Customer Feedback Survey – Kids Foot Locker Coupon Code

Kids Foot Locker Survey – Have you gone to the Kids Foot Locker store recently for shopping? How was your experience? I will guide you how you can participate in the Kids Foot Locker Guest Satisfaction Survey at the official Site.

But first let us understand about the Kids Foot Locker store. It is an American store that sells footwear for kids. Cleveland from Ohio is the main office of this store chain. This company first started in 1988 and it was small back then. But today, it has over 44,000 employees working in it. The store offers various items such as sneakers and kids accessories, apparel items and many other kids’ items.

If you are a customer of the company and enjoy the services offered by the company, then you can give your positive feedback to the company and help the company improve its products and services. Kids Foot Locker cannot ask every customer individually, therefore it conducts the Customer Survey online.

What is Kids Foot Locker Survey at

what is kids foot locker survey

Kids Foot Locker Survey includes some basic questions that are related to the services offered by the store. The survey is basically an online questionnaire that you need to fill or answer. The questions will ask you about the staff, store, environment, products and other important aspects of the business. Your answers will help the company know about the services.

If you complete the KidsFootLockerSurvey, it will help you out to find all the positive and negative aspects of the company. The company will learn what kinds of issues that the customers faced during their shopping. If you give an honest response to the company by telling exactly how you feel when you were shopping, then the company can improve the issues that you were having. Giving feedback to the Kids Foot Locker store is easy if you follow some basic rules.

Kids Foot Locker Survey Rewards

Kids Foot Locker company wants to know about the honest feedback from the customers. When the customers purchase products or footwear by visiting the store, then he may have a good or bad experience. The store offers you a chance to speak your mind about the services and offers you prizes. When the survey ends, you are going to get your Kids Foot Locker Coupon Code.

After you have completed your, then you will get your rewards. You can redeem the available Foot Locker Discount Code upon your following visit. Usually you will get something like $10 off on your purchased items or you could even get $50 off on some selected items after the Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Rules and Regulations of Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey

You must fulfill some of the rules in order to take part in the Kids Foot Locker Survey. They are

  • Gadgets such as computers or laptops.
  • High speed internet connection
  • To enter into the survey you must have a receipt of Kids foot  Locker purchase, and it should also contain the printed invitation on it.

Requirements to Take Kids Foot Locker Guest Satisfaction Survey

kidsfootlocker guest satisfaction survey

Prior to starting the process of Kids Foot locker survey, the customer must fulfill some requirements to execute the survey successfully. These requirements are listed below: .

  • A Receipt of purchase of your recent visit to the store. It would have the store number written on it.
  • Know basic languages like English or Spanish.
  • All the answers are mandatory to answer so answer them all when asked during the survey. It is wise not to skip any.
  • When asked, you must provide your contact information. Once you provide these details, you will get the notification if you become a winner

Ways to Take Kids Foot Locker Survey

There  are various ways or methods you can participate in the survey; Online via official website, through making a call, via different social media pages. I will share all the details in this section, and choose the best method for you to participate.

There are Kids Foot Locker Representatives working 24 hours a week, to solve any of your queries. You can get answers to all your questions regarding Kids Foot Locker service, rewards, and free coupons.

You can also fill out the customer Feedback form to make them aware about their service, following that, you can also provide other details like, name, number, address, email etc.

I am sharing the complete guidelines of taking the Kids foot locker customer survey online. Kindly follow them accordingly.

How to Take Kids Foot Locker Survey Online at

  • Open the official website of Kids foot Locker Survey at

kidsfootlocker survey

  • You have to choose a language on this page, and then tap on the next button.
  • Once you make a language selection, you need to enter a 5 digit code that can be available from the receipt’s top left corner.
  • On the next page, you have to add the date and time of your visit to the foot locker store.
  • From now onwards, the series of questions will begin, you have to answer them in sequence honestly, and without skipping any questions.
  • Try to recall your experience at the Kids Foot Locker store and fill the answers accordingly.
  • There will be a validation code on the screen when you answer the questions.
  • By redeeming the code you got, you can get a discount upon your next visit at Kids foot Locker store.

Note: The website is not working. The company may have shut down the survey or the website may be down for some time. Whatever the case is, you can always ask the store’s manager or staff about the survey website.

