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Penn Foster Student Login – Today, with this post, I will elaborate the step by step process of “Penn Foster Student Login“.

To learn more about it, please read my article till the end and find all the details about the Penn Foster Student Login and all other relevant topics.

Penn Foster is a platform that offers so many resources for the existing students and alumni which helps them all to choose the best career path by using the information from the article.

So, how do you connect to the Penn Foster Student Portal? Accessing the portal is so easy if you know about the login steps. I have explained all the important steps in this article that would help you access all the course details and details about your grades and other things.

What is Penn Foster High School?

Penn Foster High School is an American high school that is popular for distance learning and it is an organization that works for profit. It was the year 1890 when the Penn Foster High School first started. Today, it is quite popular among students and is one of the largest if compared with other United States based high schools.

what is penn foster high school

There are approximately 50,000 students who enroll from all the 50 different American states. The main headquarters of the school is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Besides this, this institute has been accredited nationally as well as regionally.

By enrolling to this school, the students get a high school diploma program along with other high school concentration programs. These programs includes early college programs for the students who are looking to start their journey to the college by taking education in different fields such as electrical, plumbing, vocational training such as carpentry, health care and in information technology.

Many students have given testimonials about their unique Penn Foster experiences which you can Read Here.

You can also watch some of the commercials that explain the faculty members, staff members and students studying/working at Penn Foster. Watch Penn Foster Videos.

What is “Penn Foster Student Login”?

Like employee have their employee portal, companies have their company portals for different users and the same way the Penn Foster Login is for the students of the Penn Foster

what is penn foster student login

There is a different portal for the students who can login using the portal and find the course information.

All the students are able to enroll into the courses by giving access to the website portal using their account.

If you have recently joined Penn Foster High as a student, you must know what activities they can do with the Penn Foster Portal.

Some of you may already have an idea about some of the features of the portal but in case you are not aware about it then I am going to give you all the information about taking classes online, checking schedules of the classes. Further it helps all the students, teachers and staffs to join sessions online.

Features of Penn Foster Student Login

  • Create your new profile
  • Connect with students and teachers
  • Reading blogs and find information
  • Shopping books using bookstore online
  • You can start discussions using online discussion Forums
  • Getting help with your assignments

What are benefits of using Penn Foster Student Login?

  • You can set your schedule for class and learn whenever you wish
  • Flexible payment and lower cost of study programs
  • Online Education System with License
  • Comfortable learning experience

So, above are some basic Penn Foster Student Login benefits. Now you must learn about the step by step process of Penn Foster Student Login on the online portal

Now let me explain to you the step by step procedure for Penn Foster Student Login but before it you all must be aware about the login credentials for the Penn Foster Student Log In process.

Penn Foster Student Login Requirements

  • High speed internet connection
  • Official website address for “Penn Foster Student Login”.
  • Valid username or student ID or email for Penn Foster Student Login.
  • Latest internet browser
  • Personal Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

How to Login into Penn Foster Student Portal

Please follow the below steps in order to access your Penn Foster Student Login portal.

login to penn foster student portal

  • Now please insert your Username or Email or Student ID that is given to you.
  • Next thing, you have to select what you have entered using the Labels.
  • Press Continue button and access your online account.

How to Register an Account on Penn Foster Student Login Portal

To register your new account, please follow the steps I have listed below,

click on enroll now in penn foster website

  • Now find the option “Enroll Now”.

register account on penn foster student login portal

  • Click it and it will open a form. Here you must select the program, add name, email and your zip code. Do the needful.
  • Now you can enter all the other details about your contact like your phone number, birth date and other personal information.
  • After that you must select your ideal payment plan and then make payment for the school program.
  • Before making payment, you can add all the details like information about the card, check all the details about the page and then please proceed to payment.
  • Check and verify details to proceed to payment.
  • Within a few moments, you can get registered to the program of your choice.

Penn Foster Student Login Contact and Support

I am providing you with the contact details of Penn foster, if you face any difficulty, you can reach to this contact details to resolve your query. You may keep this details handy to get your problem solved.

If you are a student who enrolled at Penn Foster and you need any support or help dial 1.888.427.1000. You can also choose to go to the student care on the website and visit the Care page and select the contact us button.

Penn Foster High-School


925 Oak Street
Scranton PA 18515

Penn Foster Career School 


925 Oak Street
Scranton, PA 18515

Student Service Center 

925 Oak Street
Scranton, PA 18515

Call: 1.800.275.4410

Penn foster College’s Office address

143000 N Northsight Blvd., Suite 125
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Call: 1.800.471.3232

If you are not from USA

Then you may use the below information

Email Support: [email protected]

Call: 480.947.2784

Timings: New York Time

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 12:00am (Midnight)

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am to 12:00am (Midnight)

For Sending Fax: 480.947.2680

If you are from any states of the USA. 

If you are not studying at Penn foster, and want to connect them for any query, use the below information.

