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La Madeleine Feedback Survey –

Do you know that the La Madeleine Restaurant chain is conducting a survey on the official website? So how do you take the La Madeleine Feedback Survey and win the coupon code? Well, if you are new to taking this survey, then let me help you out with the process.

La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey is conducted by the restaurant to find the mindset of the customers. If you have recently visited the restaurant La Madeleine and had some food, then you are eligible to take the La Madeleine Customer survey.

Before I begin to explain all about the Lamadsurvey, let me brief you about the restaurant chain.

What is La Madeleine Café?

what is la madeleine café

If you are looking for high quality food for families and individuals. This restaurant serves the customers breakfast, lunch and also dinner. No matter if you are a kid, adult or older person, you are going to love the food at La Madeleine Café.

This is a French Cafe chain that was first initiated by Patrick Esquerré. By profession, he was a businessman. The first restaurant of La Madeleine started in 1983. After a series of ups and downs in the business, today this restaurant chain is offering some delicious food items to the customers who visit to satisfy their hunger.

The food starts at just $28.99 in a Family Meal Bundle where you can enjoy Pasta Night, Breakfast and Brunch Package, Spring Brunch Bundle, Family Dinner Package, Picnic Lunch Package and similar items. La Madeleine understands the importance of food and of the customers and therefore it tries to offer the best food with good nutrition value.

La Madeleine offers the La Madeleine Rewards program for the customers who visit the store and get various offers and surprising perks. If you love the food of this restaurant, you can also download the app to your Android or your Apple devices.

Why Take La Madeleine Feedback Survey?

It is a known fact that La Madeleine does not compromise with the food or services it offers. That is the reason the restaurant chain wants to know if the customers really liked the food offered to them.

why take la madeleine feedback survey

There are many regular customers who love La Madeleine but if the customers are new or not aware about the taste and environment of the restaurant they can have different La Madeleine Feedback or opinion. So, this chain of restaurants wants to know if the food it provides is good or not.

With the help of the La Madeleine survey, the company can easily know what the expectations of the customers are and how the company can fulfill them.

The survey is available to access online at You can use your device that you have currently and open this link to access the main page of the survey.

If you love some delicious food at a French cafe, then you must take the La Madeleine Customer survey today.

Who Can Participate in La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction survey is meant for all the customers who visit. The survey is managed by the SMG or Service Management Group. SMG company collects all kinds of suggestions, opinions and feedback from the customers who want to on behalf of the company that participates.

participate in la madeleine guest satisfaction survey

The customers who are genuine and loyal to their favorite brand participate in the surveys online and provide their honest feedback. La Madeleine tries to find out how many customers actually are positive about the restaurant and how many did not like the food, services or any other points of the restaurant chain. Then the company tries to understand the negative points and tries to make the services better for all.

For providing your LaMadeleine feedback, you must take this survey and spare 5 minutes or less. On the first page, there will be a blank space where you have to enter the 15 digit survey invitation code. If that code is valid, then you can begin your survey as soon as possible.

Please make sure that your receipt must have the invitation code.

How many ways can the company collect the information?

1) Survey:

Surveys are the easiest ways to collect any information. There are two broad types of surveys – 1) Online and 2) Offline. Compared to offline surveys, online surveys are much easier because all the customers can access the surveys online using their mobile phone or computer devices. The company mostly conducts surveys online because of maximum reach to the customers.

The company will collect the data on its system and process the data to find out the meaningful information. Later it will use the information gathered to make the services, products and other key elements or areas better for the customers.

2) SMG:

If the company does not want to take the survey online, it can take help from any private companies like Service Management Group. This company specializes in the data collection online and helps collect the information on behalf of the companies and organizes them so that the companies can easily use the collected data for their decided purpose. The Service Management Group or SMG uses the latest technology such as cookies and interacting service that helps you to find out all about the data collection tools for providing all the relevant details about some random customer.

How Does Customer Survey help The La Madeleine Café?

In order to improve the existing services, Café La Madeleine needs genuine feedback from the customers. The La Madeleine Café then checks all the services and cross verifies all the details that are provided by the customers so that the company can make better decisions for improving its services.

The survey is just a medium through which the customer speaks their mind about the brand including its services and products. Then the brand such as La Madeleine analyzes the truth in the answers given.

If all or some of the answers point out to the fact that something is not right with the department, staff, food any other point, then the restaurant will consider taking a strong and strategic action on all the branches of the company and that would make a positive impact on the customer the next time he or she visits the store.

La Madeleine Café Nutrition Services

The restaurant La Madeleine understands how important it would be for the customers to maintain their health and fulfill their hunger. The Café offers the customers all the facts and details about the nutrition and food ingredients.

Many other restaurants also provide the details about the nutrition but Café La Madeleine has its own way to find out these details. Every individual has a right to be health-conscious and therefore he must not eat excessive or lower than required. This restaurant offers all the details about the nutrition on its guiding platforms.

The customers can find out the information about La Madeleine Café nutrition value and choose the food that offers the best suitable nutrition and calories. There are many nutrition levels that the restaurant has covered for the customers.

The nutrition levels include the details such as Interactive Nutrition Menu, Nutrition calculator, Allergan Menu and other details. The customer can calculate all the details about the nutrition, find out the menu and also check out if there are any ingredients added in the menu items.

