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Official Vons® Customer Satisfaction Survey

Win a prize of $100 gift card by taking the Vons® Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.vons.com/survey for every month!

Vons® Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

Vons Survey

Do you love shopping with the Vons Supermarket? Then, it will be an excellent option for winning a fantastic reward of $100 Vons Gift cards by participating in their Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.vons.com/survey.  Tell your experience on the survey and grab the option of winning.

Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey is elementary to complete. Just answer their couple of questions regarding the shopping experience at www.vons.com/survey and help them to develop their business strongly across the entire market.

So, if you have recently gone to the Vons supermarket and want to give you feedback about the cleanliness inside the store, the etiquettes of staff members, checkout system, helping nature of the employees, products and their qualities, return policy system, commodity availability etc. Just go the official website of Vons at www.vons.com/survey and be the lucky customer of them.

About Vons® Customer Satisfaction Survey

Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey

Vons not only welcomes you to shop at their Store freely, also it allows you the platform to share your latest shopping experience and honest feedback with them by attending the Vons Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.vons.com/survey.

It won’t take a couple of hours to complete. Moreover, you will able to inform the company directly about their services and performances. It will act as a report card and tell the company how much their customers are satisfied with their services.

Once, you completed the Online Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.vons.com/survey, and you will be admitted to enter the lucky draw of Vons Sweepstakes $100 Vons Gift cards Per Month! So, go for the survey and attend the questionnaire related to your previous experience to win the prize. Also, it will help the company to arrange their plans for the future and rectify their mistakes if anything happens. So, both will be benefitted.

The complete information regarding How to take part in the Vons Guest Feedback Survey is in the following. So, let’s go through the survey.

Why the Vons Customer Experience Survey

Vons is a popular Supermarket chain in Southern California, U.S.A. As one of the reputed retailers, it is a crucial aspect to prolong customer satisfaction. That’s why the company welcomes all its loyal consumers to rate their products and service through the Vons Guest Experience Survey.

The online Vons Survey @ www.vons.com/survey allows all its customers to express opinions about their likes and dislikes and review the products. It also allows the organization to recognize what are their customers are demanding. In this way, the company can develop their business very quickly by satisfying the customers and making a good connection with them.

Vons Survey Rewards at www.vons.com/survey

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As you completed this Vons Customer Experience Survey, you would be permitted to win the offered prize $100 Vons Gift cards on your next Vons Survey visit. So, don’t miss the chance for just a couple of minutes.

Rules for the Vons Survey

  • 18 years old or more than is one of their first requirements.
  • Endless registration will be denied, and only one-time access is authorized.
  • The survey is only accessible for the legal resident of California, Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, Washington DC, Hawaii, Delaware, Idaho, Montana, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, South Dakota, Washington, Virginia or Wyoming. It is invalid out of U.S.A.
  • One person with his or her one email address / month is allowed for a single survey
  • Alternative cash equivalent to the Prize is not permitted.
  • Don’t allow yourself for Cheating or fraud.
  • Not a single employee or any associates of this company is prohibited to take participate in this survey.

Requirements for the Vons Survey

  • Remind your last visit to the shop before joining the survey
  • An electronic gadget is mandatory, and it can be a laptop, desktop, tab or smartphone.
  • A well-connected internet with high-speed data will be useful to take the survey.
  •  Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is mandatory.

How to take the Vons Survey at www.vons.com/survey

  • Obviously, the first step will be browsing the official page of Vons Customer satisfaction survey @ www.vons.com/survey.
Vons Survey Purchase Receipt
  • Next, you will get an option to select the language, either English or Spanish.
  • Put the Store code and your valid Email address.
  • Now, continue with the Start button.
  • Next, they will ask you to enter the purchase code mentioned on the purchase receipt.
Vons purchase receipt
  • You will see the survey page with multiple questions. Answer these questions carefully. 
  • Give your satisfaction through rating option. 
  • This rate will decide the fact of how much customers love their services. So, be authentic to your answers. 
  • Mention the department name where you visited last time at Vons.
  • Also, there is a section of additional feedback so that you can provide it efficiently.
  • Don’t miss to provide your correct personal details on the right section.
  • Finally, they will allow you to enter its sweepstake process to win the gift cards.

