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Publix Passport Login Guide

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The procedure to use Publix Passport Login on the Publix portal is very simple. If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you will not face any difficulty in Publix passport login.

If you are a first time visitor on, you might face some difficulty, but not after going thoroughly on this article. If you have a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, any of them with a reliable internet connection, then it would be much better for you to login into publix survey.

You will also require accurate login credentials to successfully login into Publix passport login. 

Unless you complete this article on Publixsurvey, you will not find any right answer. Let us first understand what passport Publix is, then we will learn further.

What is Publix?

what is publix

Publix Super Markets known as Publix is a chain of supermarkets owned by employees. Its headquarters is in Lakeland, Florida. Publix was found by Mr. George W. Jenkins in 1930’s and since then it is owned by the employees, some are even retired but still hold their share in the company. In today’s date also, the whole ownership lies in the hands of Jenkins family, current employees and former employees.

What is Publix Passport?

Publix is considered one of the most famous supermarket chains especially involved in Pharma products. Just like all the companies have their special design portal for their employees, passport Publix also has one.

It is a Publix Passport. It is also recognised as Publix Oasis Portal or oasis publix because of the operating system it uses.

what is publix passport

Publix passport – an online web portal allows many functions to their employees such as checking their work schedule, pay stubs, check benefits of health insurance, and many more.

By visiting, employees can get all the orientation training, they can have a complete training program depending upon their role, can check their tax filing details, update their W2 forms online and many more.

Accessing is safe for the employees as they respect your data privacy and keep them safe. So, you do not feel worried when using oasis publix.

There were some issues lately with the Publix passport login on login, but we have shown how you can log into a Publix account without any problem.  Employees were unable to check their pay stub and work schedule mail this was  the issue reported highest on login.

Publix Oasis Passport Details

The Oasis word is generally used for the former employees in the Publix company. When any former associate wants to use oasis employee login, he has to use Oasis Sign in page. With the help of this sign in page they can check various things such as their pay stubs, direct deposit guides, tax filing guides, W2 forms update and many more.

Benefits of Publix Passport Login Account

The employees can have below mentioned benefits of having a Publix passport login account.

  • Check their work schedule
  • Paystubs details
  • Benefits of health insurance
  • Internal communication channel
  • Assistance with latest information.
  • Protected view of the reports.

As you have now got the brief idea about Publix Passport login. Let us move forward to understand the login procedure at

Publix Passport Login Requirements

  • Official web address of Publix Passport login
  • A must have – accurate username and correct password of publix
  • Internet connection
  • Latest and updates browser
  • Personal computer, laptop or Smartphone, anything from this.

Publix Passport Login at – Step by Step Guide

Kindly follow the steps mentioned herewith in order to successfully login into Publix.

  • Visit the official site of Publix Passport Login at

login to publix passport account

  • So type your username and then type your password.
  • Lastly, tap on the Login button to gain access to your account.

How to Reset Publix Passport Login Password at

  • Visit the official website of Publix Passport Login at

reset publix passport login password

  • Tap on the link that says – Forgot password?
  • Now, a different page will open, where you have to provide your user Id, and try to provide answers to some security questions asked.
  • This is to prove your identity.
  • Upon providing the correct answers to all security questions you will be able to reset your password.

Publix Passport Account Issue

Sometimes it might happen that it is difficult to login into a Publix Passport account due to many uncertain reasons. So, in such times the publix portal may not allow you to enter either username or password, you can use trick here by hitting the forgot password button.

During this time, the steps for resetting the password will be different from the ones mentioned above.

If the problem or difficulty continues, you must do the following,

  • Go to the official oasis employee login or Publix Oasis Login guide, there you will find the link at
  • Tap that, and check are you able to type in your username and password
  • If it is possible, well and good, if you are unable than click forgot password
  • You need to provide some details Like your username, registered email id and continue following instructions.
  • Once they are done, go to the main page and sign in again with the new password.

Publix Employee Login Help

When you do not understand what is the problem with your login, at that time you need to have some contact details that can help you in resolving the issue you are facing.

Use the below provided contact details to solve any query you might face.

For some general issues, you can check out the help page of the official  website

Various Contact Details:

Department Contact Number Timings
Human Resource 1.863.688.7407/ 52108 Mon to Fri – 8 am to 4:30 pm
Employee issue 1.800.226.9588 Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Publix 401 K Plan support 1.888.401.5756 Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Benefits department of Publix 1.863.688.7407 /52280


Mon to Fri – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Associate ethics of Publix 1.866.747.3773 24*7
Counseling department 1.800.226.9588 Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Insurance department 1.888.374.6377 Mon to Fri – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Payroll of Publix 1.863.688.7407/22311 Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 4: 30 pm
Personal records of Publix 863.688.7404 Mon to Fri – 8:30 am to 4:30 am
Publix help for retired people 863.688.7407/52327


Mon to Fri – 8:30 to 4:30 pm
Publix Compensation  to workers 1.800.838.0999 Mon to Fri – 8:15 am to 4:15 pm
Employment verification of Publix 1.800.367.5690 24*7
Emergency helpline of Publix 1.877.782.5491 24*7


So, this was all about Publix, how to login into Publix, steps to reset the passwords and various contact details, hope you found this article helpful. Your comments will be welcome and appreciated.


Where can I find the Publix stores in the USA?

Publix food and pharmacy can be found in Georgia, Florida. Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, South and North Carolina.

How many stores did they own in 1930?

Publix started with only one single store in 1930

Can I buy  groceries and other things online?

Yes, they do have a provision to buy groceries online. Visit for the same.