HEB Survey
Customer Feedback Survey

H.E.B. is an American Supermarket company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, United States. H.E.B. is running a live survey to get the customer feedback in which they are providing their parting customers a chance to win a $100 Gift Card.


Every running company wants its best work to do to get their best possible satisfaction. But it can only happen correctly if the communication gap between the running company and consumer is the lowest. So to lower the company and consumer communication gap, companies use to have some surveys done. So that they can get the best possible feedback and they can improve.

Companies also provide some discounts or rewards to the customers if they complete the Survey. After all, they are helping them to be better.

In the same way, H.E.B. has a survey too, which, after completion, can make you win the chance of having a $100 Gift Card.

Survey Published at – heb.com/Survey.

You need to complete the Survey to help the company, and you are eligible for the reward then.

About H.E.B. Customer Survey

Topic Details
Survey Name H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL www.heb.com/Survey
Survey Prize $100 H-E-B gift card
Entry Methods Online and Mail
Official Website www.heb.com
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt

HEB Customer Survey helps the same company so that they can be better and give their customers a chance to win gift cards valued at $100. As customers help them, the company gives rewards for the same as appreciation.

So don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and take participation in the Survey. Here this guide will provide you all the necessary information, and You need to read it entirely and go to the official survey site to complete the Survey at www.heb.com/Survey.

After completion, you will get direct entry to the H.E.B.’s Sweepstakes, where you will stand out a chance to win a gift card priced at $100.

WHY H.E.B. Customer Survey?

H.E.B. Customer Survey

H.E.B. wants their service to improve so that they can provide the best possible customer satisfaction. To be able to do that, they must lower the communication gap between their consumers and themselves. This Survey is doing the same thing.

You guys can help them understand their flaws by taking part in the Survey online. This guide will help you understand all the rules and steps to take part in the Survey and avail of the offer. 

HEB Customer Survey Rewards at heb.com/survey

Finishing the H.E.B. Customer Survey at heb.com/survey  will provide you a chance to win a gift card of $100 price. H.E.B. announces 50 winners each month. So by completing the Survey, you can be lucky to win that $100 Gift Card.

Requirements to take H.E.B. Customer Survey

To take part in the Survey, YOU MUST BE HAVING –

  • A proper quality internet connection.
  • 5 to 10 minutes.
  • An electronic device running Internet (PC, Laptop, Smartphone)
  • An active Email-ID 
  • The reading ability of any one of the languages English/Spanish.
  • The receipt of a recent visit to the H.E.B. store.

Rules for participating in the H.E.B. Customer Survey

  • Only US residents are allowed to take part in the Survey.
  • Only adults age 18 or older are eligible.
  • Offer can be redeemed only once per receipt.
  • Cash mode is not available to redeem the offer.
  • Staff Members are not allowed to take part in the Survey.

How to Take HEB Survey at Heb.com/survey

Following steps are required to get the Exciting $100 Gift Card by taking H.E.B. Customer Survey Online:-

Step 1: – Visit the Official site performing Survey – http://www.heb.com/Survey.


Step 2: – Select the language button to continue the Survey. 

Step 3: – Find the Certificate Code to fill up in the required Dialogue box. You can find that written on the receipt.

Step 4: – After filling in the details, click the button named “ENTER.”

Step 5: – Rate your experience of the H.E.B. store in terms of dissatisfaction/satisfaction. 

Step 6: – Now, answer all the questions coming to you at the screen one by one and keep clicking NEXT.

 Step 7: – Now fill up your contact details and personal information in the respective dialogue box after answering the survey questions.

Step 8: – Click the SUBMIT button to complete the H.E.B. survey. 

Step 9: – After Completion, You will see a screen showing “Thank you for taking the time to complete the H.E.B. customer survey. Your Survey is complete now, and from here, you will enter directly into the H.E.B.’s Sweepstakes contest, where you stand out a chance to win a $100 Gift card. ENJOY!!

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  1. Store was very clean and organized. However there are certain items that are hard to find in stock: Accent seasoning, Folgers singles instant coffee crystals (7 singles per box). The only complaint I have and by others is: During high compacity hours on (Saturday & Sunday) between 10:00 am & 2 pm. Why does HEB allow the large carts used (for online shopping orders) that won’t be picked up until the next day to be occupied and filled during these hours? It slows up the independent customers, clogs up the isles, causes frustration & confusion. When there’s two carts on the same isle no-one can go down the aisle. Solution – Those orders should be filled after hours before the stockers arrive. Steady customer for 22 Years.

  2. heb oak hill is very clean. good kind people to help me. i like fish area and nice boy who helps me good. the carts are cleaned all day. the restroom is very nice and clean. i like this store because it is not too grande.

    thanks to heb.

  3. Heb Parmer , environment was really clean staff was great Miranda was quick with checkout process and very approachable

  4. Shopping at HEB is the best place in Corsicana to relax and in a friendly and always have plenty to pick from.

  5. HEB that I go to at Vilot and Leopard corpus texas had always what I need, store is clean and staff is very helpful.

  6. The casher was so friendly and the person who sacked my grocers was so fast .wow
    I love the helpful people through out the store as well .No one seems to mind you asking a question ,even though they are working , stocking or filling orders .
    love our HE B .
    My cashier was BRI G

  7. H.E.B. Burleson . I have been in Crowley for almost a year and had never been to the HEB. so my girlfriend decided to take me to show me where it was. She loves it and wanted me to share the excitement. It was my first time in the store and it was a great experience. From the time I walk in the door we were met with pleasant employee’s. We ran into Zach who is Manager of the Seafood counter and was very friendly and inviting, I’m sorry that I don’t remember any other names but all the employees were great. We were able to receive a try it free
    coupon. Whenever possible I will definitely visit again and bring my husband.

  8. the HEB store use to be a good place to shop, however lately it is doing badly first they were advertising King,s sweet bread 18 ooz and when you got the bread it said 13 oz now they made the muffins smaller but before they were put in a container that had a pocket for each muffin but now they put them in containers without the individual pockets and they are loose and sideways or sometimes even upside down Is this doing it better I don,t think so