Customer Feedback Survey – Download and Remote Access Procedure is our topic today. We are going to explain some details about Glance Intuit and explain how it would be beneficial for TurboTax customers. All your questions about download and about the remote access will be resolved here.

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  • Glance Intuit
  • Glance Intuit guest
  •  Voice over IP and Glance Intuit relation
  • And finally the process and steps of glance intuit com download software.

Once you read this article with details till the end, then only you will get accurate details.

What is Glance Intuit Software?

Glance Intuit is a secure and very useful software that gives its customers and their specialists an access to Glance Software Suite. The download is a fast book software that is used by the customers to get the tax relief. It is a software that the intuit glance tax specialists are able to access from their Glance Software Suite.

download glance intuit gives direct access to the tool called TurboTax ScreenSharing.

So what is glanceguest purpose? Well, Glance intuit com remote helps the individuals who are struggling with the tax return issues. But here the Glance intuit com remote portal works like a charm to all the customers. Turbotax screen share is also another great feature that helps you to share screens and use remote access. This will help in glance screen sharing by the guests and talk more easily.

Benefits you get from  Glance.Intuit.Com:

There are many benefits using, you may find them below:

  • You can achieve the sales objective.
  • Opportunity to increase the skills on demand
  • Increase the KPIs – Key performance indicator of your call center.
  • Increase the conversion ratio by meeting people virtually and building trust.
  • Optimize usage of the application

Insights on Glance Intuit & TurboTax Share

Glance Intuit com remote is a program developed by intuits for which enables you to share the screen mainly for the purpose of quickbooks and tax getting help in tax details.

download glance intuit software at turbotax share

Let us assume you are minding your tax data in turbotax , and at that time if you have downloaded Glance guest program from its authentic website – in order to connect to intuit client support, by doing so you will get an professional support with a remote access, simply by sharing turbotax screen with the intuit agent.

Some business partners working at different locations may also find the website very useful and handy, they can seek proconnect sessions which can help them in quickbooks.

Both the person, the client and the customer can see what they are doing and how you are making calculations, and can correct the mistakes if any, earlier it was done via phone and was very complex to understand and implement.

What is Glance Guest or

download glance guest software

This is a very special app that allows the users to do screen-sharing of their devices with a person remotely.

It can be taken in use to solve any technical difficulty faced by the person on the other end. Once it is installed on your device, you can share your screen with your customer for various purposes like helping them in resolving any query, students can share their screen to teach the fellow students, and the most amazing part of this software is, it is completely free of cost, you don’t have to pay anything.

How Does Glance Related to VoIP (voice over IP)

The glance program does not allow VoIP voice over IP, but still you can do sound – connect on VoIP if it is necessary which you can often find as one of the call center tools.

Please find the process of obtaining the glance access software on your device.

  • Visit the official website of and get downloaded
  • Once you are on that website, you can see the procedure of download will begin automatically.
  • Once it is completely downloaded, open the file and press the enter button and then run button.
  • You will see a notification which says installed, the open recently downloaded glance intuit com remote app.
  • To connect to the clients follow the instructions visible on the screen.
  • Go to the downloads option and install the setup file once again if you do not get any success the first time around.
  • If that does not work even, then open with the help of some other browser rather than chrome.


So, this was all about the Glance app and, hope you must have gained some knowledge, and furthermore it is not only useful to the customers and employees, even students can take advantage of it by sharing notes and explaining to each other various academic subjects.


Is the glance intuit supported on a MAC device and can I operate it easily?

Make sure you do as these steps suggest you,

  • First open the setting page
  • Then open the security & privacy option
  • Then click on Privacy
  • Now start the Screen recording process.

Finally on the page you have, tick the box available right beside the glance client.

I need to briefly know what Glance Intuit is.

It is a simple application designed specially for the customers of TurboTax. This app has been built by tax specialists. Users can get support via this software using SmartLook.

Is it possible to use Glance intuit on Mobile device instead of accessing

Yes, with their app, it is possible to use glance intuit on mobile devices.

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