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Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey

I hope you would like this post related to how to attempt the Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey (www.vons.com survey) @  www.vons.com/survey and it will surely help you to finish the survey and win the gift cards. Although, if you find any difficulty to finish off the process, comment us in the below box.

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  1. George is awesome. He always has a smile, so helpful and treats me like he is really glad to see me. The Von’s on Rancho California Rd and Ynez is one of my favorite stores.


  3. Just went to Vons in Palm Springs. While I love your pharmacy staff there is always mistakes at the normal checkout when I buy food. I’m getting pretty sick of it. In this case I bought two bags of kettle chips advertised and shown on the shelf for two for six dollars well one of them they charge three dollars the other one they still charged $5.99. I told the cashier, but she was unable to help.

  4. My name is Janice
    I would like to give a very much deserved thank you to Perla she saw a need that I had regarding toilet paper, which they did not have. However, I ask about Kleenex and she check to see if there was any on the shelf, She returned and let me know that she found three boxes and would hold them for me till I got there to pick them up. I thought that going that extra mile for a customer show very good customer service.

    1. Shopping in the Anaheim store and so for a helpful she already has great customer service and experience would give her a 5 star Vanessa

  5. At vons in Chapman ave 12961 w garden grove today we tried finding stuff for our grand parents and kelly she helped us so much I love that store so many friendly people working there

  6. I shop at Vons on W. Washington, Mission Hills, San Diego. I would like to give a shout-out for April who was at the self-service registers on 3/20. The register was not able to weigh produce so I decided to just purchase the other items. As I started to walk away April followed me with the produce and escorted me to another cash register and instructed the attendant to check me out. I was also impressed that in consideration of the Corona Virus protocol she said to attendant “give me space” meaning to please move 6′ away. April was awesome with her professionalism. She took charge as appropriate and should definitely be commended. She is a delightful friendly woman and a GREAT asset to Von’s!!
    I left Vons very happy to have had that experience with April!!

    1. Please see comment I previously wrote which is above this box. I didn’t know I was supposed to re-write prior comment above. I’d love to have the previous comment posted. April was awesome and I’d really like other customers know that. The process to post is unfortunately not clear.

  7. I shop at VONS GLENDALE for more than 5 years and now at VONS in PASADENA for over 2 years. My favorite market is VONS. Always a fast and polite Checker. I need no other market than VONS. I feel at HOME sitting down just for a cup of coffee and sandwich. INGE JAKLIN

  8. Vons Markets and Staffs are wonderful, but at Store 2002 (1311 Wilshire Blvd.) is not observing Senior preferences when it opens at 7 a.m. It is observing a standard first come , first served policy regardless of age. I could not get through to the manager about this. He said of course we give preference to seniors as iens as we do everyone else–and absolutely could not see the contradiction in this. At nearly 84 I find it hard to compete with younger people who can easily beat me out in selecting scarcer item like toilet paper and paper towels.

  9. the worker at vons super heipful cool fillmore CA when you re looking for pacific item in the store are good again a thmbs up good and right now this time peope are buyind everyhing up hand sanitzer and toilet paper and the limit item l get that it makes it to the best nothing is out or control ok early in the morning audrey people first it is fair get yourself frst andopen store all peple cool

  10. Shopped in Fillmore store this am at 7:15; BAD virus habits! None of employees were following virus rules — no masks, no gloves and didn’t wipe off register area!!! This needs to be done, NOW!!

  11. I would like to acknowledge Cathy of the Deli Department from the Eastvale Von’s Store. Cathy was especially wonderful on Monday, the 29th. Cathy’s shift had ended and instead of leaving, she called her manager to ask if she could stay on duty for a few more minutes. Essentially, she graciously stayed an extra 10 minutes to assist me with my 2 orders of specialty deli meats. Cathy did not complain, but rather she was pleasant and very helpful. I applaud her for her dedication to assist me. Cathy was awesome and deserves to be recognized. I know that the next time I shop the deli counter at Eastvale, I will absolutely look for Cathy.

