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Cracker Barrel was established in Tennessee, London, in 1969. The company runs a free survey to Win a unique Cracker Barrel rocking chair for a $150 or 100$ gift card.

Every running company wants its best work to do to get their best possible satisfaction. But it can only happen correctly if the communication gap between the running company and consumer is the lowest. So to lower the company and consumer communication gap, companies use to have some surveys done. Companies also provide some discounts or rewards to the customers if they complete the Survey. After all, they are helping them to be better.

Cracker Barrel Survey

Cracker Barrel has a survey too, which can make you win a special Cracker Barrel rocking chair of 150$ worth after completion.

The Survey is published at

You need to complete the Survey to help the company, and you are eligible for the reward then.

About Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Cracker Barrel's Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey helps the same company so that they can get better and give their customers a chance to win a special Cracker Barrel rocking chair of 150$ worth.

As consumers help, the company rewards them for the same as an appreciation.

So don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and take participate in the Survey. 

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information, and You need to read it thoroughly and go to the official survey site to complete the Survey at

After completion, you will get an opportunity to win a unique Cracker Barrel rocking chair of 150$ worth.

WHY Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Cracker Barrel wants their service to improve so that they can provide the best possible customer satisfaction. To be able to do that, they must lower the communication gap between their consumers and themselves.

You guys can help them understand their flaws by taking part in the Survey online. This guide will help you know all the rules and steps to participate in the Survey and avail of the offer.

Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey Rewards

Finishing the cracker barrel consumer satisfaction Survey at will provide you a chance to win a rocking chair or 100$ gift card.

Requirements to take Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey

 To take part in the Survey, YOU MUST BE HAVING –

  • A proper quality internet connection.
  • 5 to 10 minutes.
  • An electronic device running Internet (PC, Laptop, Smartphone)
  • An active Email-ID 
  • The reading ability of any one of the languages English/Spanish.
  • Your recent Cracker barrel old country store receipt has an invitation to join this Survey.

Rules for participating in Cracker Barrel’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey

  • Only adults age 18 or older are eligible.
  • Must be a residence of 50 US states or Columbia District. 
  • Only one winner per house per cracker barrel survey period will be eligible.
  • There would be no substitution in the survey sweepstakes price.
  • Offer can be redeemed only once per receipt.
  • Only one receipt invite entry per person per week.
  • Winners are responsible for all taxes.
  • Staff Members can’t take part in the Survey.

How to take Cracker Barrel Survey at

Following steps are required to get the Exciting $100 Gift Card by taking Cracker Barrel Customer Survey Online:-

Step 1:- Visit the official site performing Survey at


Step 2:-  click the white box and select your preferred language.

Step 3:-  Enter the 12 digit verification code printed on your respective cash receipt.

Step 4:- Tap on the Next button after entering access, 12 digits code on four separate code dash boxes.

Step 5:- Answer the questions about your recent visit to the cracker barrel store.

Step 6:-  After finishing the Survey, you will get a chance to enter the drawing. Directions are requested to follow correctly.

Step 7:-  Participants now have to enter into cracker barrel stores survey sweepstakes, which later would help in availing a chance of winning a gift card worth 100$ or a rocking chair.

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  1. Meatloaf was cold, and gravy had a crust on top when waiter brought to table. Waiter did not come back for over ten minutes.. they offerd to heat it up but it was kind off late to eat with wife together. Not very friendly. we will not be back.

    1. I called the Lexington, NC Cracker Barrel 336-242-1212 a lady answered and hunger up on me. I asked for the shop. I called three times. I was wanting to see if they had the fleimago backpack wanting to purchase this for my grand daughter’s birthday. Disappointed, not to talk to a clerk.

  2. Worst meal we have ever had and we have eaten at Cracker Barrel up and down the east coast. Do not recommend eating at the Cracker Barrel in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Catfish meals were overcooked,green beans had a funny taste,and they were out of corn biscuits after waiting for 45 minutes for our meals. Restaurant was not busy, service was fair. Best part of the meal was the coleslaw and the mashed potatoes.

  3. Worst food I have had for many years. The CDL Idaho location was terrible. The eggs were very rubbery, the pancakes were hard and needed to be cut with a knife, the Ham was hard and very small in size. The bacon was over cooked and the sausage was like a Hockey puck. The Orange juice was warm and tasted like a tin can. The Tomato juice was also warm. Very poor experience . I have been to several other locations and rate the food a average at best, but this location was very bad.

