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prepaid gift balance cards

If you are living in the United States, then you can easily get your Prepaid Gift Card. The U.S. Bank National Association is the main issuing authority that issues this card for those who apply for it. If you want your own personal git voucher to use on any US stores then you can opt for any Visa card or MasterCard credit and check out the cards from this bank. If you are having your own Prepaid Gift Card, then you can easily check your outstanding balance by using the official website link – Login

It is very important that you first login to the portal in order to check your card’s balance.

You can use the best internet connection with good speed to open the official website of PrepaidGiftBalance and find your balance using your PC or Smartphone.

Once you reach the website, you will land on the login page. Mostly it will be on placed the right-side.

There would be two different windows open on your screen. One website will be for the new clients / customers and another one will be for the customers returning. login

If you are trying to login or access the website, then you must join first.

  • When you open the First Time Login page, please enter your Card Account Number and then click on Enter.
  • Proceed towards creating your PrepaidGiftBalance account.
  • The first time when you create your new account, you must visit the online website and then sign in to your account by using your card account number and your password.
  • After successfully logging into the account, you can check your history of transaction, checking the remaining balance and other important details.
  • With the help of website, you can easily check your balance of your Prepaid Gift Card. To get help to the account, please keep reading this article.
  • Furthermore, if you are looking to purchase some products in US, this card is going to help you. If you are in another country, then you cannot purchase any product or services by using this PrepaidGiftBalance Card. It will decline your transaction.
  • In case you do not use this card for more than a year, then automatically you will incur the charges of $2.


Please go to the official website to login successfully to your account. If you want to ask me about any step or subject, then you must inform me using the below comment section. I will give you honest answers as quickly as possible.


Why can’t I access the official with my mobile?

Try to see if you are entering the correct prepaidgiftbalance URL in the search bar. Please use this link to reach to the website –

How to check the prepaid gift card balance?

First you need to login to your account. (Use this link – )

Then once you open your account, you can check your prepaidgiftcardbalance.

Please make sure you have the valid credentials

What is the procedure for prepaidgiftbalance activation?

If you have gone through the process of www prepaidgiftbalance com register, and looking for the www prepaidgiftbalance com activate card website, then you must click on the link.

Here you can activate your current Visa Card or your Mastercard easily. But make sure you have completed the prepaidgiftbalance register card process. So first you must go to register your card.

What is the process of checking a prepaid gift balance visa?

You please dial a toll-free number for contact. Please keep your 16 digits card number and security code ready with you for verifying your identity even if you are using the online process.

The contact-help number will be printed on your card.

Why do I get the Access Denied message when opening

If you are not authorized to connect with the server then you cannot open it.

How can I contact the team of the Prepaid Gift Balance?

Try to use this link –