Home Depot Survey
Customer Feedback Survey

You can participate in this survey via your purchase receipt at the official website at www.HomeDepot.com/Survey. It is the best platform for the customers to give feedback about the company and make them understand about their services, how much they are success to satisfy their customers and what are their faults to meet that success.


Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey will be held on  www.HomeDepot.com/Survey, where you need to share your real concerns and genuine feedback. Your feedback and comments will help the company to improve and provide a smooth service to its customer shortly. When you finally submit the survey, you will get an opportunity of a free entry in the Sweepstake process of Home Depot Survey.

Keep scrolling to read the whole Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey to win $5000 gift cards. Read the full guideline, rules and requirements to complete the Survey at www.HomeDepot.com/Survey.

A Brief About Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

Company Name Home Depot
Participation type Feedback Survey
Participation Mode Online
Official Link www.homedepot.com/survey  
Price $500 gift card
Residence Only Americans
Minimum age limit 18+
Preferred Language English or Spanish

It is a home improvement retailer chain of America. They organized the Customer Satisfaction Survey @ www.homedepot.com/survey has to improve their overall performance and product quality.

Home Depot wants to pay attention to the thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and recommendations of its loyal customers through the HomeDepot.com survey, which helps them to enhance their goods and services based on public demand.

This Home Depot Customer Survey is only made to receive all customers’ feedback and recommendations to present latest purchasing experience and offer to the consumers.

Kindly, go through the entire blog carefully and finish the Home Depot Customer Survey process efficiently to achieve your sweepstakes prize.

Home Depot Survey @ www.HomeDepot.com/Survey to win Rewards

/Win: $5000 Home Depot Gift Cards on the next visit at Home Depot/

While you complete the survey, the company will provide you with the option for winning their offered prize $5000 Home Depot Gift Cards. So, don’t let the chance go away and grab your chance to win the Home Depot Sweepstakes Reward.

Rules for Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • The most important thing to take part in the survey is you must be a permanent citizen of U.S.A
  • Age must be 18+ or more than that
  • Illegal and numerous registrations are not allowed
  • Transfer the prize to anyone is not permissible
  • No chance of getting alternative cash instead of the reward
  • None of the employees of the company can participate in the survey. 

Checklist Of Requirements For The Customer Satisfaction Survey Of Home Depot

  • Home Depot receipt is essential before you take participate in the survey.
  • Use any of your gadgets like mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop to participate in this survey. 
  • Good internet connection would be better to take the survey.
  • English or Spanish language with basic knowledge is necessary
  • Better to be accessed with a valid Email ID. Otherwise, the company can not be able to keep in touch with you.

How to Take Home Depot Survey at www.homedepot.com/survey

Home Depot Survey
  • Choose the language, you know well. So, select language to continue.
  • Hit on the Next button to start the Home Depot Survey
  • A page of the survey questionnaire will be provided to you.
  • Just think once about your last visit and answer all the questions sincerely.
  • Now rate their overall services with your personal views.
  • Submit the survey and a page will appear in front of you to put your details
  • Please fulfil them securely, as any mistake would be the reason for losing the prize.
  • Submit the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction survey and check out the sweepstake process to win $5000 Gift Cards.

Contact Home Depot via Email

[email protected]

Home Depot Contact Details:

1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337) or



So, it’s all about the Home Depot Survey at www.homedepot.com/survey. So, share your feedback here and if you face any problem, feel free to ask us and leave your message in the comment box.

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  1. 11/5/2020
    Today I visited Home Depot to purchase a vise. I also found a worktable I wanted but needed assistance in what hardware I needed to attach the vise to the worktable. Home Depot staff member Natalia came to my rescue. She figured what size bolt & nut I needed, as well as washers to use. You would think that perhaps the manufacturer of the vise would have included that information as part of the instructions, but no such luck. Natalia measured both the holes on the vise and those on the worktable and figured which bolt and nut would work. The exact size was not available so improvizing was required. Natalia was a champ and figured out what I needed. I am home with my new vise and worktable and excited to begin my project. I love Home Depot, the staff is always helpful, professional and ready to tackle anything.

