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MLGW Login – MLGW Bill Pay Online


You are going to learn today about MLGW Login. We will explain to you how you can do MLGW Account Login without facing troubles. Here we will instruct you with the entire process of MLGW Bill Pay as well.

If you have been unsuccessful in opening MLGW My Account with your current MLGW Log in or you are doing it for the first time and do not know about the method to do it, then we are here to help you and guide you in the process. All the key points that you would want related to MLGW Login are all included in this article.

So let us begin understanding in detail about the MLGW Login Account.

What is MLGW

The Memphis Light, Gas and Water is what makes the word MLGW. This company offers its employees MLGW Login for many benefits. This company or organization has one goal which is to provide service to its people living in the area of Memphis and Shelby. So, if you are wondering about the nature of the company or organization then this is a municipal public utility.

what is mlgw

The MLGW is known to be the biggest division which provides the services to more than 420, 000 users. The company has been controlled by Memphis.

The department has been actively supporting the population of the aforementioned county with natural gas, power (electricity), and water services.

Now that you’ve learned quite a bit about Memphis Light, Gas, and Water, or popularly known as MLGW, let us inform you about MLGW Login and My Account. But, and first foremost, you must be aware of the login criteria.

MLGW Login Requirements

To access your MLGW My Account, you’ll need the following information:

  • MLGW Login Account at
  • Username, password of your MLGW Account Login.
  • A fast internet connection is needed.
  • Laptop or mobile or any other browser supporting device.
  • New updated and speedy browser.

How to Login to MLGW Bill Pay Account using

Completing these simple steps is going to make sure your login to the MLGW portal to your MLGW My Account.

click on my account in mlgw login page

  • To access MLGW My Account, you must first click either of the My Account button, as seen in the image above.

select process to my account

  • You must now select the option – Proceed to My Account a second time.

login to mlgw account

  • Now please input the MLGW Login – Username in the blanks.
  • Now please input your MLGW Login Account  – Password.
  • Check and validate the authenticity of the details added.
  • Now proceed to login.

How to Reset MLGW Login Password

It’s not possible for you to access your MLGW My Account if you do not remember your password. So it is a must that you recover your password for your my account. With the access you are going to have your MLGW Bill checked and you can do MLGW Bill Pay. So, please start attending the steps of MLGW Account Login password reset.

  • So, first, open the link of the MLGW My Account website at

click on my account in mlgw login page

  • Please locate and choose the option for MyMLGW titled “Proceed to My Account.”
  • Find and choose the MLGW Login My Account option.

select forgot password option in mlgw login page

  • The MLGW Login page will then appear on your screen.

reset mlgw login password

  • Go for password reset of MLGW My Account and try to generate a new one.
  • As shown above, you now have an MLGW Account Login  page open on your screen.
  • As you can observe, there are many sections to fill in, so start with one at a time.
  • Please choose Account Number or Email after entering your username.

Payment Methods of MLGW Bill Pay

MLGW provides its users with great payment options and opportunities. You can pay your MLGW Bill online using the MLGW Bill Pay Online website, at a local processing facility, or in person.

You also have a choice to set up auto Bill MLGW Pay in an online www mlgw com payment system. 

MLGW offers a variety of flexible MLGW Bill Pay options. You can easily do MLGW Com Pay Bill online using the my account website, at a local MLGW Payment Center facility, or in-person.

Let us see the various methods of payment in detail. 

MLGW Bill Pay Online

For this method you must open the MLGW Login  portal at

Then on MLGW Pay your bill the MLGW Account Login  steps shown in this article. 

MLGW Bill Pay via Mail

You can write a cheque and send it to the address below 

220, S Main Street, Memphis, TN-38145. 

Please double-check the address by calling My Account MLGW customer care at [9015284465].

MLGW Bill Pay using Phone

You can use this number to MLGW Pay the bill using phone: 901-528-4465

MLGW Bill Pay by visiting In-Person

You may pay your bills in person other than MLGW Com Pay Bill at any of the MLGW Payment Center located around the country.

MLGW Login Help

We appreciate you being here till the end to read the MLGW My Account Login article and participate in the www mlgw com payment methods. We would love you to follow the steps of MLGW Login as shown here in this article. We believe there is no easier way than following these simple steps to do MLGW Sign In. You can open your MLGW Login My Account and easily do the login. You need to use the given contact details in case you run into some difficulties related to the MLGW Com Account Login.

Use this phone numbers to call and get help related to My Account MLGW

MyMLGW help numbers

  • 901-528-4465
  • 901-820-7878
  • 901-528-4270 
  • 901-544-6549

MLGW My Account Contact Details Email Id

Email Address Residential Customers: [email protected]
Email Address  Business Owner: [email protected]

Office Address:

Headquarter – 220-S Main Street, Memphis, TN-38145

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box  388 Memphis, TN-38145


We hope this MLGW Login article has served you well with its information. We would like you to successfully do the MLGW Bill Pay via your easy MLGW Account Login.  The My MLGW Account Login steps are easy to follow. In case you forgot your password, then without it you cannot access your MLGW My Account. So reset it as soon as possible. 

If you want to know more or ask about the MLGW Login information that we were not able to mention, please write your comments.


What is my MLGW Login Account? Which browser is best for using the MLGW?

There is no specific browser that will let you to properly login to the website, but it must fulfil the minimum criterion of having at least 128-bit encryption, which renders your information unreadable to other users. However, you should mostly utilise Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Will I receive a notice before I can pay my MLGW bill?

A mail notification will inform you.. You may also verify the URL after logging in with your MLGW Login.

Steps to finding MLGW Payment Center?

Click this URL –

MLGW Payment Center is one of the Agent-Locations that can assist you.