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If you want to know what is Minecraft Remote Connect. Then, you are on the right page. As many individuals wish to know about So, here is a detailed guide for you to know more about this website. By reading this, you will get to know about how the website is being used to connect with people while playing Minecraft. For this, you have to set up the cross engines, and if you don’t know about how to set up this cross engine error. As soon as you are aware of cross engine error we will help you to solve the issues you are facing.

What is

Firstly you have to know about what is This website allows you to play Minecraft by sitting at your home only with other people. Well, devices are expected for their own. That’s why this site helps your gaming smooth on PS4. For those with a non-Microsoft device, there is a need for registration before you get access. However, the user has to login with a free Microsoft account to play with other people. Microsoft enables Minecraft players to play from various devices like PS4, PC, Window, and Smartphone. Even users of Android and iOS devices can play along with their colleagues. But, they must have Minecraft install on their Xbox One. Along with this, they must have their free Microsoft account login.

How to setup Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox One –

By following these steps, you can use Xbox mobile app to set up Minecraft remote connect on Xbox one.
  • If you have a Microsoft account just make a login.
  • On-screen, there are Instructions given, which you have to follow.
  • Be sure that this link can’t be accessed without the smartphone.

Setup for Cross-Play Xbox

Open your Microsoft store on Xbox one.  Then visit the download search option and search Minecraft for Xbox One. For the users having Minecraft Xbox one edition, it will be a free download and then you can start playing the Minecraft game. There are the instructions available on-screen to setup cross-play with other people. Follow them and keep in mind that players already setup cross-play features on their respective devices.

How to access Minecraft Cross-Play on your PS4 or Nintendo Switch

  • Go to the Nintendo store on your play station store or your PS4.
  • On PS4, you have to search Minecraft PS4 and clock on the download Minecraft option. While on Nintendo switch remote, you have to search Minecraft and then click on download Minecraft.
  • Now you have to register for the user account.
  • Then go to the home screen of Minecraft on your device and click on a sign-in option.
  • Click on the login link, you will redirect to a remote connection from the Login page.
  • There will be an eight-digit code that comes, and you have to use this code to activate your account on the remote connect site.
  • Go to the link.
  • Open the link on your browser either on your Microsoft or on your phone.
  • Move on to the “Next” button.
  • You can follow the guidance on the screen so that your login process gets the finish.

How to delete saved Minecraft Game?

To delete saved Minecraft game, open Minecraft on your phone, then go to settings and click on storage options. First, open your Minecraft. Clickon the settings, and then go to the system settings then after go to the storage option. Now you have to click on Game storage to access store files. Then, remove or delete all files in Minecraft.

How to fix Microsoft sign in Bug?

If you have the code access you can easily fix the issue. Many of you tried the codes that may not help you. Here are ways to fix this Minecraft error.

  • The Microsoft sign in Code from Minecraft game: These types of errors are mostly seen on PS4 accounts. If there is a fresh Microsoft account, you have to try to access the game. In this, you have to see the Microsoft Error code.

For this, you have to go to the Microsoft access code, or you can just bookmark that page on your PC or phone. Then open the error display and write the Code. Now copy and paste the code to another device. The whole method is known as the Brute Force method. It easy to access the Minecraft store once you are done with accessing the code. There are Microsoft coupon codes that are available on some websites.

  • Create a Brand New Microsoft Account: You can mainly face this problem by changing your device or just because of Microsoft account. Sometimes it may become a problem between Xbox and andPS4. You can also fix the remote connect issue, so you have to create a brand new account as same as the box. Even you can also download Minecraft texture from the store to help out this problem.

Reason for the Microsoft Error?

Mostly Minecraft error is a bug on MinecraftPS4 edition. Players who try to play this game first-time face problems because of Microsoft bug.This big is not able to sign in Minecraft with Microsoft account. Whenever you try this, and you will get notified with an error. And the reason behind this error is to devise change. Many of the players want to change their devices for not expecting so many features. So, whenever you will change your device, you will have to face this Microsoft login Bug. Suppose you have switched from Xbox 360 to PS4, then this Error may occur.

In short, the main reason for facing this Error us due to Cross-Play. You will need a Microsoft account to avail of cross-play in ft. So it just a because of commands. Sometimes it becomes useless as it snatches away all the main assets of the game. Even you are able to buy anything from the store because there is no token available in the account. Many of you face this problem, and even some players get solutions. But in this article, you will know the best way to resolve this problem. You have to remind one thing that is Error is only seen in PS4. If you are anew Microsoft user, you will face this problem and see the error messages. Along with these, players use to play with Bedrock edition because of cross-play and servers since it is not valuable if you are not getting features for you while playing.

Login Steps: In the official portal of the remote control, you have to choose ‘Sign up for free.’ When players start Minecraft for the first time, there is a noticeable message appear that provides you all the important information and benefits of connecting Microsoft account with the Minecraft.

  • Visit on the official website ( connect).
  • Then Minecraft will ask you to navigate to the site through the phone or computer.
  • Now enter the Minecraft code in the given section. You have to glance back at Minecraft since many people see Code that is required to log in.
  • You have to enter the specific code that is provided to you. And enter it to enter on the Microsoft account.

After completing these steps, a new screen is there. That proof of the Xbox live profile is connected with the official website of Minecraft. Now you all will able to enjoy Minecraft Bedrock edition on PlayStation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for a Microsoft account on PS4 Bedrock Edition?

It is fully optional in case of playing Minecraft on Ps4. Simply it is just a simple way to connect with other players with the help of other devices. The Microsoft Sign in the account is free and requires a Nintendo switch to connect with Xbox app or a PC.

Can we transfer DLC contents to a Brand new version in the Minecraft?

Yes, you can easily transfer all the DLC content from the Minecraft Nintendo Switch with a new version of Minecraft.

How to find players by using Microsoft account in the Minecraft?

These are some steps to find players by using Microsoft account.

  1. Firstly, you have to open your friends or players’ tab. After starting your game, and click on add friends.
  2. Now you have to type the Microsoft Gamer tag of your respective player, and then you will find them.


So this type of Error is only seen on PS4 consoles. The easiest and the best way to solve this Error is explained above. Now you will not face any problem if you are a new player or an existing one. Sometimes it is quite disappointing and feels frustrated while playing the Minecraft. As it has a lot of features with these bugs, that makes the situation problematic. It is all about the codes. If you are not able to join, then you will not enjoy the feature of cross-play. Even these errors are fixed by DLC’s or Minecraft package. So follow all the steps carefully listed in this article to get away from all the Minecraft related issues.

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