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Do you know anything about Minecraft Remote Connect? If not, then I am here to explain all the right information about what is https aka ms remoteconnect and if you are playing Minecraft, then you must know how it is going to help you out. You must know how you can set up a cross engine. You should also know about what is the cross engine error.

You must understand more about setting up cross engine errors and how you can fix this little issue with the help of the right steps and instructions.

So, let’s get clear more about the AKA MS RemoteConnect.

What is

Do you know about If not, then you should know that it is a website that would help you play Minecraft from your home with other players. You have to use your own devices for sure but this website for Minecraft remote connect is really going to help you out playing games smoothly on your current PlayStation 4 device.

If you are a person with Non-Microsoft device, then you have to register first to gain access to the website. But, the users are requested to login to get their free Microsoft Account for playing with other players.

what is aka ms remoteconnect

After login, you will get a free Microsoft Account that you can use to play with other Minecraft players on the other end. They would be using their consoles like PS4, Personal Computers or any other devices. They could be operating the game using their Smartphones including iPhone or other smartphones using android device.

The precondition here is that they all must have Minecraft installed on their current Xbox One device and they all should have their free Microsoft Login account.

Now, you have a brief idea about https aka ms remoteconnect website. Now, let us learn how to set it up.

How to Set up Minecraft Remote Connect on Xbox One with ?

Please carefully follow the below steps in order to set up your Minecraft Remote Connect on your current Xbox device. You can also use the Xbox mobile application for this.

enter code to setup minecraft remote connect on xbox one

  • Enter the details of Microsoft Account and login.
  • Please keep following the instructions that are on your screen.
  • Enter the details that you are asked.
  • Use your Smartphone for opening this otherwise it would not be accessible.

How Setup an Xbox One for Minecraft Crossplay?

Kindly keep following the below steps,

  • On your Xbox One, First access your Microsoft Store.
  • Now using the available search option, please find Minecraft for your Xbox One.
  • If you are a user having a Minecraft Xbox-One Edition then you can download the application completely free and play the downloaded Minecraft game.
  • There will be all the instructions available on your screen when setting up the cross-playing with other players.
  • Following all the instructions you can understand that all the players have already set up the features of cross-play on their devices.

How to Setup Minecraft Crossplay on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch?

  • Find the Nintendo on your PlayStation store on your PS4 device.
  • On your PS4 device, please search “Minecraft” and begin downloading the application.
  • On the Nintendo Switch Remote device, you need to find Minecraft to download it.
  • And then please register your user account.
  • Access the Minecraft home screen on your device and click on the Sign-In button.
  • You will get a code of 8 digits on your display. Now using this 8 digit code, you can activate your account on the official Remote connect minecraft – website.
  • Use your browser to open the link on the phone or PC.
  • After adding the code details, please click on the “Next” option.
  • Keep following all the right instructions displayed on your screen so that the process of login is finished.

How to Delete Your Saved Minecraft Game?

  • For deleting your Minecraft game, you have to access the Minecraft on your mobile phone.
  • Now please open your setting and click on the storage option. After that please access the system setting and then access the storage option.
  • Then you must click on the Game Storage for accessing the store files.
  • After that you can delete or remove the files in Minecraft.

How to Fix Error?

how to fix remoteconnect error

You can fix all the issues if you have an access code with you. Many users try the codes but it does not help them. So if you are one of the users who have been facing issues and trying to fix the Minecraft errors, then please read the following details,

  • Minecraft game – Microsoft Sign In code

On the PS4 account you have, these errors will be seen. In case you have created a new Microsoft Account, then when you access the game, you will see the Microsoft Error code.

Now you will have to go to the Microsoft Access code or you can easily save that page on your phone or personal computer using the bookmark option. Now after that you can use that code by copying and pasting it on the other device. It is easier to access the Minecraft store after you have completed the accessing the code. This step by step method is known as Brute Force. If you are looking for some Microsoft coupon code, you will get them on various websites.

  • Creating new Microsoft Account:

The code error may occur when you change your device or the problem may be related to your Microsoft account. Often it may occur because there will be any problem associated with Xbox and PlayStation 4.

You can fix your Remote Connect error so you have to create a fresh account which is the same box. From accessing the store, you can also download the Minecraft texture store also.

Why do you get the Microsoft Error?

On your Minecraft PS4 edition, this is one Minecraft error or a bug. Players who play the game of Minecraft and face the problems for the first time must understand that they may face some problems related to the Microsoft Bug.

