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Us Steel Employee Portal Login –

Us Steel Employee Portal – Hello fiends, are you trying to locate the official Us Steel Employee Portal? If you are not able to find the official portal, then you need to read my article.

I will help you with the official link of Us Steel Employee Portal Login. So follow the step by step procedure on the official

So, shall I begin?

US Steel Employee Portal

us steel employee portal

US Steel is s Corporation that offers its employees a platform to get all the important updates and information like payment (compensation), benefits to the employees and work-related updates.

The official U.S. Steel Employee portal is designed online linking all the U.S. Steel Corporation work departments such as finance, legal, HR, procurement, and others. This portal is the main source of information and is the best tool for communication.

The U.S. Steel Employee Portal is only available to the officially enrolled employees. This helps them access the details of their accounts. Every single employee using this portal can access the W2s, payslips, Tax information, payroll, work schedules, and details like Paid Time Off (PTO). The portal has become a platform where all the problems/questions are answered.

What is the United States Steel Corporation?

what is united states steel corportation

United States Steel or United States Steel Corporation is an integrated producer from America based in Pennsylvania. The operation of this company is spread across the USA and Central Europe.

In 2008, the company held the Rank of 8th largest Steel’s producer globally. It was also once the 38th largest steel producer and 2nd largest in the USA just right behind the Nucor Corporation.

US Steel Employee Portal Benefits

Please find the benefits of Us Steel Corporations’s benefits for the employees below,

  • Life Insurance coverage, Accidental Death & AD&D (Dismemberment) Insurance.
  • Disability Benefits and Workers Compensation benefits.
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Tuition – Reimbursement
  • Availability for Planned Leave Bank
  • Health / Medical Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Assistance benefit program
  • Stock-Purchase Plans / Profit-Sharing
  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account) benefit
  • Pension plans and Saving Trust Fund.
  • Company Discounts and Legal Services
  • Other Perks and benefits!

Now you have a clear idea about the benefits of Us Steel Employee Portal login, so let us start learning about the steps for Us Steel Employee Portal on the website

So, shall we start the Us Steel Employee Portal login procedure. But let me explain you about the requirements and credentials ofr Us Steel Employee Portal Log in procedure.

Us Steel Employee Portal Login Requirements

  • Official link for the Us Steel Employee Portal login.
  • Valid Us Steel Employee Portal Login ID and password.
  • Best web browser.
  • Laptop, PC, Smartphone, Tablet or similar device.

How to Login to US Steel Employee Portal

Kindly follow the below steps so that you can successfully access the Us Steel Employee Portal,

click on login in us steel employee portal

  • Please click on the Login button.

enter required details to login to us steel employee portal

  • Then please type your User ID in the empty blank.
  • Then you click the Next option to open your account.

How to Reset US Steel Employee Portal Login Password

click on login in us steel employee portal

  • Then please click the Login button.

click on can't access your account in us steel login

  • Then click – Can’t access your account option.

select preferred option and click on next

  • Now select the work option or school.

reset us steel employee login password

  • On the page for password reset, you must enter your username and then your captcha code. Then click Next.
  • Then please type your Email and step by step follow instructions to reset password.

How to Create U.S. Steel Employee Portal Account?

To create your new US steel account, you need to register in the U.S. Steel Employee Portal,

click on sign up in us steel employee login page

  • After that click SIGN UP.

sign up for us steel employee login page

  • Then please enter your details like Name, SSN or SIN 4 Digit National Identifier, Zip Code and then date of birth in the given format.
  • Now please resolve the captcha alphanumeric code.
  • Then you must click the button – Continue.

US Steel Employee Portal Login Help

Now you have a good idea about the Us Steel Login, so let me explain to you about the Us Steel Employee Portal details for contact and support. These contact details are going to assist you in fixing errors and problems. Now let me take you to the contact details.

  • Official U.S. Steep Corporation:
  • Contact Number: 1.800.552.2730
  • HR Steel Center – US Retiree: 877.877.4586
  • For Help related to registration: 1.800.552.2730
  • Official Us Steel Login URL: Click Here


So this was everything about theĀ  Us Steel Employee Portal Login process at the official website I believe my article has helped you greatly but if you have any problems related to Us Steel Employee Portal login.

I suggest you leave comments. I will try to attend and resolve issues.


Can I get any employee discount at USS Portal?

You may register yourself on the below link, to avail the employee discount from Uss Employee Portal.

Is there any other url or page to check the Pension benefits on Us Steel Portal?

Yes, you may check the link for knowing your pension benefits – Click here

What is the best part of working with Employee.Uss?

According to reviews the employees are very happy with the medical benefits provided by United States Steel Employee Portal

Do former employees have different urls of Us Steel Employee Login?

Yes the portal has two sections, one for currently working and second for the former ones.

Can’t do U.S. Steel Portal Login. Whom should I call?

You may call the office number – 412.433.1121

Is MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) required in the U.S. Steel Portal Login?

Yes, all the users are required to use the MFA *Multi-Factor Authenticationā€ on the Uss.Com Employee Portal. It helps the fair use and protection of computer systems and IPR.

What is the Benefits Portal for U.S. Steel Employee? Or what benefits can I get on this portal?

Uss Employee Login helps you with many things such as checking their Payslip, work schedules, Payroll, all the information related to tax, and also paid time off information.

Is the Uss Com Employee Portal portal for evey one?

Only the employees who have enrolled officially are able to access the Ussteel.Com Employee Portal.

What is the official link for the Employee Uss Com Benefit center?

Please open the official website for accessing the Benefit Center – Click Here,

What does the US Steel Employee Portal Login password include?

US Steel Login password includes 6 numbers. The details include your birth year and month in the given format – MM/YYYY.