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MyCaliforniaPermit – Online Permit Classes California

MyCaliforniaPermit is the drivers ED-course conducted online for your DMV – Department of Motor Vehicle. You can take this Permit Online Course California on The entire process of this course is very simple to get your approved ED Certificate.

There are 11 DMV Approved Lessons that you must complete. To get your DMV-Approved certificate of completing the course, you have to clear the final test. You will receive this certificate through US Mail only.

MyCaliforniaPermit is the best education course for drivers. Nearly 10,000 of youngsters enrolled for this course through the official website to get their Learners Driving Permit.

If you think it is risky, then you can view 100% of this ED Driver’s Course before making payment. If you do not pass, then you can take this test as many times as you want until you successfully clear it.

What does the California Drivers Permit Course includes?

  • For $65, Teens receive below benefits
      • DMV Completion Certificate for Driver ED
      • Unlimited Trials / Tests until you pass
      • DMV Practice Tests without paying extra
      • Non-Classroom Course (State Certified)
      • DMV Certificate FASTShipping
      • Guaranteed Satisfaction!
  • TEENS – Get Your Drivers ED Certificate (It’s EASY)
    • First you have to complete your California Driver’s Permit Course online (Driver’s ED) and you have to pass the test. Once you do that you can get your approved DMV Certificate of Completion. This will be securely shipped to you via United States Mail service.
    • Now you can take this DMV Certificate after you have cleared the written test successfully. Then you will get the official California Permit Course certificate.

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DMV Guidelines for selecting a Driving Instructor for New Teen Driver

  • By going to the authentic DMV website, you can get a license as an instructor of the driving school by accessing the OLS Information Database.
  • You can use this website to search for the closest Better Business Bureau as a source of reliable information about the complaints of the customers.
  • You can check about the cost of Examination Tuition and inquire about the extra fees or charges. So you must be sure of the total amount to pay.
  • Please make sure to create copies of contracts and receipts or other documentation.
  • You can request a new alternate instructor to your kid if your teenager does not meet your requirements. If you want to know more about the school’s policy on cancellation or change for the behind wheel training session. The fees that are compulsory to be paid should not come as a surprise to you.
  • Behind wheel training is conducted mostly during the evenings after the closing time of the offices and at the weekends. So, you can contact the correct phone number for ask for an emergency.

MyCaliforniaPermit – Drivers ED for DMV California Drivers Permit Course Process

start california drivers permit course

  • Please click on the button – Start Now (in green color)

enroll in online drivers permit course

  • Add the details and click Submit.

You will now have all the coupons and vouchers available. So if you want to make sure, please try to input the coupon code in the discount box.

You have to make sure your payment is securely paid with the credit card. Once you do that, Submit button.

Now within a few minutes, your payment will be approved, so you can now begin to teach and can take time to educate.

When you go through each and every lesson, your complete process is tracked until you complete all the 11 lessons. Take the test now!

Now for taking the test, there is a orange button that you need to click – Take The Test

Please answer all the 60 questions and keep answering all of them as accurately as possible. Then you can score about 80% or higher. Until you score 80%, you must keep trying to give all the tests.

Now you can see the details of the My California Permit course before making any purchase. So, you must click the option – Study The Lessons and open the menu. You will get all the details about the lessons.

So, by just paying $65, you will receive below,

  • A California Certificate with the approval from the official Better Business Bureau A+ rated via a secured website.
  • So do not waste any seconds and start taking the course today!


Are there any MyCaliforniaPermit Coupons for Teenagers opting for the course?

Your MyCaliforniaPermit Coupon will be used on the official groupon website by enrolling and entering your Groupon Redemption code.

From where can I get My California Permit Coupon Code?

You may get the My California Permit Coupon from RetailMenot DealsPlus, Coupon cabin and slickdeals.

How do the Online Permit Classes California take written tests?

Your written test will mostly be online.

How can I track MyCaliforniaPermit Practice Test easily?

There is no such shortcut to crack the test easily, you must have to read the California Driver Handbook in order to clear the test.

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