Because of the bug, you cannot sign in to Minecraft using your current Microsoft Account. Every time you try to login and access the account, you are going to face issues related to the device change. Majority of players will want to change their current device due to this error after witnessing many failed attempts. So, no matter which device you use, there will be a Microsoft Login Bug error which will be constant and will not change even if you change from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 or vice versa, this error will always be there.

So, in a nutshell, the error is because of Crossplay. Now to enjoy the Minecraft crossplay, you must have your Microsoft Account. The error is because of the commands. Often it becomes useless because after all, the main asset of the games gets scratches. There will not be any token in your account so you would not be able to buy any items. Many users face this issue and some players do find a solution for these errors. But by reading this article, you will learn how best you can solve these problems easily without facing troubles.

Please keep one thing in mind that most of the times this error is seen in PlayStation 4. If you are a new user of Microsoft account, you are going to get some error messages and problems. You may also not get some of the features with Bedrock edition due to the crossplay and on the services. Login Steps

By choosing the official Aka Remote Connect control online portal, you may click the “Sign Up for free” option. The players who start the game of Minecraft for the very first time are going to get a notification about the information and all the benefits of connecting the Microsoft account of Microsoft with the Minecraft game. These steps are going to guide you all with login,

enter code to setup minecraft remote connect on xbox one

  • On this page, you will have to put the code that is available on your current device or application.
  • It is going to help you connect your Microsoft Account. You have to trust this website.
  • After entering the code and verifying that you have entered the correct one, please click the “Next” option.
  • Keep following the process.

You will get the details about the Xbox Live profile and whether it is connected on Minecraft’s official website. All the players can now enjoy the Minecraft Bedrock edition.


So, guys, that was it for the Minecraft remote connect error problem solving Most of the Minecraft players have to go through this error if they want to enjoy the Crossplay features on their devices. I have tried my best to explain to you all about the problems of Remote connect minecraft ps4 and other devices and how to resolve it easily by going through the website https //aka ms/remoteconnect. If need further help or support, I would request you to give me your genuine feedback and I will try to get back to you.


What is the official Remoteconnect minecraft login website link?

You can go to the https aka ms remoteconnect link. This link is Remote connect minecraft which will help you login to the Minecraft RemoteConnect site

Is the https // minecraft login different from Minecraft Net Login?

Well, you can visit the https // minecraft page and try to login for crossplay. On the other hand, Minecraft Net is the portal where you need to login to your official Minecraft account.

Why does the https // minecraft pops up on the screen?

There is not one but many reasons it pops up. So you can resolve this issue by signing in to your official Microsoft Account. It is an error that appears on your screen and it requires you to resolve it using some of the steps.

What are the reasons for the https// error?

The https // nintendo switch, xbox and on playstation 4 is a common problem that all the users have to face due to a few issues. These issues are listed down below,

  • Frequently changing your device.
  • Playing a Corrupt game having corrupt files.

These are the two reasons that are majorly faced by most of the players of MInecraft. The https //aka ms/remoteconnect error may go away with the help of simple steps.

How can I fix Remote connect minecraft ps4?

First you must start your device i.e. your PlayStation 4. Now on your home screen, you must access the option “Multiple access”. Now You will receive a https // code on your device and that link is going to help you authorize your account.

I am facing this issue – https // not working

The first thing to do when you face the remote connect not working issue, then you have to start restarting your current device. This is the best way you can fix any temporary bugs or cache errors. The Aka Remote Connect can be fixed when your device is restarting. You must try one more time until it does not fix https // error.

What is the reason for https// not working?

The reason for http // not working is because someone else might be using your account and you would not be able to connect  to Minecraft. Fixing this issue can be very easy, you can do it manually. You can check all the different accounts that are linked to your official account and if they are connected, you must log out of the accounts immediately.

I am trying to enter the code on https aka ms remoteconnect but it does not work.

You may be getting the message “That code didn’t work. Check that code and try entering the code again.” You may be entering a completely wrong code for https // account. You must try to get the code one more time and add it.

Which setting menu should I access for the code?

You must access the https aka ms remoteconnect account settings Minecraft and then click on the Device and Connections. After that please click the Remote-Features. Enabling the remote features, move to selecting the “Instant on” feature. After you do the https // account settings, please go to the website link and then enter the code available on your Xbox (Or other service)

Why am I getting the error of nintendo switch? It is annoying.

If you are unable to resolve this https aka ms remoteconnect nintendo switch problem, then you must take help form the Minecraft Help center. Please click this link – https // not working ps4

Getting https // not working ps4 error.

Try visiting the website and entering the code as instructed in this article. I am sure it will resolve your problem related to this error.

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