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Hello, friends! Are you looking for the website for taking the Bob Evans Guest Experience Survey? If you are unable to locate the actual website for the survey, then this article is going to guide and help you about how to take the Bob Evans Survey on the official website and get a Bob Evans E Gift Card.

The Bob Evans survey is dedicated to all the guests or customers that visited the Bob Evans store recently. So if you are someone who likes to visit the Bob Evans regularly, then there is a chance for you to join the Bob Evans Sweepstakes that would give you more winning opportunities.

bob evans survey

There are some exciting things waiting for you if you take the survey today and get a chance to avail the opportunity before it expires. By visiting the official Bob Evans Listens SMG website, you can take the survey and take home some exciting prizes.

If you do not know much about the Bob Evans Listens Smg Survey, then let me tell you more about it.

Why Take Bob Evans Survey at

why take bob evans survey

You might be wondering why the Bob Evans restaurant would conduct a survey, right? Well, the Bob Evans Customer Survey asks the customers a few questions online. These questions are designed by the company to find if the customers get better treatment at their store and get proper satisfaction or not.

The questions will be entirely based on your visit and will include the details about food temperature, quality of service, quality of the food served, timing of the food, and overall environment of the restaurant. These are the areas around which the questions will be designed by the company. These questions are easy to understand and you have to just rate the answers like the scale of your satisfaction would start from highly satisfied. Somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied to highly dissatisfied.

The company will gather all the customers’ viewpoints through their answers and make a decision of improving the services or food quality which gets the most dislikes or complaints. If the company thinks the services or food items could be better or the method of serving them could be better, then the Bob Evans top management would start resolving the issues.

The survey will open on the Bobevanslistens SMG website. If you have to keep the receipt of the restaurant with you. This receipt will have a Bob Evans Survey Code which is going to help you take the survey. Without this code, the survey is not possible.

Please read my article and I will explain to you the exact steps for taking the survey.

Bob Evans Survey Rewards at

bob evans survey rewards

Many customers who participate in the Bob Evans Listens Smg Survey expect something in return such as some discount coupon, price off offers, free food items or rewards that keeps them coming to the store.

Bob Evans Customer Feedback survey also includes these offers for the customers who take part in the survey online.

  • The customers can get around $4 off on their following purchase of at least $20.

This offer is only valid at one of the Bob Evans restaurants and outlets only.

Bob Evans Listens Survey Requirements

bobevanslistens survey requirements

You must be aware about some basic requirements of the survey,

  • A visit to the store is a must.
  • You will need a PC or Smartphone.
  • The latest browser version.
  • Strong internet.

Bob Evans Survey Rules

bob evans survey rules

The customers must obey some of the rules of the Bob Evans. The survey can be completed easily if you know about these rules because it will save you from the disqualification.

  • Age of the participants in the survey is 18.
  • The customers must have legal citizenship of any of the 50 States of the U.S.A.
  • The application of the survey is only acceptable through online only. There is no offline survey mode available.
  • You must hold a purchase receipt that is valid for the survey. The receipt should be the latest.
  • You must enter into the official BobEvans SMG survey within 3 days from your purchase date. Later requests will not be welcome.
  • You can enter into multiple surveys only if you are having multiple visits and multiple purchase receipts with you.
  • Please keep in mind that 1 validation code is going to be valid for 1 entry so do not enter any one-time code many times.
  • 1 survey application is only valid for 1 time validation code redemption.
  • Please note that all the outlets of Bob Evans and other restaurants are going to offer the features of survey participation.
  • The prize claim is valid only within the 3 weeks of actual purchase date.

Note: All the above rules are simple to follow and easy-to-understand, so keep these rules in your minds when you try to take the survey

How To Take the Bob Evans Survey at

Earlier the Bob Evans Listens survey was working and accessible but later the company has suddenly stopped taking surveys on the official website. But still I have listed the steps in their right order that would help you to easily participate in the survey the next time the website for the survey is live.

take bob evans customer satisfaction survey

  • Keep your coupon in your hand and check a 20-Digit Bob Evans Survey Code on it.
  • Please enter it in the boxes with the right sequence.
  • Check that code before you proceed ahead.
  • After that please start the survey by clicking the button.
  • Okay, now you have a list of questions on your screen that are relevant to your previous experience.
  • Now please start remembering your recent experience and answer all the questions like answers and ratings.
  • You must only answer and rate the questions honestly.
  • Attend all the questions and do not skip any one.
  • The only way you could boost your winning chances and discount coupon is by providing honest answers.
  • After completing all the questions in the survey, you will be asked to enter all the personal details such as your Name, postal address, contact information, age, gender, total annual income and other details for contact.
  • Once you are done with the survey, you will get a Bob Evans Survey Code which you have to write on the purchase receipt and then when you are visiting the store the next time around you can redeem it.

Bob Evans Contact Us

If you are facing issues related to the Bob Evans Listens online survey like the website is not working, internet connectivity issue, request block or any similar things, then you need to fix these issues as soon as possible. So you could use the below details for contact


While taking the survey online, you could face many issues especially when the website is not working. The website mostly is up but due to some reason the Bob Evans company has stopped taking the survey online. The survey is not working anymore. The website does not work. So, kindly check up with the current store and they will guide you how to easily tackle the issues.


Is the Bob Evans website down now?

Yes, the website is not working anymore. The company may have shut down the survey Bob Listens for a short time.

Can I participate in the Bob Evans Sweepstakes without taking the survey?

Bob Evans Survey is required for you to get an opportunity to join the Bob Evans Sweepstakes.

I am getting a Request Block on the Bob Evans Login page.

The Bob Evans Login page is only accessible if you are based in USA. If you are trying to connect to your Bob Evans Employee Website account, then you must use the intranet if it does not work. You might get a chance to access the account you are trying to.

How To Redeem Bob Evans Gift Cards Online?

You have to visit the official company website from any USA restaurant location or states of the USA.

All the Bob Evans Gift cards are available for redemption at the official website. So if you do have a Bob Evans E Gift Card, please redeem on the above website.

Does this Evans Survey really get you some discounts?

Yes you would get some coupon codes or Bob Evans Gift Cards Online which you can use to redeem later at the restaurant store.

How is my Bob Evans Feedback evaluated?

If you give your genuine Bob Evans Feedback, the company will read your answers and then the company may evaluate the honest answers and truth in your answer. The management implements many changes to the existing stores to try to fit to the request of the customers.

Is the Bob Evans customer survey valid for all the employees as well?

Just like most of the surveys, the BobEvans company does not give its own employees a chance to take the survey.

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