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Morrisonis Listening Customer Survey Guide

Morrisonsislistening – Morrisons Listening – Have you recently visited Morrisons? How was your experience with the store? Today I will explain how you can give your Morrisons Feedback to win amazing rewards.

To get the rewards you can go to win £1000. You just have to be honest with your recent experience with the store and give the best answers to a number of questions of the survey.

morrisons customer survey

We all go to supermarkets every day and buy items that we need. It is sometimes not possible for the company to pay attention to all the customers at a time. So, even if you have good or bad experience, you may or may not get an opportunity to share your Morrisons Feedback  to the company. By taking the Morrisonsislistening survey, you can give your valuable opinion to the company about your honest experience.

Upon your further visits at the store, you may find that your issue has been fixed. When visiting the store, how did the staff members treat you, how were the products or services offered by the company, how was the cleanliness of the store and how was the overall satisfaction level that you had with the store? All these questions will be asked to you and you have to voice your opinion about these topics in Morrisons Listening Survey. Do this and you might get a chance to get Morrison vouchers up to £1000.

The Morrisons Customer Survey is a short survey that will not take much of your time.

Purpose of Morrisons Customer Survey

By conducting this survey, the company understands about the customers and how they experience the services offered by the company. There are many customers that visit Morrisons stores and not all are 100% satisfied. They all have some or more small problems with the store and purchase they made.

The company asks the customers only the relevant questions and by answering these questions the customers give the company their genuine feedback about what they really have experienced when they visited the company.

If you are such a customer, then you must keep your receipt with you as it may give you a chance to win a rewards voucher or Morrisons Survey Entry in Sweepstakes. Company does not charge anything for these rewards and these are free to all the customers who win by participating.

Morrisons Customer Survey Rewards

Once you complete the Morrisons Guest Opinion Survey, you will get your Morrisons Promo Code. This code will get you a £1000 Morrisons Gift Card that you can use for future visits at Morrisons Shop.

You must take the survey as soon as possible because the survey may not last longer. So you must grab the opportunity and get rewards.

Rules and Requirements for Morrisons Feedback Survey

  • Age should not be below 16 years
  • You must have a device such as a smartphone, PC or similar.
  • You must know basic English.
  • High speed internet connection
  • Must possess valid receipt of purchase.
  • You should answer all the questions of Morrisons-Listening Survey to get a prize online.
  • No affiliates, representatives, company officials, or employees are allowed to participate if they are working at Morrisons Supermarket PLC.
  • The immediate family members of the employee or affiliates cannot take the survey.
  • No prize transfer to cash or alternatives.
  • One household will get one survey and one survey is only for one person.
  • Prize draw will be done by the company in a month and the winner will get £1000 Vouchers.
  • The rewards may expire so you must use them before they expire.
  • You need an active email address if you are trying to win the rewards, The company may mail you the details of the offer and inform you about the winning.
  • Only the legal residents of the UK are allowed to enter.
  • You can take this survey online at website.
  • You can also participate this survey offline via Mail and postal services.
  • The answers may include polls, questions and rating based questions that the customer must answer.
  • The survey is FREE.

How to Take Part in Morrisons Guest Feedback Survey Online?

morrisons guest feedback survey

In order to take part in Morrisons-feedback survey, you should go to its official website. Kindly follow the steps and keep the purchase receipt with you.

  • Open the official Morrisons Guest Survey website using this link:
  • Now click on the above menu button.
  • Then click on Morrisonsislistening survey.
  • Once the survey page opens, you need to type certain details such as Survey Entry Number, Date and time when you visited. You will get all these details from your receipt.
  • After filling all the details, you may now click on “Start button”
  • The next page will load a list of questions that measures your overall experience and satisfaction at Morrisons.
  • When you are asked the rating questions, you must rate according to the scale.
  • You may also need to provide proper description or select the right option when you are asked the different format questions.
  • These questions will mostly be about your visit and how the staff treated you, how was your purchase, what did you like about the store, how was the customer services at the store, about Morrisons Price and Delivery and other similar questions.
  • Answer all the questions one after another and your survey will be completed in few minutes only.
  • At the end if you want, you can enter into the sweepstakes and save some money on your next Morrisons Visit.

Note: The Morrisonsislistening website may not open. So, please check with your store online if the Morrisons Listening is available in your area. The company may have shut down the survey.

How to Join Morrison Listens Online Community?

