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ASDA Walmartone UK

Walmartone Asda – Walmart One is a portal for all the ASDA Employees working at Walmart. Access the ASDA Walmart One UK portal in order to view the personal information and payslip information. You can access your Walmart One portal on the official website with your OneWalmart Login.

ASDA was first established in 1949 and the official ASDA Walmart is in Leeds in West Yorkshire. It is the UK’s second-largest supermarket. All who work at ASDA check access to their work schedule, payslip, holidays and other personal account details. The employees get many other benefits accessing the ASDA Walmart portal online.

You can easily access all the work-related information easily but for that you must login to the official Walmartone ASDA portal. The colleagues who work at Walmart are of two types; first those who work on hourly basis and others are the colleagues who are salaried.

If you are working at the company as an Hourly Colleague then you must access the details at Once you login to the portal with Asda Colleague Login, please access the Me & My Team option. Then open the My Pay, then Benefits and then Recognition. At last, you can click the option Payslip (Hourly). If you work as a Salaried Colleague, then it will be known by the name Asda Total Package. If you directly want to access the payslips and Profile’s Dashboard, click on this Support Link.

My Payslip Online on ASDA Walmart

Walmartone portal gives the employees of Walmart and ASDA access online. The associates or employees can easily access the details such as work schedules, payslips, leave information, pay stubs and other personal account related information at Asda Walmart One login portal.

Now the website is changed to website. The website is accessible via your PC, laptop, iPhone or other devices.

Before you use your personal device like PC or mobile to access the ASDA Walmart One portal, you must complete the 2SV or 2-Step Verification process.

If you are using the system of the company, then you must follow the below steps,

  • Open the One Walmart portal official link at
  • Once you have opened the portal. Locate Me & My Team option and then click next on My Pay > Benefits > Recognition and then finally click the Payslip
  • Locate the Login option with the help of the image above. Click on it.
  • Enter the User ID details as above and then click the Sign In option.
  • The following page will require you to type password to login to your account.

Importance Notice: Please login without a 2-Step Verification using the company device on the website But using a personal device or system for login will require completing 2 Step Verification.

Please check ASDA WalmartOne Payslip Click Here

 ASDA Walmart One UK Login – Step By Step (Walmartone Sign In)

All the users whether they are Retail Colleagues or Depot and Home Office Colleagues, will require their userID and password in order to login to the official Asda Walmartone Uk portal to access the payslip and details related to the work.

Contact your Line Manager if you are new or do not have the User ID and password with you.

If you have the credentials for login to Asda Walmartone UK portal then please follow these simple steps then please log in to your Asda Walmart One UK account.

  • Please open the Asda Walmart One portal link: (previously

click on login in walmartone portal

  • You will open the Sign In page screen, here you must enter your UserID and choose your country/region and then please choose your location.

login to asda walmartone portal

  • Now you must do Sign in by pressing the same button.
  • It will now open your Walmartone dashboard. Now you are free to check all the details and features of the portal.
ASDA Walmartone Login (Direct Login) Login


Important Notice : You do not need 2 Step Verification if you are using a company, office or store system to access the Walmartone ASDA site. But if you are using your personal device such as a computer or laptop, then you are required to do 2SV code.

Details of Walmartone ASDA (Walmart One) Web Pages

Company Name ASDA WalmartOne (One Walmart)
Asda Walmart One Login link Login Link
2-Step Verification Click now
Accessing Walmartone ASDA OneASDA
Official Site

ASDA WalmartOne – 2Step Verification

asda walmartone 2 step verification

What exactly is 2SV for Asda One? The 2-Step Verification or 2SV is a code of 6 digits. You need this code on your computer, smartphone or mobile to help you login to portal.

This is also called Multi-Factor Authentication which helps the employees to provide many details for authentication and verification of your identity. The employees trying to access ASDA WalmartOne UK using their mobile phone or personal computer must therefore complete the 2-Step Verification.

Use a computer, laptop or mobile phone of the company to access the Walmart One Portal without 2 Step Verification.

Know about  2-Step verification, then follow this complete guide – Click Here

How to Reset ASDA WalmartOne UK Login Password?

You are a retail colleague and have forgotten your password for ASDA WalmartOne UK Login, then you must recover it or reset it immediately. To know how to do it, please contact the HRSS Help Desk by calling on this number – [0112 291 9000] so that you can get a new login password.

If you are working as a Depot and Home Colleague and have forgotten the password on your PC, then you must set up Microsoft Self-Service Password using this link – []

If you were not able to set up your password, then you must now contact the ASDA Technology service Desk using this number – [6123 / 0113 826 1262]

Follow the steps for resetting the password,

reset asda walmartone uk login password

  • The next thing is to type your email.
  • Then please resolve the Captcha
  • Now click the
  • Okay, you can create your new password.
  • You can use this password to login for the future.


Features of using OneASDA Portal

Use the website URL to access the Walmart One Asda Login portal: One.Walmart.Com Support

After accessing the page, you will need to open the menu to find the Work option, Company option, Me &My Company, Support, etc. options available.

The below details will help you to successfully access the Walmart One ASDA main page.

  • Work option – Job details, Forms, Policies, etc.
  • Me & My Team – Pay details, development, benefits, discounts, well-being, holidays, payslips, etc.
  • Company option – ASDA News and stories.
  • Support option – Main Contacts, Technology Support

WalmartOne Smartphone App

Every colleague of Walmart gets the facility of using a smartphone app. This app is ready to be downloaded from PlayStore.