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to praise Cathy!
    Rosemarie Groen

  12. Always have a great experience at Von’s #2090 in HB. Anthony at Starbucks always remembers my order and tonight Mark in the seafood Dept went out of his way to get me the salmon I was looking for. Even though the seafood counter was closed. All the employees are awesome

  13. I am very disappointed with Von’s on 19th St in Alta Loma, CA! I understand the COVID virus has changed shopping experience for safety reasons, however why was the produce depleted and lacked fresh vegetables and fruit? As expensive as your establishment is there should NEVER should look ratchet. I was so annoyed I left and went to another grocery that met all my needs.

  14. Von’s Store 2029, Dir Mac Mclead, 4033 Av L, Lancaster CA. 93536
    I always order my cakes from your bakery; Ms Lisa Byer is an extraordinary lady & pleasant professional. We at Lockheed Martin enjoy her excellent cakes & more so the care she takes in taking an extra effort making sure our order is exactly what we needed. This past month my team wanted Lisa’s special cake for a surprise birthday, mine. She went above & beyond the call of duty when she personally & secretly baked & decorated a very special cake. She is special to our team & you are fortunate to have her, she should be recognized & rewarded as a Vons class act representing your brand. I am a Mgr. at the company & know talent. Please express our sincere gratitude to her kindheartedness & special talent.
    Thank you!
    Gabe Padilla

  15. I go to Von’s at least once a week or so. I find it amazing the dedication and the friendliness of the employees. They are for sure “essential” employees. I have seen customer’s be rude to them and they are cordial at all times. I am sure they are just as stressed about what is going on just like the rest of us. I am hoping that because of all the hard work that Von’s Corporation is compensating the staff properly. They all deserve recognition from Von’s. You could not run Von’s without the amazing staff I have noticed. I shop in Escondido, CA.

  16. This is my REF #: 79001272233 06/13/2020at the store 1342 N. Alvarado LA 90027–I took the receipt and the packages back to the manager at the store, she was at the cash register. I was trying to tell her that I bought two packages of meat and that the meat was bad – the meat was tuff and it smelled bad….she turned around and pointed to the a BIG SIGN that read ALL SALES ARE FINIAL and she kept saying where is the meat- so yesterday I picked it out of the trash I was going to take it back to show her… She embarrassed me raising her voice and she wasn’t even trying to hear what I was saying. All she kept saying SENORA all sales are final. I didn’t want another package of meat -I didn’t even want my money back… I AM VERY WELL OFF… I am writing to you to let you know that in this hard times people should be a little bit kinder towards their consumer’s. Another thing NONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT WORK AT THE STORE EVER SMILE….. and I go everyday as my outing. Some one should talk to the manager and bring her nose down a bit!!!

  17. KUDOS to Sara at the Walnut,CA store on 350 Lemon Ave for being extraordinarily nice every time I check out through her station. Normally, I use my credit card to pay for my groceries. This time I decided to pay cash, since there were only a few items. To make a long story short, I was not aware I gave her $5 extra. She smiled and said, “You gave me $5 extra. I absolutely love her smile as she gave my extra $5 back to me.

    Another individual is Richard who helped me tremendously when I could not find an advertised item. He walked with me to the aisle and found it. He asked if there were any other assistance I needed. I said, “Yes”, and apologize for taking up his time. He said not to worry. Anyway, after he took the time to find the two items for me, he even walked back to the cashier with me to confirm the items were indeed as advertised.

    So whenever I shop at Vons, I always smile at them and call them my name whenever possible. In fact, the entire store employees are ALWAYS very friendly. Some who sees me on a regular basis would always ask how I’m doing and SMILE.

    So I am ONE happy customer and thoroughly enjoy my shopping experiences every time I shop, which is about once every other day, if not two or three days in row. AND I can tell they all love working at Vons. Again, a BIG KUDOS to Vons and their support staff.

  18. your survey system stinks! You need to give your people more training! my bagger filled up my cart with bags no more than 3 items in a bag!!! no common sense.
    cold items spread all in different bags.