  4. I have been a long time fan of Cracker Barrel but sadly over the years the quantity and quality of the food and service has deterated as the prices have gone up. The store in Panama City, FL. has been particularly bad. First they had the hurricane and now the virus, but its past time to move on. On 11/3 we sat between two other tables. This is the south-everybody talks to everybody. The table to our left said this was their fourth bad experience and they would never be back. The table to the right said the pork chop was like a rock. Ours was just all around poor quality–hours old and not hot. We have had several poor experiences, but sadly my friend likes the vegetable plate. but even she is growing weary. My ticket no. is–90749490158590. For the employees sake i hope you can find someone to get a handle on your problems.

  5. Went to one of your restaurants # 543 and was served by a young lady called Megan #1900225 and while talking found out she was new. This young woman was simply a pleasure to talk with and her wonderful attitude towards the public was so nice to see.

  6. Megan S. 1853004 was our server and it was wonderful! !She was so friendly and catered to our every wish. This girl has her head on straight. She made the whole dining experience delightful along with the great food.

  7. We had Josilyn S 1901400 today and she was great. Treated us like family and was very delightful .Food was great as usual and Josilyn made sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal For being on her first day on the job she passed the test. Hope we have her the next time we visit!

  8. On October 21, 2020, we decided to place a take out order thru store #315, Oxford, Al., at around 10 minutes till 5 pm. Our first call was never answered, it rang and rang over and over. We hung up and called again only to experience the same thing. We drove to the store and placed out order, then drove home.

  9. Great place to eat and relax but at the location in Newport News VA. (Store #184) they take forever to bring your food back. My wife an I wait almost 30 minutes. Sorry but it will take sometime before we are back. Enjoy

  10. Where are the Lima beans? And why can’t I get just a grilled chicken sandwich without all the extra junk on it? Quit eating the salads I loved because you changed the lettuce out for mixed greens, yuck. Changing the menu too much!

  11. i can’t take survey because it says the survey has timed out. this needs addressed to really find out what people feel about your business.i believe your charging to much for your order for Blueberry Pancakes was $9.34 and included Bacon. at a local restaurant this same order is half that price. were in a pandemic people have lost there incomes and cannot afford to pay these check for two people with the samr breakfast order came to $25.59. plus i left a tip of $5.00 for my server cost me $ a retiree i cannot afford to patronize your restaurant and if i was still working ,can i afford your place of business.

    1. Absolutely agree! We were charged for five pancakes and two sausage patties. Bill came to $23.05 with tax and we tipped the server as well

  12. GRITS!
    Why does Cracker Barrel have the poorest grits of any breakfast restaurant? Just visited store # 160, Rock Hill, SC, today Feb 21, 21 10:45 AM. I don’t remember ever having “good” grits at Cracker Barrel, but today was the worst. Grits are the cheapest product and can be the easiest to prepare, Grits, water, maybe some salt and cook! My grits today had not been cooked! Slightly warm, very watery, and crunchy.. That’s correct, Crunchy! Had not been cooked at all, could not have been boiled at all. Our waitress, Catherine R. was very pleasant and served us well, took the grits back and brought another serving a bit worse than the first, this serving had clumps of uncooked grits swimming in the watery mix.
    Perhaps GRITS are not on your list of top items that Cracker Barrel serves, but they can be very good and nurshing, especially with a bit of butter and salt, but they should be of a consistency that can be eaten with a fork.
    Presentation of the food on the plate could have a bit more attention but maybe I expect a bit too much, eggs, bacon, potatoes piled on one another with little to no care for seperation.
    Will I continue to eat at Cracker Barrel, YES, but please surprise me next time with properly prepared breakfast and grits that are cooked and stirred long enough to be eatable with a fork.

  13. Visited store #606 on 02-25-2021was told wait time was 10 minutes, That was11:17am. At 11:25 we were seated and then waited until 11:52am to be served. have been told on other occasions the wait time was due to take out orders being given priority. If that is true policy should change. Another thing I noticed my wife ordered a chicken BLT expecting BLT with chicken, there was no bacon just chicken LT.

  14. Ate at store #231 in Opelika, Al. Pecan pancakes were good and my son and grandson enjoyed their grits and eggs. Waitress and person checking up on us were pleasant and prompt. I purchased a couple of items in the store and the clerk (Casandra) was very helpful.

  15. Love their meals and the good service and appericate the kindness and their is nothing we can complain about if we ask for anything we get it

  16. Cracker Barrel has for the most part not let my family down on expectations. Tonight was the night for them to make the ultimate performance. Worst experience we’ve ever had. Waited over an hour to get our food, than it tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for over 1/2 hour. We didn’t order anything extravagant either. We ordered eggs and pancakes. Complete total disappointment. We will not be returning anytime soon.

