About Grand Canyon University

All the students of the Grand Canyon University use the GCU Student Portal for accessing online resources for their studies. This university is based in Phoenix, Arizona and offers various courses to the students through 9 affiliated colleges. These colleges include business studies, education, fine arts and much more. GCU primarily teaches the subjects related to the fields such as medical or clinical, engineering, nursing, innovation, science, sociology, etc.

about grand canyon university

Grand Canyon University offers very immersive learning for the students from using the student portal by providing secure access to all the education facilities. Prescott, Arizona is the official location where the Grand Canyon University was initiated 1949. The founder of the university was the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. Previously this higher education learning center was known as “Grand Canyon College”.

The university has its main campus located at the heart of Phoenix. It looks grand and includes all the modern features such as athletic facilities, top-class and well-equipped classrooms, swimming pools and much more.

The GCU Student portal comes with easy customization which means the students get the intuitive space for online learning and access multiple resources which they would require to complete the course. The portal is extremely easy to use and very much user-friendly and it looks very good visually. The functions of this portal are just clicks away which allows you to access them from anywhere no matter when you access it.

How to Register for Courses at GCU Student Portal

In the GCU Student Portal, there is a Course Registration application that allows the students to change the registration of their course before they could enter in the new semester. In the new semester, they have to pick new courses and time which they find useful.

Every Student is allowed to change their course schedule easily. They are allowed to change for 2 weeks before the new semester begins. For changing the schedule after the competition’s deadline, you need to contact your Student Service Counselor.

To access this application, you have to follow these details.

course registration at gcu student portal

  • Once you click it, you will have the Student Self Registration Page on the website Register.gcu.edu
  • You can now see the course options. So you must click on the Change button and then follow the cursor to the respective course.

Point to keep in mind: No student would be allowed to change their schedule once they are set. In that case, the students have to contact their Student Service Counselor that would help you change any one of your courses when you are starting your next semester.

How to Login into GCU Student Portal

To connect to the online GCU Portal, please implement the below steps in the right order,

click on student access in gcu portal

  • Then please click the button that says “Student access”

login into gcu student portal account

  • Now please enter your username in the right format (i.e. username@my.gcu.edu)
  • Now, you must click Next
  • After that you will be taken to the official GCU Student portal Homepage.

How to Reset GCU Student Login Password

For the very first time, when you try to login to the official GCU Portal, you will need to provide your secure password. It if does not work, then you have to follow the recovery options. The online myGCU student portal password can easily be recovered or reset using your smartphone or laptop (Or PC). All you need is an email authentication link to reset your password.

click on student access in gcu portal

  • Now please choose the option Student Access (Faculty may need to select Faculty Access option).
  • Now the students are requested to enter their GCU Email ID.

click on cant access your account

  • Then click can’t access your account option.

choose preferred option and click on next

  • After that please choose preferred option from “work or school account” or “personal account“.

reset gcu student login password

  • Now enter your email id and resolve the ReCAPTCHA image.
  • Click on Next button and follow on screen instructions to reset GCU Student Login Password.

How to Access your GCU Email on GCU Portal?

Once you have completed the online enrollment process at Grand Canyon University, you will get your official login credentials including your GCU Username and your GCU Email account. After getting this detail, you must regularly check your email because there will be so many messages that you will receive regularly from your instructors, counselors and all the other notices from the University.

Access your GCU Email by following the steps,

  • Open the official GCU Home page: Gcuportal.gcu.edu
  • Now find the “Email Icon” using your My Apps Dashboard.
  • After clicking that your Outlook email box.

When you access the email for the first time, you will have to set up your language and the current time zone. Please choose these basic details accurately and proceed ahead. Choose the time zone which is around the area that you live.

How to Login to Your LoudCloud ClassRoom on the GCU Student Portal?

You can connect to LoudCloud Classroom easily by logging to your GCU Portal.

  • Open the official My GCU Portal Login Dashboard: Gcuportal.gcu.edu
  • Now you have to go over to the option My Courses which is conveniently placed on the left side on the top.
  • Then you must click Course Code from the available options. These option is available under My Courses. It will directly take you to your class.

Always remember, do everything as per GCU Policy because while reading it you will find that all your previous courses are only available for only Six Weeks. So at that time, you cannot access them and will be affected by the system.  They will disappear from the My Courses section from your page of GCU Portal. So, it is better that you save your study and course content earlier which you want to keep for next six weeks before they completely disappear.

How to Check Your Grades and Results at GCU Onilne?

After your instructor has posted the final grades, then you are able to review them easily by logging into the GCU portal.


  • Open the official link for GCU Dashboard: Gcuportal.gcu.edu
  • Now please find the option Class Schedule/Grades App.
  • If you have enrolled in more than one degree program, then you can change the details by using the drop-down menu which is conveniently available. Now you have to choose the program for your study.
  • Three different sections will now be available from which you can choose to view your courses. These sections will be Current section, Scheduled section, and Completed section. After that you are required to filter the courses by clicking on the “+” icon or “-” They will be available for each section.
  • For downloading the full list of all the courses and also details about the grades, please click the option “Download Schedule” which will be on the top of your screen.

How to Navigate GCU portal?

GCU Student Portal is a hub for the students that provides centralized services related to the courses. You can connect to the portal and access all the resources related to the course of the Grand Canyon University.

This portal is a student portal and several options available for you to use. Some of them I have listed below,

  • GCU Gmail
  • LoudCloud Classroom
  • Class Schedules
  • Counselor Information
  • Campus Online Resources
  • Customization with application and Dashboard
  • Others

GCU Student Portal Contact and Support

You will find the details of GCU Portal contact useful when you are facing issues related to your login. The information provided below will help you successfully contact authorities to help you out when you need technical assistance related to the login, using tools, password reset or any other needs.


So, it was everything about the GCU Student Portal login and all the relevant steps. I have listed all the steps and procedures that you should know about. But if you are having issues that you are not able to resolve easily, then you must comment to me. I will do my best to reply to your comments.


I cannot find the GCU student portal login portal link.

The official link for the GCU Login portal is https://gcuportal.gcu.edu.

Can my parents use the gcu portal login to access my account?

With your student-ID and secure password you can connect to the website and your account. But for parents, there will mostly be separate login and password.

Can I access the GCU website my gcu edu from anywhere at any time?

The www.gcu.edu website is open for all the students to access from anywhere without worrying about the time. But make sure you have the correct credentials to login.

My fellow student lost his My GCU credentials. Can he connect to the Grand Canyon University portal with my login details?

The Student Portal GCU is only accessible by the student with his GCU student portal login details. If your friend or fellow student has lost his credentials, he can ask the technical team and get help and reset his password and other details. The team will guide your fellow student for recovery of his or her GCU Student Login. You must not give your official Grand Canyon university student portal to any other student even if it is urgent.

Can I get support from GCU on Facebook?

No, but the Facebook link is going to redirect you to the support.gcu.edu page.