  19. Store 2280 Long Beach. I am very impressed and grateful for the Customer Service. They are always friendly, helpful, and glad to be there. I admire their bravery, especially now in these times. They are true life savers . Thank you.
    Survey Code: 228007/2811:164/70

  20. Wanted to give shout out to Rickey and Kassidy for great service at Lakewood Vons at woodruff and south st. California

  21. Wanted to give shout out to Ricky and Kassidy for great service at Lakewood Vons at Woodruff and South St California survey code 220908/2214: 498/229

  22. Giving a shout out to Ricky and Kassidy for great service today! vons Lakewood Califoria at Woodruff and South St survey code of 220908/2214:498/229

  23. The cashier who assisted me was very kind and helpful. She made sure I had everything I needed and gave me some helpful tips regarding the games that the store was participating in. Her name is Beverly. It would be a better world if more people showed kindness a d compassion.

  24. Store 2784 515 W. Washington
    Found everything I needed,got my flu shot from a very nice pharmacist, and the store is very clean. All went well till I got to (Lang) the checkout gal. Either she doesn’t like her job or is mad at the world , but I’ll make sure I don’t get in her line again.

  25. I want to thank the Butchers at the Von’s Torrance Crossroads, Oscar and Jon. These guys are always helpful and always go the extra mile to help me and other Customers. They always are happy to cut my Chuck Roast the way I like it to be cut, year after year and always take the time to do it with a smile! Thank you so much!!!!

  26. My cashier was Suzette. She has taken care of on other times as well. She polite and very friendly. She also knows the store. When I couldn’t find something she knew right where to find it. You are very lucky to have her working for you.

  27. I was at my local Vons the other day on Atlanta in Huntington Beach with my 3 year old and my 6 month old.My 6 month old was in a car seat so I had to use the car seat holder shopping cart, this of course made my 3 year old mad because she wanted to go in one of those kiddy carts.When she started to have a melt down your cart clerk came to the rescue and gave her the very small junior shopping cart to push and the meltdown was gone.His name was Paul and he was very professional.

  28. Joanna Lewis went above and beyond helping me find what I had come specially to buy at the Von’s Store in Torrance, I had asked other employees, who sent me to areas where I couldn’t find the Signature Flavors Drinks. She is a marvel!!

  29. Today I went to Vons at Los Arboles Av. Thousand Oaks ca and it was a terrible experience. I wanted some information and the employee was very impatient. Another employee was the same, very rude and without patient to explain so I gave up shopping everything I needed . Just bought two
    items and went to the self service cashier to leave as soon as I could and
    again the employee there was not nice at all. Three employees very nasty obvious it was not my day at that specific Vons. Never go back .

  30. Don was very helpful and always so polite. Just wish we didn’t have to log on to get the deals. Sometimes we aren’t around Wifi or internet connections.

  31. Comment dealing with Vons pharmacy continual substandard performance at store
    1795 : 2511 E. Anthem Village, Henderson, NV 89052 Having dealt with your
    pharmacy for several years I finally find it necessary to bring this continued deficiency
    to your attention. As per your own pharmacy staff member you are substantially
    understaffed not capable of keeping the automated phone system up to date, unable to speak with a pharmacy staff member over the phone concerning a prescription although having left several messages, no one has ever called back. Reason/excuse given is we
    live in and around a senior 55 and older community. Well Hello! Don’t know when a
    prescription is available/ready for pick up unless one physically shows up and then only to find out it is not ready so check back tomorrow REALLY? No phone contact just
    another drive/trip physically to check. WHAT? Please have the courtesy, intestinal
    fortitude to tell one that you do not want their business as that is exactly how you are
    acting. Th courtesy of a reply is requested.

  32. Chris Shaw took care of me today like I was one of his family members I wanted to outdoor patio barstool sets and you only have one at your store he located another one and not only that but he deliver them to my house it doesn’t get any better than that. I’m very happy. I cannot thank you enough Joan Shirey

  33. A special thanks to Gina in the pharmacy. Her kindness is always appreciated. Thank you Gina for understanding what excellent customer service is.