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Myindigocard Login – Indigo Credit Card Login

If you do not know about the steps of Indigo Credit Card Login. then please read this informative article. I will elaborate the step-by-step procedure of how to login to the official My Indigo Portal. I will give you every latest working link and details about the card activation guidance. For activation, you must visit the website and use your Indigo Credit Card details to access your profile.

I will help you understand the stepwise login process and activation process on website.

You will get a great Platinum MasterCard that will be very useful in safer access and user-friendly transactions from the official website

So, let me get you your brand new Indigo Credit Card by showing the registration steps. If you have your account for the credit card already and you do not know about the sign in steps, then also I will guide you.

indigo credit card

The main advantage of My Indigo Credit Card Login is that you can access your online account 24 hours. This helps you easily monitor all of the transactions that you do along with getting paperless transactions, paying your bills online, controlling your Indigo Credit Card and other functions.

Myindigocard Login website is very useful for the users to build their new credit score. With this newly improved credit score, the users can live a life that you always wanted and the one you wished for.

Benefits of Indigo Credit Card Login ?

There are many benefits of having your login account on the Indigo Credit Card. I provided the core benefits below, please learn about them briefly,

  • Access to your login account 24/7

Check your balance, access your statement, view your current and previous transactions, make scheduled payment or do anything that makes your tasks easier.

  • AutoPay feature

You can set your payment with the AutoPay feature for every month so this will help you worry less and enjoy more. No more problem remembering to pay every month.

  • Secure, Convenient and faster payments

Paying is not complicated anymore. You can pay faster and trust the credit card system for providing you more security.

How to Register for My Indigo Credit Card Account at

Are you trying to register but do not know how? Let me assist you with the listed steps.

click on register your account in myindigocard portal

  • Now please click on the Register Your Account button.

myindigocard account registration

  • After that add your Card number.
  • Now you must fill in the empty field with your Date of Birth – DDMMYYYY format.
  • Finally you must complete the steps by entering the Social Security Number detail.
  • Then please click “Continue to Next Step?”
  • Follow the next instructions.

How to Activate Indigo Credit Card?

To activate your Indigo Card, you must first ensure the account creation is successful. The account creation is done and you have got your Indigo Credit Card Login credentials. Then to access your online account and activate your card.

  • Open the card activation link –
  • Now use your Myindigocard Login details to access the account.
  • Add your personal details when asked.
  • After accessing your credit card account, please find the option “Activate Card”.
  • Now proceed to activate the Indigo Credit Card you have.

How to Sign into MyIndigoCard Login at

Now I assume your card is activated. So, now you must login to the portal to your account. To access the details such as your profile, history of transactions and other details, you are requested to login to your account. The below steps will guide you to login to your account.

login to myindigocard account

  • Now you have your username ready and your password, so enter them both.
  • Then. please click on “Log In” button below.
  • Keep on following the guidelines,

How to Reset MyIndigoCard Login Password

Do you want to recover your Indigo Credit Card Login password on website you should follow the steps,

click on forgot your username and password in myindigocard login page

  • Now click the option highlighted in the image above.

reset myindigocard login password

  • It will load a newer page on your screen.
  • Now you must provide the details that you are asked.
  • Add your username, then your Digital Card – Last 4 digits.
  • Then type your MM/DD/YYYY format birthdate.
  • After that you type your authentic Social Security Number.
  • After the details are complete and accurate, please click Reset Password.

How to Recover Indigo Credit Card Login Username at

For username change or update, you can send your request following the below steps on,

recover indigo credit card username

  • Now provide the details you are asked such as a 16-digit Account number.
  • Then provide your DOB in the given format.
  • Provide your Social Security Number.
  • Now go to the button “Request Username” and click it

MyIndigoCard Activation Using Mobile

If you are unable to login into MyIndigocard Login via website then, do not worry. You can do the login procedure from your Smartphone too. Kindly follow the below steps in order to use Smartphone for login:

  • Call on – 1.866.946.9545 for activating My Indigo.
  • Press # and the representative will speak to you.
  • Explain your condition about the login via mobile, and you should be able to do the login procedure.
  • Your My Indigo Card will be activated in a short time.

MyIndigoCard Login Help

For getting the Indigo Credit Card customer support, please use the below details,

  • Customer Service Dial 1-800-353-50920.
  • Timing: 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Pacific Time
  • Dial toll-free 866-946-9545.
  • If your card is Lost/Stolen – Dial 888-260-4532.
  • You can also fax on 503-268-4711.


So, friends, thank you for paying closer attention. I would request you to go through this article one more time and find all the information provided in it to be useful. After reading and understanding this article, you must have a clear mind about My Indigo Credit Card portal on its official website login account. Please use the website for login as the previous website link is not working anymore.

You can share your suggestions, problems or any ideas to me if you want using the comment section that is available below.


I am opening the website to activate but I am unable to activate it.

Try opening this website because the older website is not working. When you open the activate website then it will redirect your page to activate website only. But still you are unable to complete the process, then you must be facing some technical issue and you need technical support for it. So contact this number and get help 1.800.705.5144.

Why I am unable to open the myindigocard login official site?

That is an older website which won’t work anymore. You have to visit the official www indigocard com home page link – it will help you open the website and you can begin to login on this website.

Is activate difficult or time consuming?

Not at all. The myindigocard activate steps are simple and you complete in a few moments.

Is it true that I get perfect credit with the help of IndigoMasterCard?

Indigo Credit Cards will help you put your older records behind and give you freedom to enjoy the life that you wanted to.

How to check if I am eligible to get this card and do activate?

First you must check your eligibility by clicking this Pre-Quality Now link and then once you qualify, you can register yourself and go for the steps.

What details do I need for Pre-qualification for Credit Card?

You would need to first visit www indigocard com website and click on the Pre-qualify option. After that you need your Name, valid address, your active email, contact phone number, provide your Date of Birth in the asked date-month-year format and finally add the details of your Social Security Number.

What is the annual fee of this card as I cannot find it on the myindigocard login official site.

After you have completed Indigo Card Activate steps, then after a careful review of your credit profile, your fees will be determined. Till then you have time to review and learn about the terms before you attempt to apply.

What is the APR on an Indigo Credit Card annually?

The APR will be around 24.9% on purchases.

I cannot access my myindigocard com login account for checking if there is any APR Penalty?

There is no APR Penalty associated with your card. If you are getting failure to access the myindigocard card account, then take help of technical support team.

Is the myindigocard com website not operational anymore?

The website is updated with a new one but once you click it, it will load the website link.

How does indigo finance login benefit me?

Your Indigo Credit Card Login Account will help you access the services of Indigo Credit Card 24 hours. Access this portal at any time during 365 days.