  17. Visited cracker barrel Sunday as we usually do my wife ordered chicken pot pie I had cat fish after a bit the waitress tells her there out of pot pie so she gets chicken dumplings then we waited for the longest time finely got our food by some one else said back potato would be out soon but ate all my food before potato showed up by second girl told her we shouldn’t have to pay for it now so she agreed to take off price of drink to make up for it after a bit a guy brought us the reseat so don’t know what happen to the first waitress food was good as usual service wasn’t good by first one

  18. This survey is somewhat confusing and complicated. However, here goes my comments and hope they are received. My wife and I made it a point to eat at your restaurant #3235 today, 3/17, 2021. The major issue was the temperature of the dining room and the overhead fans on high making the visit unpleasant and food cold when delivered. I was told that management WILL NOT turn fans off under any conditions. The temperature outside was in the 40s, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Patrons were sitting around in light jackets and even the serving staff were wearing sweaters. So much for customer satisfaction. Cracker Barrell not on my priority list in the future!

    1. Some time they do use the fire place in there the fans are on high so the smoke will not build up inside. Any one who has a fire place in there home knows this. I am with local fire department were I live

  19. We ate in North Little Rock Ar cracder barrel and we had the best service ever Kara was her name and she was training a new waitress

  20. Have been trying to take survey on satisfaction at Crackerbarrel in Lincoln, Illinois and it wont take my acess code of 90391910328893. Why?????

  21. Been trying to fill out survey on customer satisfaction on Crackerbarrel in Lincoln,Illinois and it wont take my survey number 90391910328893. Why????

  22. The wife and myself ate at the one in NEW ALBANY MS. . Food was great no problem love eating there. I all ways try to leave big tip for them.

  23. Bring back the pot roast it was one of my favorites for supper . Now only eat lunch as a result. Thanks

  24. We ate at the Crackerbarrel in Longview, Texas and my granddaughter was with us.
    She wanted scrambled eggs and a pancake. The kids menu didn’t have a good fit for what she wanted so I ordered Country Morning Breakfast and a pancake on the side. She got two scrambled eggs with some grits and gravy for $6.99 and the one pancake that I ordered on the side was $4.49. I guess I should have ask what the price was then I could have changed the order to a full breakfast order of eggs, pancakes and bacon and gotten a cheaper price for a meal she wouldn’t have been able to eat all of.
    I am sure you look at your prices and maybe compare to your computers but I can buy a stack of two pancakes at Denny’s all day long for $2.00. Next time we eat out with the grandkids, it will not be at a Crackerbarrel.

  25. Let start off with Cracker Barrel was (past tense) my favorite restaurant for MANY decades, I would rather go to a Cracker Barrel than anywhere. However we visited on April 15 of this year and I could not believe my eyes. The place was filthy, floor was dirty, some tables were still stacked with dishes. Then John our waiter came over (he looked a little unkempt) My wife wanted the garden salad with grilled chicken tenders but he told they do not do that anymore so she could not have that, I ordered Grilled chicken tenders with pinto beans and it was OK? I did however get green beans instead. The food was all greasy tasting and not the old Cracker Barrel that we knew and loved I know there MUST be NEW management somewhere SOMETHING HAS CHANGED! BIGTIME THIS IS NOT CRACKER BARREL ANYMORE!!!!! And I will NOT BE BACK!!

  26. The Cracker Barrel in Barboursville, WV #336 is by far the WORST Cracker Barrel in the chain. Since moving to the area 10 years ago I have been there maybe 15 times and every single time there has been something wrong, eg: cold food, improperly cooked food, bad service, etc. The time before last I said it would be my last time because I ordered mashed potatoes as one of my sides and not only were they crunchy, they were cold and gray…yes gray. When I pointed that out to the waitress she said well we are closing soon. This was at 7:30 pm and the restaurant closed at 9, besides what kind of excuse is that? The time before that I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie and there was not a single piece of chicken in the pot pie (I did send it back). This last time will be the last time. My car was being serviced and Cracker Barrel is within close proximity so I decided to eat lunch there while I waited. I was handed a single paged menu with what looked to be half of the normal items listed and when I asked the waitress what the vegetable of the day was she said “Oh, we don’t do that anymore” and you only have vegetable soup to choose from now. I have been a customer at Cracker Barrel for close to 30 years and have weathered through them getting rid of some of my favorite items (Beef Stew), but getting rid of half of your menu choices and vegetable of the day is nuts. The quality of the food and service is going down the drain and the prices continue to rise. I suspect that on the Corporate side they want an increase in their pay and benefits and have found that by cutting back on the food quality, limiting the menu and raising prices they will be able to grow the profit line and not have to reduce any of their positions. Well, what they are doing is KILLING the restaurant. I’ve seen it happen with many restaurant chains and department stores over the years, but no one on the Corporate end ever sees it coming to their store. Greed. Such a shame because it used to be such a quality restaurant where you knew that no matter where you went in the US you would always get the same good tasting food and service. Not anymore, no one cares as long as they get a paycheck.