Call: 1.800.275.4410

Email support: [email protected]

Call: 1.570.343.9635

  • Sales department: 1.800.233.0259

Fax: 1.570.343.3620

Email : [email protected]

  • Admin Office address

14300 N Northsight-Blvd., Suite 125
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Call: 480.947.6644

Social Media Handles: 


So it was all about the Penn Foster Student Login on the official website I really hope that all the details I have provided to you in this article has helped you. So, if you are still facing issues related to the Penn Foster Student Login, then you are supposed to leave your comments and then I will try to help you out.


What is the Pennfoster Login or Penn Foster Sign In?

The Pennfoster Login or Penn Foster Sign In is student login credentials that they can use to access their student account. All the students can register to the programs or courses that are given to them on the official Penn Foster Student Portal.

Who is eligible to enroll in Penn Foster Private School?

Anyone who wants to join the courses, different certification programs, bachelor’s degrees and high school diploma courses then they can join this institute. They can also study criminal justice. These courses are 2-3 years long. Every single information about the courses are available on the website

What is the location of Penn Foster?

The official location of the Penn Foster High School is in Scranton. It is in the USA. All the students from all the states of the country register for distance learning.

Is the education free and legit at Penn Foster High School?

This school institute is for-profit that offers the education for some fees. But the school is credible, this school is approved both regionally and nationally by the Middle-State Commission on Secondary Schools – MSCSS and also by DEAC.

For enrolling, must I present some previous experience?

You need to possess a High School Diploma to register. If you have GED to register. It is the common requirement of every single Degree Program. So if you do not have these with you, then you can go to this link and find information at Penn Foster High School – Click Here

What is the ideal time taken to complete my training?

It entirely depends on you. The Penn Foster College can help you complete your course at your own speed. Normally you need 12 month at least to complete all the semesters.

What time does all the classes start?

Once you register you can start the classes immediately. There is no class because you are the only one who is in the class. Since you are going to learn from a distance, you have “Class of one”. There is only one session per class and you are the one who is taking it. Whenever ready, you can take the session and then begin to do your work.

Will I face any trouble because I’m out of the school for a very long period.

You would mostly not face any trouble. The Penn Foster College is providing education for the classes that you are interested in. By opting for any course, you take your time and learn about the subjects and proceed forward. You can learn comfortably at your home and learn. The courses offered by this college are very immersive and you can understand all the aspects of the course. But if you need further explanation, then you can contact a toll-free number provided to you or you can contact your instructor via email and get full support.

What is the amount of the fees needed for the resident lab?

Let’s say you have done your registration to a course successfully and you need a resident lab. So at that time, you are supposed to attend the resident laboratory for at least two-week by going to Pennsylvania State University’s Harrisburg Campus situated at Middletown of Pennsylvania.

For valuables at the lab, you have to pay some extra cost and it is a part of your four semester program. But still you take this training at the college and at the university that is near you.

In case you are having an experience about your past field of study, then you can be excused from attending this laboratory.

For this, your consultant is going to coordinate and consult you about the parts of your program. During your degree program especially during third and fourth semester, you are going to need more help on this.

What are the basic requirements for Penn Foster admission?

According to the website of Penn Foster College, Students should have their High School Diploma or they need to have their GED Equivalency Certificate. These are going to help you out with registering for Undergraduate Certificate, Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree and others.  Few course courses require the students to have their High School Diploma before they start the enrollment process.

I forgot the password of my login, I have no idea how to recover it?

The password recovery steps are very simple. All it takes is for you to visit this link – Click Here. Once you click this link you just have to follow instructions

Which authority should I call for any support?

If you need assistance or support related to your courses or technical issues, then you can dial this number 1.888.427.1000.

How will I receive the login details? How does PennFoster send all the details?

You will find all the details for login on your registered email address. That is why you must enter the email details correctly. So, in case you cannot receive the email in your inbox, then you are supposed to check your Spam folder. It will help you find it.

What can a student do login inside the Penn Foster Student Portal?

After accessing the sindie of the Penn Foster Student Portal, you are able to benefit from various features like assignment help, checking online-bookstore and joining discussion forums and other important details. You can easily connect the portal by using more features.

Why can’t I access the Penn Foster student portal online?

There could be a number of reasons why you are not able to access the online Penn Foster Login High School. It could be your slow internet, your device having older specifications, you may be using an outdated browser. Or there could be an issue related to the server of the website. For more help you can either contact or get telephonic support.

How to create my new account for Pennfoster.Edu and How do I recover its Login?

For study, you can get your official Pennfoster Edu Login. With this login, you can easily login to the portal and learn the courses and find all the relevant details.

I don’t remember my Penn Foster High School Login username. How do I reset it?

  • First of all, you have to click this link – Forgot Your username?
  • Forgotten username page will open on your device’s screen.
  • If you have email or student ID, it would work.
  • Proceed to the Next button.

Is the website down? I cannot use my Penn Penn Foster Login In the portal.

If you are living in USA and trying to connect to the portal, then there should not be any Penn Foster Student Login Us related problem accessing the portal, But if you are not able to access the website to open your My Penn Foster portal, then you can use the official Penn Foster Contact details to reach out and explain the situation.

What is the Penn Foster Phone Number for talking to the instructor?

For all the troubles related to the Penn Foster College portal or study, you can use the official Penn Foster Phone Number 1.888.427.1000. There is also email support for you in case you want additional conversational support with your studies or courses.

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