You can use your credentials such as your User ID and your password to easily login to ASDA Walmart One app. Once you access the app, you can check payslip, work schedules and important company updates.

WM1 App for Android Download Now
WM1 App for iOS Apple Download here

WalmartOne Asda Login – Solution of problems

Sometimes the servers get huge traffic or get overloaded and there are other technical issues that affect the WalmartOne ASDA Log in Portal from easy access.

So, in case you are also facing the problems while accessing this portal then you need to get the help to easily access this portal online,

  • Please check if you are entering the correct User ID and password while accessing the portal. The passwords are of case sensitive type, so ensure you are typing the correct one.
  • Please ensure that your current device is connected with the internet or Wi-Fi. Ifg you are not connected with the internet, then you will definitely face a login problem. Reset your connection if possible.
  • Clear Cookies and Cache from your browser.
  • Login to account using different browser if above steps do not work at all.
  • Update your system and try to access the Walmart One website once again. Try login after some time.

ASDA Walmart – Brief Introduction

ASDA Walmart is a British supermarket retailer. It is one of the giant stores in the United Kingdom. The Asquith family first founded it. In 1949. It was merged with Associated Diaries. Sir Noel Stock, Peter and Fred Asquith are the main founders of this ASDA company.

asda walmartone uk

Leeds of England is the official headquarters of this company. Between the years 1970-1980, the company decided to expand to South-England. It also acquired 61 large Gate-Way Supermarkets as well as Allied Carpets.

Walmart, the supermarket giant from the USA paid 6.7 billion pounds for the ASDA. ASDA was the second largest during 2003-2004 in the entire UK in terms of market coverage and market share. Today Tesco is on the top and this is again second above the Sainsbury or Our Sainsbury.

ASDA has 631 operational locations and employs more than 1,65,000. Mostly the company is involved in grocery supermarkets, financial services, and general goods and merchandise. ASDA gives services that include subsidiaries and divisional. These are George, ASDA Mobile, ASDA Living and ASDA Money.

ASDA Walmart One – Help and Support

For helping employees and customers, Walmart being a large company offers help to them via Help Desk and Help Line. The contact details of the department associated with helping employees are given below,

  • HRSS Contact Support – [0113.2919.0000]
  • ASDA Technology Help Desk – [6123/0113 826 1262]
  • Email support – [[email protected]]


After reading this article, you must have some questions in mind, and want the answers for the same. We have tried to cover as many frequently asked questions by the readers, check this FAQ section, and if you still have any concerns you may write to us in the comment section below.

What’s ASDA Paystub?

It’s an online portal, where all the records related to employee salary and ASDA payslip can be found. This portal shows the details of the salary statement of each and every employee of Asda Walmart.

Explain Two-step verification?

It is an extra layer of security that comes with your Asda portal. Whenever you login into Walmart one web url, you will need to provide 6 digit unique code, which is available only to you. This is how you can secure your ASDA account.

How to check pay stub on Asda Walmartone?

It is very simple, visit the website portal, type in your login id and password, and choose the region and tap sign-in.

How to do the Walmartone Asda Login? 

You will require the login credentials first to login into the ASDA Walmartone account, once you get them, visit the official website, type in the credentials, tap the login button and it’s done.

Can I find the mobile app of ASDA Walmart?

Yes, there is an ASDA app for mobile on Google’s play store. It is also available on Apple-iOS store with the name WM1.

What is the authentic website for Asda Sign In?

Please check the link for ASDA Sign up –

How do I get access to Asdaone login?

With the help of the below link you can get access to Asdaone –

How to do Asda Mobile Login?

Check the below link for Asda Mobile login on your Mobile and also on computer –

Can I buy groceries with the help of Asda Online Login?

Yes, you can buy the groceries online – check out the link for the same –

What are the benefits of having Walmart1 account?

With the help of Walmartone Asda Login Uk all the employees of Walmart can cater their personal and Work related needs, they can take a time-off, swap between the shifts and take covid 19 health assessment.

What is the official website of Walmartlogin?

Check this link – it is an official link of Asda Walmartone:

What facilities do I get with the help of Walmartone Login For Employee?

There are many opportunities for empowering the employees of Walmartone Asda Uk. You may check them with your login.

When was Asda Walmart Uk merged?

Walmart bought ASDA not merged and for 6.7 billions.

Is Walmart Employee Login secure to access Asda Walmartone Uk My Account?

Asda Walmartone Com Login is a secure portal. 

Walmartone Login Uk is not working?

If you are facing any issue in Asda Walmart Login then try below steps

  • Restart your computer
  • Change your browser
  • Delete your cookies It
  • Check your internet connection
  • Check the ad blocker

If nothing works, contact the support team of Walmart Asda.

Can I use Asda Walmartone Login from home?

Yes, you can, but you will need to follow a 2 step verification process for that.

How to do Asda Colleague Holidays Booking from Walmartone Login For Employee?

When you login, you will see an option to go to me and my team on the top of your home page, explore that tab for Holidays booking.

What things can I buy with Asda Online Shopping Log In?

You can buy a wide range of categories on Asda.Walmart One such as Clothing, Home electronics items, Toys, Health and beauty care products, Homeware, kitchenware and many more.

Do we have a new version of Walmartoneuk mobile app?

Yes, the new version of Asda Walmartone Com Uk Login allows many features that can benefit the employees.

Can I get Walmartone Asda Payslips using my mobile?

Yes, surely you can get the app to access payslips using ASDA One Login.

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