How to Take Kids Foot Locker Survey at Via Call

Calling is the easiest way of participating in a survey. You can call the numbers provided and by answering the questions and providing the contact details, you are eligible to get the discount.

  • Regional Customers Dial: 1.800.991.6684
  • International Customers Dial: 1.715.261.9710

Kids Foot Locker Survey via Social Media Platforms

If you are more comfortable in using Social media accounts, then by leaving your suggestions and feedback on various social media pages can also avail you discount.

Please check their Social media pages below:

About Kids Foot Locker Company

about kids foot locker company

The Kids Foot Locker company is actually a part of Foot Locker Inc, company. The Foot Locker company is a successful retailer that provides all the athletic footwear. Putting in normal words, you can say it is a shoe-retailer. The Kids Foot Locker company provides shoes for boys and girls. The company also runs different clubs that support the overall health and well-being of the people wearing shoes. This company also organizes various contests like “My Shoes Social Contest” where it encourages the boys and girls to safely follow their passion by saving and supporting the environment.

The company helps the kids find what they are passionate about. By helping the kids realize their life-long goals, the company helps them achieve their great future. Besides doing social activities, the company gives different donations such as $1 to $10 for the kids nationwide. The Foot Locker company is providing its services to 27 countries and using various brands and subsidiaries such as Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Runners Point, Champs Sports and many others.

The company is on a mission of promoting a better world for youth, Therefore it takes many educational initiatives and various other health and well-being encouragement programs. These programs help kids both mentally strong and physically strong.


I appreciate you reading my article about Kids Foot Locker Customer Survey. Please make sure to give all the answers honestly and at the end of the survey, you will get a golden chance to win the KidsFootLockerSurvey Prize. I have included all the steps and details that you must have knowledge about in this survey article. Do you want me to include some fresh points or missing information in this article? Comment your suggestions to me, One by one, I will try to attend and answer them.


Why is the website not working?

The website, as of now, does not seem to be working well. You need to ask the store manager or contact the company and confirm if it is taking the Kids Foot Locker Guest Feedback Survey or not. You can try to ask some more questions to the customer service department that are related to the survey. Please share your concerns by dialing 1.888.991.6684.

If the company has taken down the website because it is going through some maintenance schedule then you can wait. But this information is only available with the company, so you must better ask the company.

Can I take the Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey any time during the day?

The Site is open for all the customers to access.

I am 18 years old, am I able to join in the Kids Foot Locker Feedback Survey?

Age is not only one and only factor to join in the Kids Foot Locker Survey. Do not skip any rules, please follow all of them. Obeying these rules will increase the rewards winning chances for you. You have to be honest and straightforward with your answers and try to provide the best answers possible and follow the Kids Foot Locker Survey Steps that I have listed in my article.

How can the customer get disqualified by taking the Kids Foot Locker Customer Survey?

While taking the survey at, the customers need to take into consideration some points,

  • The customers should not ask any third person to take the survey on their behalf, that immediately results in disqualification.
  • You cannot cheat during the Kids Foot Locker Guest Satisfaction Survey because that would also result in the disqualification.
  • If you are an employee then you cannot involve any of your closest relatives or friends to take the survey. The company will not allow it.
  • If you are a minor (below 16) and trying to win the KidsFootLockerSurvey Prize taking the Kids Footlocker survey, then you will be disqualified.
  • Giving wrong and false answers on the kidsfootlockersurvey website.
  • Not following the Kids FootLocker Survey rules.

All of the above actions will disqualify you from the survey and further ban you from taking part in the sweepstakes. So, while taking the survey, you have to remember the above points in order to boost your chances of winning.

What is the coupon for Kids foot locker? How can I use it?

To get various items at different discounted prices, please use the kids foot locker coupon code.

The kids coupon will help you get some sneakers, kicks, accessories for kids and apparel. You can use the available kids foot locker coupon codes and spend it on different items as you like.

I made a purchase a month ago and still have the receipt. Can I use it to join in the survey?

No. You cannot take the receipt that is a month’s old. Please have the correct receipt with the Kids Foot Locker Survey Invitation card. If your receipt has no survey invitation, then you cannot take the survey.

What time should I call the customer service department of Foot Locker?

Try reaching the department from 6AM to 11:59 PM. Please follow the CST time.