  27. I ate at your charleston store#510 and two women one named April and the other women was working the hotest deck and the women in blue shirt said to April whats or is next and the women running the deck said my ass i dont think it is good for employes to say or act that way and they stood right behind me and my husband and he heard it you know other4 people did thank you. we where there at 3:24pm on May the 3rd

  28. Dined in the Cracker Barrel—Store #207, after a 15 month absence due to COVID. We had Michealle P./#1678207—what a terrific waitress! She treated us like we were guests in her home. We had drinks at the table before we could get situated, and the delivery of our food was prompt and correct. She was very personable and extremely efficient! Michealle was right on top of things when we were ready to leave—she had container and take out bag with her, then went back and got the few items I requested to take home. After such a long absence, Mr. & Mrs. Perran were so happy to have been welcomed back with such a wonderful waitress as Michealle! She is a true asset to your establishment Cracker Barrel. We hope to see her again on our next visit!

  29. Can’t log onto page to take survey. Went to store in Moss Point, Ms. I wish the kitchen had done as good a job as Waitress did. Ordered breakfast with over easy eggs, french toast and bacon. They severely overcooked the eggs and french toast was so cold it wouldn’t melt the butter. My wife’s eggs were overcooked as well. $25.00 for a meal that wasn’t enjoyed by either one of us. Next time I guess we’ll just make the trip to Denny’s.

  30. ate at the cracker barrel store in lakeland,tn. worse meal ever. my ham was as tough as shoe leather, wife and daughter had chicken tenders and they were burned on one side and completely inedible will be a cold day in hell before we go back there $43.25 for a meal that was just terrible.

  31. I have been trying to do the and cannot get on. Sometimes it says I have timed out, sometimes it just takes me back to the sign in, sometimes it just doesn’t let me get in. I’m frustrated.

  32. We ate at the Cracker barrel Perrysburg Ohio, The southeren fryied chicken was horrible. It was way to much breading on it plus way over cooked very dry meat.

  33. Evidently the CB Survey web site is no longer working. I couldn’t let the day pass without bragging on Jennifer, Brandy, and Katrina, three waitresses at the Bardstown, KY store. All of them are great but I had Miss Jennifer this morning. She was SO happy and pleasant. My Receipt Number is 1827227. My Access Code is 691150596212. Blessings.

  34. We visit the restaurant in Titusville, Fl several times a week. We have always had good meals with very few problems..My problem is not the food it is the fact that a waitress can not say anything to a customer that has their dog in their lap licking on the table Want be back until that situation is handled. We were sitting outside but I don’t like seeing an animal eating off the table

  35. Worst experience ever at the Brunswick, Ga. restaurant. Three tables were seated after me and waited on immediately while I sat for over 10 minutes without even being acknowledged. Finally got manager’s attention. He took my order without even an apology for being ignored! When I got my food almost everything was cold! If this is what Cracker Barrel is like now (used to be a great place to eat) I will not be a customer in the future. I do love the store though! Then today I took the survey, but had to leave off the first 2 numbers of my access code in order to get into the website. It said there was a chance to win a gift card or rocking chair but nowhere to leave personal information to be contacted! Sounds like a scam.

  36. Anderson Indiana
    We have been a long time fan of Crackerbarrel, but no more the last 2-3 times(since covid relaxation) have been bad-bad. One time we were there on Thur. out of turkey and dressing. Special. Also out of sweet potato casserole. This was at 5:15. The mgr offered a pie of pie for condolences. Both times my meat loaf was cool.The wait times were much too long for the lack of crowd there. Was a 1h3 30 min dining experience from the time we were checked in. Not a 1 1/2 hr good meal experience. The waiter was ok ut slow to wait on us due to the duties he had, making salad and several tables to wait on. Also miss the side salad that used to be available as a side. Take the alcohol offerings away and reinstall the side salad. Very, very understaffed for a Saturday evening.

