Customer Feedback Survey

Barnes and Noble is a leading American retailer of educational products and digital media based in Manhattan, New York. They are now featuring a new live survey to get precious consumer feedback. They also arranged a reward for their parting customers to win a gift card of $500.

A company can only grow if its customer is being satisfied. If the customer and company can communicate in the best way, the company can get to know their flaws and weaknesses. By understanding the flaws, a company can accept them and proceed to the change. That will always help the company to grow. This is why companies run feedback surveys.

Barnes and Noble Feedback Survey

As customers are helping the company, companies reward their customers for attracting them and making them available for the survey. Like that, Barnes and Nobel are too running the survey, which will give a chance of winning a gift card worth $500.

The survey is live there Published at

Just complete the survey, and you are available for the reward. Lucky enough will be having the gift card worth $500.

About Barnes and noble feedback survey!

About Barnes and noble feedback survey

Barnes and Nobel’s survey is helping the company to grow by knowing the flaws and weaknesses. In return, they are rewarding their customer the chance to win a $500 worth gift card. The companies often set rewards for the survey to attract the customers to take the survey and help the company in the best way possible.

So, You can also grab the opportunity to win the reward and take participation in the survey. If you are having a receipt and thinking about learning how to participate in Barnes and Nobel feedback survey, Keep reading the blog you will get to know the answer.

WHY Barness and noble feedback survey

Barnes and the Nobel feedback survey is doing some good to the company as they know the defects and weaknesses. If you tell them their flaws as being their customer, They will reward you for the good deed you are doing for them. The survey helps the company Barnes and Nobel grow by enhancing the mistakes they had in themselves.

Being a customer to the company you can help them, You can participate in the online survey and get your reward. Just read this blog post-Barnes and Nobel feedback survey and relax. You will understand everything about the survey.

Barnes and Noble Feedback Survey Rewards

Barnes and Noble Feedback Survey Rewards

Completing the Barnes and noble feedback Survey at will give you the precious chance of winning a gift card worth $500. Barnes and noble selects 20 winners each month. By finishing the Survey, you can check your luck and win the $500 worth gift card.

Requirements to take BARNES AND NOBLE  Customer Survey

To take part in the Survey, YOU MUST BE HAVING –

  • A sound quality internet connection.
  • A small of time 5 to 10 minutes only.
  • An electronic device you will be using (PC, Laptop, Smartphone)
  • An active and proper Email-ID for contact.
  • The mind capable of understanding the English Language.
  • Receipt of the store Barnes and Nobel.

Rules for participating in the BARNES AND NOBLE Customer Survey

  • Only US residents are allowed to take part in the survey.
  • To participate in this survey, you don’t need to buy anything. 
  • Only adults age 18 or older are eligible.
  • Offer can be redeemed only once per receipt.
  • Cash mode is not available to redeem the offer.
  • Staff Members are not allowed to take part in the Survey.

How to take Barnes and Noble Feedback Survey at

Following steps are required to get the Exciting $500 Gift Card by taking BARNES AND NOBLE  Feedback Survey Online: –

Step 1:- Visit Official site performing Survey –


Step 2:- Find the Date of Visit and survey code to fill up in the required Dialogue box. All the essential info are mentioned on the receipt copy.

Step 3:- After filling in the details, click the button named “START.”

Barnesandnoblefeedback Survey

Step 4:- Rate your experience of the Barnes and Noble store in terms of dissatisfaction/satisfaction.

Step 5:- Now answer all the questions coming to you at the screen one by one and keep clicking NEXT.

 Step 6:- Now fill up your contact details and personal information in the respective dialogue box after answering the survey questions.

Step 7:- Hit the SUBMIT button to complete the survey.

Step 8:- After completion, you will enter directly into the Barnes and noble Sweepstakes contest where you stand out a chance to win $500 Gift card. ENJOY!!

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Contact Barnes and Noble Customer

Toll-free 1-800-843-2665.
Or Text Barnes and Noble.