The restaurant cares about the health and fitness of the customers that eat at one of its stores and therefore it provides all the details about the nutrition, Allergan and ingredients to the customers who can choose to remove some of the ingredients if they are allergic to them.

Usability Score of La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey

This is score out of 5 given by the customer regarding how easy it is to conduct on various devices;

  • On Laptop or a personal computer: 4.5 Star
  • On smartphone: 3 Star
  • On Tablet: 4 Star

La Madeleine Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

la madeleine customer satisfaction survey rules

You must keep in mind some of the rules for participating in the survey, I am listing them down for your ease.

  • Only consumers that are authorized to take part in can take the survey.
  • Non authorized participants will have to face copyright claim, trademark and other laws violation punishments.
  • As you put a tick on agreeing with SMG terms and conditions, below things will not be tolerated.
    • The content of the survey cannot be shared with anyone for personal or commercial usage
    • Any modifications will lead to violation of intellectual property and may be responsible for further consequences.
    • Making use of logo, or design or any kind of intellectual property is restricted.

How to Take La Madeleine Feedback Survey

Kindly follow the below steps in order to successfully complete the survey and get a coupon code.

  • Open the official web url of La Madeleine cafe guest satisfaction survey at

take la madeleine feedback survey

  • Now, type in the survey code from your invitation paper, it will be of 16 digits.
  • Tap on the Start button.
  • As soon as you press the start button, you will see some questions related to the menu, staff behavior, cleanliness, food quality, timings and much more.
  • Please answer all the questions, to the best of your knowledge, about the packaging, service, waiting time, etc.
  • If you might have faced any issue with the cafe, you can also report that.
  • In the survey you will also find one part for recommendations and suggestions, kindly provide if you have any.
  • Once all the questions get completed tap on submit.
  • Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a coupon code on the screen, save this code for the next visit and to avail the discounts on your next purchase.

La Madeleine Feedback – All Important Contact Details


Thank you very much for completing this article La Madeleine Feedback or Lamadsurvey on its survey website. If you are new to taking surveys, then this is the right article for you to learn about the Lamad Survey and know the right steps on how to take it.

I have cleared all the doubts that were related to the survey, so now you can go to the website and take the survey right now. Please make sure you answer all the questions honestly and with the actual experience you had. I am sure that will increase your chance of winning the prize.


Why I cannot access the online website Lamadeleinefeedback Com?

If you are trying to take the LaMadeleine feedback survey, then that website is not going to work. Now you can take the survey online at the website.

How to apply to work at La Madeleine restaurant at

Please visit the website correct Then please access the CAREERS option at the very bottom.

How much discount can I really get with the La Madeleine coupon?

You could get somewhere around 20% off using a La Madeleine coupon code.

What is included in the la madeleine allergen menu?

If you are allergic to some items such as peanuts, soy, wheat, eggs, fish, mlik, gluten, shellfish, tree nuts, MSG or other items such as Tree nuts, then you can easily communicate. While ordering regular food items, you can request the company to remove some of the ingredients that you are allergic to. You can find the details about the Allergen Menu on the website by clicking this link –

There is also another website that will inform you about the Allergan LaMadeleine menu – Nutrionix.

Can I find the food menu on the www lamadeleine com website?

Yes, once you open the website for La madeleine cafe, you will find all the details about the family pack or bundles, pack and other details. You can follow the company on social media where it posts pictures of the food it cooks with proper description as well.

I am trying to access the online website la for taking the survey and not getting success.

The website is not operational because the company shut it down already. But there is no problem because you can take the Lamadsurvey on a different website i.e.

How to check the balance of La Madeline gift card online?

To check the gift card balance online on the official website please dial this number – 1.877.893.0012.

Is the food at La-Madeleine nutritious?

The food at the restaurant is nutritious and carefully prepared considering your health and fitness. The food it offers has a La madeleine calorie count that helps the hungry person get enough energy and nutrition that lasts for a longer time. To check more about the Nutrition by clicking this link – Click here

What factors are considered in La madeleine calorie count?

The restaurant considers all the basic factors that your body requires in order to get the proper value. These factors include Saturated fats, Trans Fats, Cholesterol, Sodium, total number of Carbohydrates that includes Dietary Fiber, Sugar and Added Sugar. There is some more information about the Vitamins and Protein that would help you get stuffed for a day. The DV or the Daily Value % that is recommended by many health associations includes about 2000 calories every day for adults. So based on that fact, you can get decent food there that satisfies your hunger and tastes delicious.

Exactly at how many locations does the la madeleine corporate operate?

As of today Café madeleine operates a total of 80 restaurants and they are expanding their operations.

Can I get a La Madeline coupon without taking the survey?

If there is any other way the restaurant provides coupons, then you could surely get it. But taking a survey is going to give you that coupon for free.

Is the cafe madeleine menu too spicy?

You can visit the main company website and find all the details about the menu and all the other items that are included in the menu.

I found the La Madeleine gift card promotion on Amazon. Is that even legit?

These promotional coupons or gift cards are provided by the third party providers and therefore you cannot trust them. The restaurant has not openly said it prompted anything on the Amazon E-Commerce website. But if the coupons are legit and you can get some discounts or some percentage off on the menu items, then you can surely use those coupons available on Amazon or any other website.

Is the LamadSurvey available in 2022?

Yes, the restaurant chain has started taking the survey online at

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