  2. Hello, Let me first say that i love HomeDepot. I have shopped allot in your store in phenix city Alabama. Well I was in this store today (Monday Nov.30 at 4:56pm. I was there to get 2 bales of wheat straw. As I was looking for a parking place I noticed an associate at the hey trailors near the garden center. I pulled up and got his attention and told him i needed 2 bales of wheat straw. He them told me i had to pay for it first, which i had know problem but the problem came when i asked him where i needed to got to pay for the straw. I asked him 2 or 3 times where i needed to go to pay and he kept telling me i had to pay first, fine no problem. I finally ask if the garden center was open and he very rudely said (No its to cold to be out there, the garden center was closed, I had to go up front, Well I went up front and payed for the straw and Makayla was super nice and told me where to go to pick it up. When I drove back around the same associate was there. When I pulled up he said (what do you need)? I told him 2 bales of wheat straw and He said 2 I said yes and 3 more times he said 2 and i said yes 2. Then he held up 2 fingures and said 1 and 1. I then asked him what his name was and he told me i didnt need his name and he said (what do you what to talk to my manager. I told him i was tired of his attitude and would be speaking to his manager. At this point I was boiling mad so instead of looking for the manager then i was in a hurry to be somewhere so i left. When I called the store the phone just rang and rang so I waited a few minutes and called again. This time I got a young lady who was very nice and I told her what happened. She was not happy at all and told me I needed to speak with the Manager who she connected me with. I told the manager what happened and at first he seemed like he knew who i was talking about as i described the young man to him. (young man wearing a dirty gray hooded sweater with the hood over his head and looked like maybe longer blonde hair) Well at the end of the conversation the mgr told me he would try to find out who it was I was talking about and have a talk with him. Now I have worked in retail fro years and i know how people should be treated even if he was happy helping me, he should have been more professional. I have relatives who work for Homedepot and I know that this isnt acceptable behavior from your associates. As I said I love this store and shop here allot, but if im going to be treated like this i may not be back. Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for handling this situtaion.

    1. I’d like to let you know that George helped me the other day at the register and has helped me in the past. State Road 64 Store in Bradenton. He is always very helpful and happy to help. Have to say, I wish all cashiers across America were like him.

  3. Went to the Home Depot at Pharr Texas . to buy a screen door and a pole saw. we were lost when we got in the store but the staff were very helpful and made it an enjoyable day .I do wish I would have got the names of the people that helped us.

  4. We went to the Home Depot at Pharr Texas and I did not get the peoples name that helped us b ut the staff made it a very good day

  5. Cannot believe the garden center entrance is not open on a Weekend!!!! This is ridiculous!
    Then my items were priced incorrect will not be going back here

  6. visited home depot march 19th to order a blind for a bedroom window. a young lady , Kristin Fowler helped me. she was very polite and helpful. i will visit again and hope she is there to assist me again. Thank you Kristin.

  7. I love Home Depot! My husband and I are building a green house complete with electricity and running water. We have had so many great experiences while shopping for all our materials to build the green house. Dale Goforth a manager in the Pro Builders Department began this undertaking with us. We had the plans for the build and he worked up a customer quote and we began our first purchase. We received assistance while selecting the lumber needed and the Sunlite PC Panels with all the snap caps and u channels needed to complete the frame and clad (again with the assistance of Dale). The frame complete, next the selection of paint to protect the framing from the weather. The rep. for Behr paint offered to help us select the best paint for the frame. We really liked the way it went on, thick and covering with one coat, plus the color matched our trim on the outbuildings and house! Now, on to the electrical department to gather the items to run the electricity. Dale Dahlhauser assisted us in everrything needed to complete this task. We now have the frame complete, painted and clad with the Sunlite PC Panels! The water is hooked up and just need to complete the electricity. We would like to thank the very helpful and personable staff @ the Poulsbo Home Depot for always giving the customer 110%!
    Thank you! Del & Kathy

  8. Hello, I went to my favorite Home Depot 03/30/21 at 04:26 PM to get supplies for my raised beds. After finding everything that I wanted that day, I was checked out by a very polite LORI . Everyone is always very helpful at store 6932 .4525 Mobile Highway. Thanks LORI, she made sure I had everything I wanted .!!!!!