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MyPawPoints Login

MyPawPoints – Hello friends! If you are planning to pay some amount for extra earning on the Fresh Step products, then you must know about the reward program.

Please visit the portal and follow the guidelines on your screen. Within a short time, you can easily sign up to get the Free Cat Points Reward Program.


You can use your Facebook account to sign and provide your email address. Please use your name and phone number.

After you have created your MyPawPoint account on the official With this account you can begin to earn the reward points and then you can make the Fresh Step shopping!

Features and Highlights of Fresh Step MyPawPoints Reward Program

  • Upon joining this program and registering on its website, you will get 25 MypawPoints in the form of a Sign- up bonus.
  • You may redeem this MyPawpoints for Sweepstake entry, for buying toys and some other stuff for your cats.
  • If you have collected so many Mypawpoints, then you may consider donating some, it will help for getting shelters for the homeless cats.

Sign Up for Free Cat Points Reward Program

click on join for free in mypawpoints portal

  • Now, kindly type in the details asked such as First name, last name, email and Passcode.

sign up for free cat points reward program

  • Verify that all the details are correct, especially the password, and then tap on create account.

MyPawPoints Login to

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps for successfully accessing your Mypawpoints Portal:

login to mypawpoints portal

  • Type in your Email id
  • Now, kindly type in your password in blank.
  • Finally, hit Sign-in button, and you can easily access your Mypawpoints accounts.

How to Earn Bonus Points

You can earn the Bonus points by downloading the paw point application. By downloading this application you will get 50 Bonus points.

MyPawPoints Login Help and Support

In this section you will get the details of help and support of Fresh Step. So, if you have any questions regarding anything you may contact on any of the below.


So, this was all about how you can sign up  for the Free Cat Points reward program on its website I assume this might have helped you a lot in  signing up for the free Cat  points rewards program, but if you have any questions, you  can definitely leave a comment in the below section.


What can I buy with Paw points?

You can buy the cat Litter, food, and treats for your cat from any authorized Paw points store.

Can I have a Paw points app?

You can definitely have a fresh step paw point app, it will be easy for you to redeem them online on the app, and above that, you can have 50 Paw points by downloading it. You can buy litter, tantalizing cat  toys, and can also help you buy the cat shelter.

What are the Paw points?

The concept of Paw Points means they are connected to your LSU Tiger Card. You can dine at any retail location and pay a la carte. You can use these dollars to pay poor costs so that you can take entry to all-you-care-to-eat facilities.

What is fresh step login?

You can open the official website of fresh step login at

Is the mypawpoints com secure?

Yes, the mypawpoints login portal is secure. Please access your paw points, you can access the link –

How to check my fresh steps rewards?

You can check your fresh step rewards by visiting this link –

I cannot use my mypawpoints sign in to the login website.

Please see if you have entered the correct login details to access the paw