If you are unable to proceed ahead with the survey and want to openly speak your mind then you can become a community member and speak upon different topics. To join this community, you need to open your online profile and then start interacting with the customers. The other Morrisons Customers will also get a chance to participate in a wide range of activities using surveys, quick polls and joining discussion rooms.

The company will send you activities which will be relevant to your account and doing these activities or participating in them is completely optional. Your participation will improve the stores for you in the future. You will get the best services and products the next time you visit alone or with your family.

click on join us today in morrison listens online community

click on next to start joining procedure

  • Now you will have a welcome page on your screen. It will help you join the community of Morrisons Listens.
  • Press the Next button and it will initiate the procedure.

enter your birth date and click on next

  • Answer the questions – What’s your birth date?

accept terms and conditions and click on next

  • After that accept the Terms and accept that you have read the privacy policy.
  • Click Next.
  • After that you must answer simple questions and within a short time, you will easily be set up for your account.

Now you can officially join the community and share your feedback or opinion or you can join the discussions with others.

Useful Tips for Morrisonsislistening Survey

  • Answer your personal details and contact details correctly.
  • Keep eye on the notification, you might be the next winner of the £1000 voucher.
  • After you visit the stores, retail outlets, hospitals, pharmacy shops, or restaurants, you must keep the receipts with you for a few days. It may save you from trouble or might give you a chance to win prizes.
  • Do not try to take the survey if you are a employee or involve your immediate family members or friends to the Morrisons Survey because of just prize.
  • Avoid cheating and always answer honestly.

What is Morrisons?

what is morrisons

If you have never visited the Morrisons store in the UK, then you must know that it is one of the largest food companies that provides groceries all across the UK. The customers can visit more than 400 stores available in the UK and find whatever items or products they look for.

Overall, this store is on the 4th number as the largest chain store for grocery in the UK. This business is run as Morrisons and this is the official brand name. The main headquarters is available in the nice city Bradford of England.

It was just a small egg and butter stall that first started in 1899 in Bradford’s Rawson Market. Back then it was popularly known as WM Morrisons.

Until 2004, the company was located in North England. But slowly today, it has also covered South England, Scotland and Wales. In 2004, the company was taken over by Safeway and there were nearly 494 stores of this company during 2016 in England, Wales, Gibraltar and Scotland.

You will see many basic services in the store. You will find the dry cleaning services, printing services for printing the photos or other images on photographic paper.

You also get great service when you purchase products from Morrisons. If the product you buy is damaged or worse, then the company will happily replace it with a good one.


The Morrisonsislistening survey is the best way you can share the valuable information about the experiences that you had with the store. Morrisons Feedback Survey makes things easier because it can be taken from any location on the earth provided you are connected to the internet. You may get amazing vouchers if you take part and be a winner.

Please ask the store manager if the survey is still going on and always check the prize offered by the store. If you cannot open the Morrisons Listening Survey website then you must visit this website It will help you share you opinion and allow you to join with other communities.


Is the website down?

The website does not load the screen of the survey and redirects you to different links. But you can take the survey directly using this link – By visiting this link, you have to Join the community and once you join you can take participation in surveys and discussions.

In which languages Morrisons Feedback Survey is available?

You can find the survey in English and Spanish.

What is the main objective of Morrisons?

Morrisons wants to provide healthy food at a very affordable rate to everyone, to make their nation healthy, they reduce the quantity of sugar, salt, fats, and calories in their food and also make sure they meet all the required standards.

Why is Morrisons so successful in the UK?

There are many reasons, some being, they deliver healthy food options, keep their employees motivated, and thus they follow the strategies very fast in an effective way.

Is Morrisons a good place to work?

According to the answers of people already working there, it is the best place to work, as your work will be valued, you will be trusted, treated with respect and also are eligible to get huge perks and a competitive pay. So, yes it is a good place to work.

What are the core values of morrisons?

  • Morrisons believes the following and that’s why it conduct Morrisons Listening Survey
  • Customers first
  • Strong belief in teamwork
  • Freedom within the system
  • First listen then respond strategy
  • Sales driving staff
  • And ultimately We care attitude.

Because of the above core values, Morrisons is at the top in the supermarket Industry.

What is the hourly pay at the Morrisons supermarket?

Employees at Morrisons receive £ 10.20 per hour and this is the highest pay in any supermarket in the UK.

What is the customer strength of Morrisons?

Morrisons has crossed 11 million customers a week.