  37. The survey was not accessible. We felt like we needed to share our feelings as CrackerBarrel has long been one of our favorite restaurants but in the last year or so we have been repeatedly disappointed. The mens restroom was totally disgusting on our last visit. The urinals were so dirty~looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in months. The whole restroom was really bad. Service was very slow and we kept being told they didn’t have enough servers!!! Not our fault!!!

  38. Had brunch at Restaurant CB0334. Biscuits were extremely bitter (obviously someone dumped an excessive amount of baking soda into the recipe). Told server, Norma F. Said she would inform manager but no one ever returned to our table. My ticket number is 90334340321279. Attempted to enter the code to take the customer survey but system would not accept all the digits in the code. POOR Customer Service.

  39. My friends and I were visiting her husband in the nursing home and decided to visit the Crackle Barrel for lunch. I am so glad we did I had french-toast and bacon (cooked crispy to perfection) and they had chicken dumplings and salad—all delicious and very affordable!!!! The staff was so friendly and gracious too! We also bought some things in the gift shop—also very affordable! We will definitely be back!

  40. worst fried steak and gravy ever. steak-cold and overcooked. gravy was paste, and mack and cheese luke warm. get better gravy at Mcdonalds.
    the only good about the meal was the server was nice. manager came and spoke to me after the meal, did not offer to make any discount on check, and only gave me a bowl of the paste gravy to take home to try to finish the steak. gave steak to my dog/ store in crawfordsville, in.;

  41. Food was great! Service was wonderful! A little pricey, but overall very enjoyable. Only problem is when I tried to take the survey – “timed out” no way to open it, plus I had to download another way to get to the internet and could not delete the option to receive further information from Cracker Barrel. That is not good. Thanks for nothing in trying to take your so-called survey.

  42. I ordered the Chichen and Dumplings. I don’t know why you changed the recipe but I don’t like it! The chicken is shredded and you don’t put enough pepper in it. The gravy taste different. The chicken gets lost in all the dumplings. It is not my favorite meal anymore. Please bring back the old recipe!!!

  43. My meal of choice would have to be breakfast, lets start out and shout out to Terre Haute ,Ind store #156,I got lucky and sat in Pamela W section she was by far the best waitress and her personality was through the roof . She was always smiling we had a bunch of friends with us she didn’t feel overwhelmed with all our orders and let me say she didn’t get anything wrong with our orders ,of course it took like 25 \30 minutes to get our food ( but wasn’t concerned) she keep our drinks filled and when our food did come it was amazing ,everyone had a hot meal with no complaints so thank you Pam for your amazing patience with all of us and thank you Cracker Barrel for the amazing restaurant that you are .❤❤

  44. Stopped by the Londonderry store in New Hampshire. The meal and people were fantastic. Especially Kim F the waitress. Excellent and polite waitress. Your company should be proud that she is an employee of yours. Wish all employees could be as gracious and kind as she was.

  45. Our waitress was Susan and she was amazing!! We did not have any issues with our meal but I heard her tell two different tables as she was bringing out their food that she wasn’t happy with the appearance of a few things and sent it back herself!! With that being g said was disappointed with the grilled chicken salad. Used to have great homemade croutons and slices of Colby cheese…Boo to shredded cheese !!! Again shout out to Susan 1084018 Susan A at store#45 Southport Indiana

  46. My family and I patronized the Cracker Barrel, Murrells Inlet, SC Friday (10-15-2021) evening. The food was delicious, nutritious, fresh and fine. Our waitress, Ms Tammy L, lived up and beyond the four (4) stars she was wearing. Not only did Ms Tammy come to our table with a warm greeting, a pretty smile, a pleasant personality and a relaxing atmosphere. She received and delivered our order promptly without omitting one food item. Ms Tammy L. not only delivered our order in a timely manner, but she kept returning to our table to inquire if everything was O.K. and inquiring if she could supply us with anything else that we might have need for. I like and appreciate that kind service; and I will certainly without fail request “Ms Tammy L.” for my waitress the next time I patronize Cracker Barrel, Murrells Inlet, SC. I do hope that Cracker Barrel appreciates and values Ms Tammy L as much as I did; and it won’t be long before Cracker Barrel will be placing another Star across the front of Ms Tammy’s Apron that she is so deserving. Ms Tammy L. is the type of waitress that can and will make even a not so good meal taste good. Thanking you, Cracker Barrel and Ms Tammy L. in advance for your good help, understanding and above all knowing that ‘service’ is the name of the game, I remain

  47. Nov.5, 2021 at 12:50
    Ordered Fish and loaded baked sweet potato and was delicious and bought the smokehouse pecan pie as I was paying and it was delicious.